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Fuengirola Holidays

Who is Fuengirola suitable for?
Destination Fuengirola is an important slice in Costa del Sol’s pie...already sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Its main attraction is the sensational seven kilometre beach that’s the first port of call for sunbathing, water sports and even volleyball. If the beach is really that big, surely there’s room for you, right? Of course – all you have to do is get there! On a Fuengirola holiday there’s a classic promenade of shops, cafes and bars to enjoy, all lined with palm trees that sum up this beautiful area of the Med. Once you’ve soaked up the sun, take in the Spanish history at the Moorish Sohail Castle and for culture, the Bullring – actual Bullring that is, not a replica of the Birmingham shopping centre! - is a must-see.

So, you’re starting to wonder how this coastal resort has stayed a secret and you’re already picturing yourself tanning on golden sands...well, it’s about time! The sound of the waves on the shore is hypnotic and you’ve got a fantastic choice of busy beaches hosting lots of activities, as well as undisturbed and serene sandy spots. Feel like it’s got everything covered? Then book a holiday to Fuengirola with Qwerty Travel today.
For Singles

When: Enjoy sub-tropical summers by visiting in June through to August. From July, summer temperatures are around the 30s and you can be sure people will bare some skin to cool off in the ocean!

Where: To stay close to the action, find a place near Las Gaviotas-Boliches. There are lots of stylish bars and water sports to keep your days action-packed and, if you book a diving course, you might just get a fit instructor...

Why: Take time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to live it up in Fuengirola. Sample authentic tapas and check out the traditional bullring at Los Boliches.

For Groups

When: Head out May to October for guaranteed sun and lively bars to fill your evenings. It’s when Fuengirola parties hardest and you know what that means? Big tunes and even bigger memories!

Where: Ensure you can dance the night away by staying near the marina. You’ll easily walk fresh-faced to the bars and walk back...well, a little less fresh faced!

Why: Basically, there’s sun and clubs! Some of the best in the Costa del Sol sit right by the port at the marina. With a string of bars you can sample different styles, try unique cocktails and meet lots of other partygoers – wherever that may lead!

For Couples

When: Book your joint holiday anytime between May through to October. The earlier and later summer months have temperatures in the mid-20s and you’ll beat the crowds for an added touch of intimacy.

Where: Treat yourselves to celeb levels of luxury and spend your Fuengirola holiday by the marina. You’ll be able to walk to most places, take a cruise to see dolphins and watch the sunset...awww!

Why: Because you both want sun, sea and sand like all British couples, and you also long for moonlit walks on the beach, to look into each other’s eyes and...fall even more in love! Can’t hurt, can it?

For Families

When: The main summer months might be too hot, so go in either May or September. Kids won’t miss school and you won’t get sunburnt. Some things just work out perfectly, don’t they?

Where: Stay near Las Gaviotas beach. It’s quieter than Fuengirola beach and holds the Blue Flag award, so you know it’s safe and clean! Lifeguards are also on hand to help you get into that relaxed holiday spirit.

Why: There’s no need to argue over what to do in Fuengirola; head to the main beach and simply go from there! For a bit of adventure, have a day at Aquapark, or if you want to see more wildlife, head to the zoo.

Weather Summer is the real draw to Fuengirola as it is long and hot, just how we’d like it in Britain! June and September rest in the mid-20s, while temperatures hit around 30C in July and August. In the hottest months, the heat can get a little uncomfortable if you’re not used to it, as there isn’t always a breeze. So, we recommend taking it easy, drinking plenty of water and finding shade when you feel it’s right. The best thing about summers here is that they’re always nice and clear – did you know you’ll be surrounded by picturesque and sheltering hills? Well, now you do!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Fuengirola
What to expectBe prepared for relaxing days on impressive beaches, water sports and night-time revellers who sleep the mornings away. The shops are diverse, the beaches are a brilliant mix of thriving and secluded, and you’ll have great fun beach-hopping to find your favourite. If history and culture is more your cup of tea, give Fuengirola a chance another time. Instead, go further east and try out Malaga, one of the oldest cities in the world. Marvel at the stunning architecture and don’t miss the Cathedral of Malaga – massive photo op!
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