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Costa Dorada Holidays

Who is Costa Dorada suitable for?
Destination This Spanish region should be praised for its location. Found in the south east area of mainland Spain, this resort is cleverly located near the fab town of Barcelona, which makes a cheeky day trip ideal. You also have the usual: amazing beaches, clear waters and brilliant hot sunshine. Someone has to go here, why not make it you? Rent a couple of bikes and head up into the Spanish mountains at the back of the region and look down on the awesome coastal views. Cameras at the ready!

Okay, now for the fun bit. Salou is the liveliest resort in the region, with plenty of bars and nightclubs to keep the party animals entertained. It is also very close to the PortAventura theme park which boasts top rollacoasters that make Alton Towers look like a toddler’s play park. For those that are looking for a beach to chill out on, then head to the peaceful resort of Calafell for some real Spanish culture. Mmmm, we can smell the paella already. If that bores you too much, then head to Barcelona for some urban vibes. If you want shops on your hotel doorstep all week, then visit Sitges and shop ‘til you drop, before a relaxing afternoon on the beach. Go on, book a great holiday to Costa Dorada with Qwerty Travel.
For Singles

When: There are loads (and we mean hundreds) of child friendly resorts in Costa Dorada. So, if you’re not a school teacher, then go before the kids break up.

Where: Sitges would be excellent beach city for those lone travellers. There is great Spanish culture, quaint markets for tacky souvenirs and excellent bars in the evening - so mingle and meet some like-minded folk.

Why: Just because you are travelling on your own, does not mean you don’t deserve a beach break. You may want to take that sexy Spaniard that you met in Barcelona down to the beaches for some alone time…

For Groups

When: Go in the middle of August, when the Golden Night of Salou Festival is on (10th-15th). The clubs will be buzzing twice as hard and it’s like a party in the street.

Where: If you’re a little slow and haven’t figured out where the party resort is in Costa Dorada, then head to Salou. There are thousands of groups heading here every year with one thing in common: a summer party.

Why: There are water sport activities, an immense theme park and great nightlife. What else are you actually looking for? The flight time isn’t too long either…result!

For Couples

When: Unless you want to see what your holiday will be like when you have kids, then avoid July and August at all costs. You don’t want to be put off kids before you’ve even had them.

Where: La Pineda is a perfect choice for a romantic getaway. There are plenty of activities and Spanish culture to keep you and your partner entertained. Although we’re sure you will find ways to entertain yourself anyway…wink wink.

Why: Costa Dorada means “golden coast” in Spanish. Does that not just ooze romance? Well, we think so, but if you guys don’t agree as least you’ll know that the beaches are great to go chill out on.

For Families

When: The summer holidays are going to be full of like-minded families (maybe the kids will make some friends?). If you have young toddlers, go when it’s cooler for an Easter break – don’t worry, it’s still 20C.

Where: The region’s capital Tarragona is great for the perfect, chilled out family getaway yet close enough to the amusement parks. Why not take the kids on their first jet-ski? That will make them look cool in class.

Why: There are great family-friendly resorts that the whole family can enjoy. No matter how old you are, the PortAventura theme park will entertain everyone. Not for you? Wimps! But if it’s really not your cup of tea, go relax on the beautiful sandy beaches or explore the rock pools.

Weather In southern Spain, the weather is going to be fantastic and give you that stunning summer tan. Think how much more attractive you’re going to look sunbathing in 30C heat? Even if you decide to go out of season, you’re still competing with temperatures of around 25C, so there are no excuses in coming back the same colour as when you left. Just remember to apply the sun cream, coming back as a red lobster does not count and would be an epic holiday fail.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Costa Dorada
What to expectSome of the resorts are going to be crowded, not as bad as Benidorm, but not far off. Don’t go heading to Salou thinking you’re in for a quiet Spanish break; you will be disappointed and that will make us cry. If you’re looking for some scrumptious Spanish culture than head to La Pineda, you must see the highly quirky Pines de Mariscal- a huge metal pine tree. It looks bizarre but well worth a photo snap. No matter what you’re looking for on holiday, a trip to PortAventura theme park has to be done. We know we keep banging on about it, but we will judge you if you don’t go on the Shambhala coaster.
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