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Benalmadena Holidays

Who is Benalmadena suitable for?
Destination With a huge 20 kilometres of prime coastline, an old town and marina, Benalmadena is a cosmopolitan champion among the Costa del Sol resorts, where fun attractions are never out of reach. As us Briton’s are keen on choice and convenience, it’s too good to pass up! Whether you want thriving and bustling beaches with lots of sports, or secluded sandy spots for reading bestsellers, holidays to Benalmadena have it all. As you go from one of the dozen beaches to the next, squeeze in some seafood, take a look at the luxurious marina and get tempted by the high-life with the yachts at the harbour. Sound too good to be true? It might be time to pinch yourself, as it’s only a short flight away. However, we’d say if you’re coming for peace and quiet, give the Puerto Marina a miss at nightfall as it becomes a popular clubbing spot, attracting top DJs and wild dancing, especially in the summer months.

If a wide choice of beaches, fresh food and sightseeing are right up your street, perhaps you’re thinking, ‘why have I never been to this part of Spain before’? Well, isn’t now your chance to change all that by booking a holiday in Benalmadena? We definitely think so! Pack your bags and come play golf, take a boat ride and shop in the thriving city centre. Don’t fight your feelings; book a holiday to Benalmadena with Qwerty Travel today.
For Singles

When: For the chance to admire other hot tourists and for up to eleven hours of sun a day – crikey! – head out from June to August.

Where: Without a doubt, stay by Benalmadena’s coastline for fantastic views and the chance to beach hop until your heart’s content. Beach hopping is a missing pastime from Britain, isn’t it? Good thing there’s the Costa del Sol!

Why: Be single and more than content browsing the boutiques, topping up your tan and sampling fresh seafood. There’s a lot you can do by yourself and with so many beaches to try out, who has time for a hanger on?

For Groups

When: Between May to September. The weather’s exceptional and the resort has a lively atmosphere with everyone looking to let off a little steam.

Where: Pack in as much fun as you can by staying near the Puerto Marina where you’ll find several popular nightclubs, including Discoteca Aqua, where you can party the night away. Want more? Many of the bars that open late have stunning views of the marina, so you can sip cocktails in style. Bliss, right?

Why: Top up your tans on the beach during the day and then get ready to mingle as Benalmadena has an absolutely buzzing nightlife. You could even think about hiring a party boat! What happens on the boat stays on the boat...

For Couples

When: Get your sunglasses and beach towels ready for May through to September. It’ll be hot and you can make the most of your time by checking out local festivals and events.

Where: Stay by the marina for a huge selection of eateries and candlelit meals. If your evenings can’t last long enough, stay up late into the night at the popular bars and nightclubs.

Why: Because you can only go to Devon and Cornwall so many times before you need a change of scenery. Amp up the romance in Benalmadena with a stroll along the promenade and take a cable car ride up the mountains.

For Families

When: You’ll want to steer clear of the winter months as it can get a little wet, so we recommend you visit Benalmadena between April to September to guarantee some fun in the sun. Easter holidays are a good shout as no one misses school and you’re sure to beat the crowds.

Where: Stay by the coast to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. There’s a hue range of bars, cafes and restaurants serving everything from tapas to more British and American style food. You can also be sure you’ll get some great views of the water.

Why: Benamadena holidays are great for the family as you’ve got free-range for adventure, relaxation and even wildlife watching. There’s sea life if your children are keen on sharks and turtles, and let’s face it, who isn’t? Tivoli World is great for the kids and is a destination in its own right; so much so, it even made its own currency.

Weather The weather in Benalmadena is perfectly Mediterranean and, to put it mildly, the summer here beats the best British days hands down. From June through to September the average temperature that’ll welcome you is 27C, so no need for that ‘just in case jumper’! It can even reach the 30s if hot winds from Africa head this way, however the winters, while still warm, carry the risk of rain. Avoid this season if Britain has already denied you your summer sun.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Benalmadena
What to expectGet ready for seeing more beaches than ever before, sitting down in authentic cafes and admiring mountainous scenes. The nightlife is as active as the day, the locals are friendly and there are plenty of shops for souvenirs to make your friends back home green with envy. How appealing does this sound? We think you should go for it! For those keen on more golf courses and even more luxury, head to Malaga or Marbella and hit the charming marinas and exclusive golf clubs of these port cities.
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