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Abu Dhabi holidays

Who is Abu Dhabi suitable for?
Destination Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and one of the richest cities in the world. However, until quite recently it was very much overshadowed by its larger and flashier neighbour - Dubai. In recent years, though, it has been making a conscious effort to rebrand and is now a very popular holiday destination. Much quieter than its neighbour, it nonetheless offers a great selection of five star hotels, shiny malls and entertainment facilities. It is a great choice for couples, families and groups of friends and it offers something to suit every taste.

Abu Dhabi projects off the west of the Arabian Peninsula into the Persian Gulf. It boasts a long sweeping corniche and has numerous gorgeous sandy beaches. Among its major attractions is Yas Island - home to the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 track and the Ferrari Theme Park. There are museums, historical attractions and water parks for visitors to explore and the imminent arrival of the Guggenheim and Louvre Museums on Saadiyat Island will cement Abu Dhabi's status as one of the world's top tourist destinations. The climate is hot and humid throughout the year and in the summer months can become almost unbearable. Between November and March it is much more pleasant.
For Singles

When: Abu Dhabi is swelteringly hot in the midsummer months and visitors are advised to visit between November and March when the mercury hovers in the low to mid twenties celsius.

Where: There are plenty of fascinating things for single visitors to Abu Dhabi to see. Tours are available of The Sheikh Zayed Mosque - the sixth largest in the world - whilst the Heritage Village offers insights into the pre oil boom history of the emirate. Be sure also to see Qasr al Husn - the eighteenth century fort which formerly housed the emirate's ruling family.

Why: Despite its glitzy modernity, Abu Dhabi is a place with a fascinating history and boasts a great wealth of museums and galleries for visitors to see. It also offers excellent cuisine, fantastic accommodation and world-class shopping.

For Groups

When: Whilst you may be tempted to brave the midsummer sun for the ultimate tanning conditions, the oppressive humidy of July and August make it hard to do much else besides lying on the beach. The spring and autumn months are much more pleasant.

Where: Abu Dhabi has a fantastic range of things for groups of friends to see and do. Formula 1 enthusiasts should head to Yas Island - where the track is and where the Ferrari theme park is also to be seen. Alternatively, enjoy the range of sporting facilities in Safa Park or go on a dune buggy desert tour.

Why: Abu Dhabi offers excellent sports and leisure facilities. It also boasts world class shopping - including the Abu Dhabi Mall, the Marina Mall and the Al Wahda Mall. Nightlife is generally confined to hotels where visitors will find nightclubs, jazz bars, cocktails bars and sports pubs.

For Couples

When: Abu Dhabi is at its most pleasant in the spring and autumn months. Avoid school holidays to miss the crowds.

Where: Despite the modernity of the city, Abu Dhabi's hinterland boasts some stunning natural attractions - rolling deserts, waterfalls and freshwater lakes. 4x4 desert safaris can be organised and its also possible to go on a helicopter flight over the emirate.

Why: Abu Dhabi is one of the world's top luxury holiday destinations. It boasts some stunning five star hotels and it has a great range of international dining options. It is the ideal destination for an indulgent romantic getaway of fine dining, spa treatments and relaxation.

For Families

When: Younger children will find the midsummer temperatures utterly unbearable. It is much more pleasant in the spring and autumn half terms and the christmas holidays.

Where: There are numerous beautiful beaches along the corniche as well as playgrounds, go kart tracks and much more. Abu Dhabi also boasts plenty of green spaces - such as Khalifa Park - which offers an aquarium and play areas.

Why: Abu Dhabi has plenty for visitors of all ages to enjoy and is a great family holiday destination. Be sure to go on a desert camel ride and check out the camel race tracks. Don't miss the Yas Island Water Park.

Weather Abu Dhabi has a hot desert climate with dazzling sunshine and blue skies throughout the year. There is very little rainfall during the year. November to March marks the emirate's peak season. Temperatures during these months hover in the low to mid twenties celsius before shooting up into the high thirties and low forties in the midsummer months. Sand storms are also a common and frustrating feature between June and August.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Abu Dhabi
What to expectVisitors to Abu Dhabi should expect all of the jaw dropping shiny modernity that has come to be synonymous with the United Arab Emirates. They should expect to see some of the great feats of modern engineering rising almost surreally out of the dry desert of the Arabian Peninsula. Abu Dhabi caters to tourists of all ages and interests with theme parks, museums, sporting events, art galleries and nightclubs. All this comes at a premium however and it is virtually impossible to experience Abu Dhabi on a shoe string budget! Flight InformationAirlines:
Etihad Airways, Jet Airways

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