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Seville holidays

Who is Seville suitable for?
Destination Seville is the capital city of the southern Spanish region of Andalusia. Located on the banks of the Gudalquivir River, its stunning beauty - with fantastic examples of Roman, Moorish, gothic, baroque and renaissance architecture - earned it a place on the historic Grand Tour of Europe and today it remains one of the most popular destinations in Spain. It is a city of rich tradition and heritage and is known for some of the most passionate festivals in the country. It is also the hottest large city on the entire continent - with summer temperatures of 40ºC not unheard of and daily highs in the mid to high thirties. Seville has its own international airport and is approximately three hours' flight from the United Kingdom.

Seville is the birthplace of many of Spain's great traditions and art forms - including flamenco and bullfighting - both of which are still performed at venues across the city. It is a gourmand's paradise - with a great selection of tapas restaurants - and has a fantastic nightlife scene. Visitors can spend their days wandering the narrow lanes of the city's medieval centre where such magnificent sites as the Seville Cathedral, the Real Alcazar Palace, the Giralda Bell tower and the Plaza de Espana town square are to be seen. Guided tours of the city are available and there is a great range of museums offering a fine insight into Seville's history. Seville is a great destination for romantic city breaks, cultural holidays and party trips.
For Singles

When: If you're planning on spending a lot of time on your feet exploring the city's historic attractions, you might want to visit Seville in the spring when the temperatures are warm but not too hot and there is relatively little rain.

Where: There are more historic attractions in Seville than can possibly be seen in one trip. These include Seville Cathedral - possibly the biggest church in the world - the grand Moorish palace of the Real Alcazar, the minaret-cum-belltower - La Giralda - and the historic Seville University.

Why: Seville is a fantastic destination for a single traveller in search of beautiful weather and cultural attractions. In addition to its many stunning historic monuments, it also boasts a fine array of museums and galleries which give further insight into the history and culture of the city.

For Groups

When: There's no better time to see Seville than during the month of April - specifically during the week of the Feria de Abril festival when a procession of horse riders and a vast funfair of flamenco and guitar music takes over the centre of the city.

Where: As well as the Feria, there are plenty of attractions for groups in Seville. Check out a bullfighting match in the Plaza de Toros stadium or go and see one of the city's two football teams in action. Seville has more bars per head than any other city in Europe with the revelry especially concentrated around Isla Cartuga and Calle Betis.

Why: As well as the grand historic attractions of Seville, this is a city with a uniquely vibrant sense of fun and a history of entertainment. Visitors can expect to enjoy fantastic cuisine and an excellent nightlife.

For Couples

When: The Catholic processions of the holy week of Semanta Santa are a special attraction - despite their solemnity, they are beautiful and atmospheric and amongst the most passionate of any city in Spain.

Where: There are plenty of charming and romantic spots around Seville for couples to enjoy. These include the picturesque Jewish quarter, the town's open air market places, the grand Plaza de Espana and the Parque Maria Luisa. There is also the option of climbing the Cerro de Carombolo hill for stunning views of the city centre.

Why: Seville has romance coursing through its veins - you need look no further than the many flamenco venues around the town for affirmation of this fact. It is a charming and historic place and offers a wealth of unique accommodation options in stunning converted palaces.

For Families

When: The midsummer months of July and August might be too much for the little ones - with rocketing midday temperatures. Seville is very pleasant in April and May as well as the early Autumn and is also a good spot for a break in the Christmas holidays.

Where: There are a number of great activities for families to enjoy in and around Seville. The Isla Magica theme park offers roller-coasters, cinemas and live shows whilst the Science Museum boasts fascinating exhibits and a planetarium. There is also the option of taking the short trip to the Donana National Park - on the Atlantic Coast - to swim in the sea, ride on horse back and explore some quaint historic villages.

Why: Seville's historic beauty will appeal to visitors of all ages and there are plenty of museums with exhibits geared towards children. It also has the benefit of being within an hour's drive of the sea.

Weather Seville has a subtropical Mediterranean climate with high temperatures throughout the year. Summers are very hot and dry with daytime highs regularly in the mid to high thirties celsius and often hitting 40ºC. The hottest months of the year are July and August. Winters in Seville are fairly mild with temperatures generally between ten and fifteen degrees celsius. There is significantly more rainfall between October and April than there is in the summer months and December is the wettest month of the year.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Seville
What to expectVisitors to Seville should expect a city of stunning beauty, a place whose rich architectural heritage can be traced through the ancient, medieval and renaissance periods and to the Moorish, Catholic and Jewish civilisations. It is a city steeped in culture - with a rich culinary heritage, sultry flamenco dancing and a surviving tradition of bullfighting. Seville boasts some of the most passionate festivals anywhere in Spain and also has one of its most vibrant nightlife scenes. This is a place not to be missed!
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