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Torremolinos Holidays

Who is Torremolinos suitable for?
Destination Torremolinos is a home away from home...if home was always sunny and warm, had fantastic beaches connected by a bustling promenade and fresh seafood restaurants! Doesn’t sound too similar, does it? But, however far improved from our isles, there’s a quaint sense of British-ness that makes a Torremolinos holiday a relaxed affair. Unwind on the main Playa La Carihuela beach, take in a round of golf, or scuba dive until your heart’s content.

So, if feeling totally calm, listening to the waves and working on your swing sounds like just the ticket, shouldn’t you book a holiday in Torremolinos already? You can’t beat the beaches and cuisine, but if you need an added bite, observe the residents of the famous Crocodile Park. You know you want to snap that up! Book a holiday to Torremolinos today.
For Singles

When: Head out in either May or September to beat the crowds and stake out a large spot on the beach to make your own...well, maybe invite someone in if they’re cool enough!

Where: That’s not a question is it? The beach! Stay right by the promenade and have your pick of sandy wonders and magical moments.

Why: Because you lead a hectic life and need a bit of ‘me time’ to recharge the batteries and you may as well do it by six beaches, right? Definitely!

For Groups

When: To see Spanish nightlife at its best, go between June and August. There’s a range of themed nights, special events and even more guests to...sink your teeth into!

Where: Most of the clubs are in on a street called C/San Miguel in the centre of town or the area of La Nogalera. Take your pick to be right by the action. You’ll also avoid drawn-out journeys back to your room, which’ll seem even longer if you have company!

Why: Bars and clubs set a wild tone for the evenings and early mornings. The best bit is lots are close together so you’re free to try them all and really let go on a Torremolinos holiday! Don’t miss your turn at karaoke either! You will survive...

For Couples

When: Escape the dullness as British summer comes to an end and sneak out around August and September. You’ll capture more sun than back home and have your holiday romance sorted before you even step off the plane!

Where: You’re never far from the beach, so stay in the centre of town for your choice of restaurants, shops and entertainment.

Why: To dress-up and meet each other’s gaze across a seafood dish! You can wine and dine at a different hotspot every night and really give your taste buds a treat.

For Families

When: Visit Torremolinos between May to September for guaranteed sun on your back and lively attractions to entertain the children. Just remember sun cream as it can get a little hot for young skin.

Where: Rest your heads near the promenade to make the most of the beaches and shops. The views aren’t too bad either – golden sands, crystal clear waters, lush greenery...we could go on!

Why: Because there’s bowling, crazy golf and endless family fun! Bit cheesy? Well, it’s true so you’ll have to forgive us! On top of this, there’s Tivoli World theme park and the Sea Life Aquarium to explore.

Weather The weather is typically Spanish, so long, hot summers followed by mild winters. Sounds like we could use some of that in Britain, right? Temperatures that’ll warm your soul are waiting to greet you if you head out between June through September. They’re consistently in the mid-20s and July and August will even hit 30C! Nice and toasty but be sure to apply the sun-cream liberally and drink lots of water!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Torremolinos
What to expectExpect your blood-pressure to lower, thoughts of the day job to vanish and plenty of time spent in the warm sea perfecting your breaststroke. The days really are yours to fill with walks and sunbathing, while the nights are for unwinding at bars, sipping tasty cocktails – all with a view of course – and clubbing! This definitely beats a trip to Blackpool but give Torremolinos a miss if you’re after some culture. Instead go east to Malaga, one of the oldest cities in the world that impresses history buffs with fascinating ruins and museums.
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