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Monastir holidays

Who is Monastir suitable for?
Destination Monastir is located on the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia. It is on a peninsula in the Gulf of Hammamet and enjoys gorgeous Mediterranean weather with long, hot and dry summers and exceptionally mild winters. It is a fantastic destination for a sunny beach holiday and has plenty of attractions to enjoy as well as a great selection of hotels and resorts to choose from.

Monastir is a historic city and the old city walls are still in evidence. Visitors should be sure to check out the Ribat - a former fortress for religious soldiers - as well as the grand mausoleum to Bourguiba whose soaring minarets tower over the city. There are a great many attractions nearby which are worth seeing, including the historic towns of Sousse and Kairouan, the ancient site of Carthage and the grand amphitheatre of El Jem. Monastir boasts a narrow stretch of silky sand beach and is a short distance from the much larger beach of Skanes.
For Singles

When: Monastir can be oppressively hot in the middle of the summer - ideal if you're just planning to spend your time relaxing on the beach or by a pool but perhaps a bit oppressive if you're intending to do some sightseeing. October and November can be much better months for a trip to Monastir.

Where: There is loads to see and do in and around Monastir. Be sure to look around the Ribat and the Mausoleum of Bourguiba. You might also want to see the pilgrimage site of Kairouan and the historic city of Sousse - both of which make great day trips.

Why: Monastir is a fantastic destination with an ancient historic and cultural significance. Amongst it's claims to fame is the starring role it played in the Monty Python film 'The Life of Brian'.

For Groups

When: Head out to Monastir in July or August for the full Mediterranean beach experience. You'll be basking in temperatures which regularly reach into the high thirties and sometimes hit 40ºC!

Where: The thin strip of beach by Monastir as well as the nearby Beach of Skanes should be all you need for a relaxing holiday in the sun. There are parasols and sun loungers on both beaches as well as beach volleyball facilities.

Why: Monastir boasts a stunning climate with summer temperatures considerably higher than those of the European Mediterranean Resorts. Throughout July and August, there are regular cultural events and traditional displays as part of the Monastir International Festival.

For Couples

When: Try heading out to Monastir in the late Spring months. October and November are also lovely in Monastir - easily warm enough for the beach and not so warm that you can't do anything else!

Where: You'll want to spend plenty of time on the beaches of Monastir where you can relax in sun loungers or swim in the warm Mediterranean waters. Be sure also to catch some of the traditional Arabic dancing displays and to dine in the excellent seafood restaurants of the marina.

Why: With its ancient and enigmatic medina, Monastir is a very romantic destination. In front is the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea and behind, the vast expanse of the Sahara. This is a great destination for a couple's holiday.

For Families

When: The midsummer suns are likely to be fairly unbearable for kids and with unbroken sunshine from Spring to Autumn, you might be better going in Easter holidays or the autumn half term.

Where: There's loads for children to enjoy in and around Monastir. Go on a safari trip into the desert or a visit the vibrant Nebeul Market. The grand ruins of El Jem and Carthage are bound to appeal to the kids too. Be sure also to leave plenty of time for relaxing on the beach!

Why: Monastir is a fascinating place and one that will make far more of an impression on children than a European resort. In addition to a fantastic number of activities and entertainment options in the hotels, you'll be able to see a completely different culture and experience the stunning Sahara desert.

Weather Monastir enjoys a dry Mediterranean climate. considerably hotter than its European counterparts, it enjoys lots of sunshine all year round and gets very little rain. From June to September, the temperature can regularly stray into the high thirties celsius and regularly hits forty degrees. Beware though! Due to its location on the edge of the Sahara, climates plummet at night. October and November are very pleasant months in Monastir with temperatures in the mid to low twenties and clear skies. The winter is also very mild with temperatures generally between 10ºC and 16ºC during the day. Rainfall is very low throughout the year.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Monastir
What to expectMonastir is a very beautiful location and a great destination for a beach holiday with several beautiful stretches of silky soft sands nearby. It is also a fascinating, historic location with a grand medieval fortress, a beautiful old mosque and some sections of the ancient city walls still standing. VIsitors can haggle over souvenirs in the market place and can enjoy a number of excellent attractions in the area including the ancient site of Carthage, the amphitheatre of El Jem and the historic Islamic cities of Sousse and Kairouan. Monastir has a beautiful marina area and is a very popular docking point for yacht owners.
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