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Catalonia holidays

Who is Catalonia suitable for?
Destination Located in the North East corner of Spain on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Catalonia has always prided itself on its very distinct history and cultural identity. Here you'll find different cuisine, architecture and food to the rest of Spain. Catalans even speak a different language, though Spanish is also widely used and understood. It is a beautiful and highly varied region, stretching from the high mountain peaks of the Pyrenees to the central flatlands - populated by ancient and medieval villages - and the golden sand coast, home to numerous beach resorts and charming little fishing villages.

Catalonia is well suited to a variety of different types of holidays. If you want to spend some time on the beach, soaking up the rays and enjoying some great nightlife, look no further than the Costa Brava. For a more cultural experience, head to the art nouveau city of Barcelona or the ancient and medieval cities of Girona, Tarragona and Lleida. Alternatively, why not spend some time in the Pyrenees? In the summer months they offer gorgeous and secluded valleys and peaks and make for great hiking, whilst in the winter they offer ten skiing resorts and hundreds of kilometres of excellent pistes.
For Singles

When: Catalonia is an extremely popular destination in the midsummer months due to its gorgeous Mediterranean climate. Why not head there in the spring or early autumn to miss the crowds?

Where: If you're looking for an interesting, cultural break, you need look no further than Barcelona. It is a stunning city with a history stretching from the gothic to the modernist periods and its dense profusion of spectacular buildings have made it one of the most visited cities in Europe.

Why: There is plenty to see in Barcelona. Wander the narrow lanes of the old Barri Gotic and the pleasant coastal boulevards of La Ramblas. Be sure also to see the many fantastic Gaudi buildings here including the Sagrada Familia, the Casa Battlo and the Parc Guell.

For Groups

When: Head out to Catalonia in the middle of summer to catch the hot, sunny weather and to experience the best of its nightlife.

Where: The Costa Brava is a fantastic destination for a beach holiday and offers a variety of resorts. For the pick of the region's nightlife, head to Lloreta de Mar. For a more peaceful and scenic experience, you could try the fishing towns of Tossa de Mar or Calella de Palafrugell.

Why: Catalonia has a beautiful coastline with rugged cliffs and a selection of pebble and sand beaches. The summers are long and hot with little chance of rain and there is some excellent nightlife to be enjoyed - ideal for a group summer holiday!

For Couples

When: When you visit Catalonia entirely depends on your climate preferences. The summers can get very hot - especially if you're planning to do more than just lounge on a beach all day. Many of the smaller towns grind to a halt in August meaning you might prefer to go in the spring or early summer.

Where: Try exploring one of the smaller historical towns of the region. Girona is a very attractive old town with a great historic pedigree.It has ancient city walls and a charming old Jewish quarter as well as a pleasant, river-side situation. You could even arrange a yacht cruise from here.

Why: Girona is a very charming and unique city with a history going back a couple of thousand years. It is generally overlooked by most visitors to the regions meaning that it is much quieter than nearby Barcelona. There are a great number of small restaurants and cafes and some lovely little family-run hotels.

For Families

When: Why not take the kids to Catalonia during the christmas holidays? It might seem a bit unorthodox, but with the stunning ski slopes of the Pyrenees and the excellent winter skiing conditions, this can be a great time of the year to visit.

Where: The Pyrenees boast ten skiing resorts with a variety of pistes and attractive vistas of pine forests. Espot Esqui is a favourite destination for family holidays and offers nurseries and childcare for those too young to ski.

Why: Espot Esqui boasts a 44 km of slopes including a wide variety of pistes ranging from gentle beginner runs to fiendishly difficult stretches. Sledging and snow biking facilities are also available.

Weather Due to its diverse landscape, Catalonia boasts a very varied climate. The coastal regions enjoy a Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers tempered by gentle and refreshing sea breezes. Summer temperatures tend to be in the high twenties and low thirties celsius. The inland regions experience a continental climate. Summers get very hot - with temperatures often reaching 40ºC - and winters can be quite cold. The Pyrenees mountains get very cold in the winter and the ski resorts enjoy excellent snow cover. The spring and autumn are the wettest seasons in Catalonia.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Catalonia
What to expectCatalonia is a fascinating region and well worth extensive exploration. The loyalty which locals feel to the region is almost fierce and manifests itself in a distinctive cuisine, stunning arts and architecture and a vast number of unique festivals. The region has a fascinating history and there are many towns and villages which feel virtually unchanged since the medieval period. Most visitors to Catalonia head straight for the capital Barcelona - which is one of the continent's most unique and popular cities - or to the coastal region of the Costa Brava where bustling resort towns rub shoulders with charming and traditional fishing villages.
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