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Costa Blanca Holidays

Who is Costa Blanca suitable for?
Destination Call us dramatic but Costa Blanca is a holiday haven in southern Spain with over 200km of beaches. Why would you need to travel halfway around the world for sun, sea and sand? This popular resort attracts loads of Brits each year, particularly in the summer months. But, don’t go making the assumption that all the beaches, bars and restaurants are crowded; Costa Blanca has a great range of resorts to suit whatever you’re looking for on your getaway. Whether you’re looking for an English resort in the Sun, an active break in the mountains or a cheeky bit of romance, book your holiday to the Costa Blanca with Qwerty Travel.

Ok, so if you’re looking for a great beach, but want English food and English entertainment, then head to the largest resort in Costa Blanca: Benidorm. You won’t have to speak a word of Spanish on your holiday; you’re here to relax after all. If you want to combine a beach break with a dash of culture then Javea is the resort for you. Lie out on the beach and sizzle in the hot sunshine, before exploring the cute Spanish streets. Tired of exploring already? Then simply head to beachfront Jalousie Cocktail Bar.
For Singles

When: If you want to show your tan off when you get home then go in September, while the sun is still hot but the kids have gone back to school.

Where: If you’re looking to escape the stress from your busy job in the UK then go to Albir, which is a great, tranquil beach resort. City lovers need to go and explore the historic culture in Alicante.

Why: So many Brits head here every year, you will find it easy to make friends.

For Groups

When: Celebrate the end of your exams by going in June. By that time the weather is great but the school kids are still in the classroom – Costa Blanca will be your playground.

Where: Benidorm is where it’s at. There is excellent nightlife, such as Bahamas nightclub to keep you and your mates entertained all night.

Why: Costa Blanca is home to great bars and clubs, playing the best English tunes out there. The sea is warm and the weather is sweltering.

For Couples

When: Go in September when the kids have gone back to school. You don’t want them throwing sand while the pair of you are trying to have a cheeky snog.

Where: Altea is a relaxing beach resort, guaranteed to get the romantic juices flowing. Have a mooch through the weekly markets, and pick up a few tacky souvenirs for the demanding relatives.

Why: You and your partner deserve some cuddly time on a great beach which isn’t going to break the bank balance. Whoever said romance was dead?

For Families

When: Unless you don’t mind annoying the head teacher, July and August will be your best bet. At least at this time you are pretty much guaranteed great weather.

Where: Torrevieja is great for young children. However, if your kids are a little older then they will love entertainment shows and child friendly discos in Benidorm. Just keep them away from The Sticky Vicky Show.

Why: The kids will love splashing around in the shallow waters and making sandcastles, as well as plenty of restaurants and hotels which happily cater for the little people … Expect to see a lot of chicken nuggets.

Weather Costa Blanca on average has around 300 days of sunshine per year, so anyone who is allergic to sunshine should probably just stay home. In the summer months, the temperature is unlikely to drop below 27C. So, if you’re looking to go to one of the golf courses in Costa Blanca, roll out of bed and go first thing before the sun bakes you alive. Still slap on the sun screen if you decide to go in May or September, it still gets pretty toasty out there, but the temperature is only around 19C as opposed to 28C. Oh, poor you!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Costa Blanca
What to expectIf the thought of children on holiday makes you ill, then maybe a trip to another destination in Spain is better for you. We aren’t going to lie, this Spanish region is under huge demand from the tourism industry and in the summer months it does get the reputation of being Britain abroad. However if sun, sea and sand are what you’re after, then Costa Blanca can give you just that...simples!
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