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Playa de las Americas Holidays

Who is Playa De Las Americas suitable for?
Destination You often hear groups of young people talking about their up and coming holiday, stag do or hen party in Tenerife, and do you know where they’re all headed? Playa de las Americas. The party centre of this Canary Island is no stranger to sangria-induced adolescents and, with its cheap bars, lively nightclubs and stunning beaches, it doesn’t take a genius to work out why.

So, if you’re looking for a getaway that doused in fun, dripping in sunshine and surrounded by black and white sand, then a Playa de las Americas holiday is your answer. Add Europe’s largest water park into the mix and you’ve got a guaranteed recipe for unrivalled fun. Trust us, we’ve tried these places out and this Tenerife resort is one of the top dogs when it comes to a great group holiday location. Clearly, we wouldn’t recommend it to any families out there, although Sian Park (that massive water park we were talking about earlier) would be a mega hit with the kids.

So, if you’ve been waiting for that destination that just screams out at you, this is it. Book your holiday to Playa de las Americas now and get those party feet moving.
For Singles

When: Join the throng of the crowds in June through to August – there’s no point in going to a party centre when there are no parties going on, is there?

Where: Stay near the bar-lined seafront so you can make friends with that exciting group you spotted earlier in the day and smile in the knowledge that when they return home, you’ll always be that ‘so and so’ who was just ‘so cool’ from their unforgettable holiday to Playa de las Americas.

Why: Playa de las Americas attracts those looking for nothing but a good time, and if that suits you (let’s be honest – who wouldn’t that suit?), this is the place to be.

For Groups

When: June to August of course! Get down and dance with the rest of Britain’s groups and revel in the fact that you guys are now too cool for even Ibiza!

Where: Stay on the beachfront so you don’t have far to stroll to the beaches or bars – less in taxi fares means more money to spend on drinks, doesn’t it? You’ll also be in a great location for day trips to Sian Park or the Monkey Park.

Why: You’ve seen the Balearic Islands through to the bitter end, and now the new Spanish islands are in town. That’s right, the Canaries have arrived and their king? Well, that’s Tenerife. And what’s the king’s most prized possession? You’ve guessed it – Playa de las Americas!

For Couples

When: Enjoy the privacy to gaze sickeningly sweetly into each other’s eyes and enjoy a getaway in either May or September. The beaches will be less packed and you won’t be disturbed in the late hours while ... you know ... you’re trying to focus on each other.

Where: Stay towards the north of Playa de las Americas so you can split your time between here and Costa Adeje. The romance in the air is thicker there, plus you may get to rub shoulders with a hot celebrity or two! (Shhh, don’t let on that that’s secretly why you want to holiday here!)

Why: Although Costa Adeje is more suited for a romantic break, you can’t deny that Playa de las Americas is oozing in atmosphere. If you want to mix in a few wild nights out with some romantic boat trips and intimate dinners, then you won’t go too far wrong with a holiday here.

For Families

When: Try to avoid the flock of party goers and perhaps treat you kids to an Easter getaway. You’ll get the pick of the sands and there won’t be such long queues at Sian Park – perfect!

Where: Well, ideally we’d say forget about Playa de las Americas and book a hotel in Los Cristianos. But, if your mind’s made up, why not book a spa hotel that sits on the beach? You’ll have many amenities around you so you won’t have to brave the throng of the crowd at night, and you’ll only have a short skip to the sea.

Why: As mentioned earlier, Playa de las Americas isn’t the most family-friendly of Tenerife resorts – Los Cristianos is your best bet for that. That being said, if the little ones fancy embarking on a whale or dolphin spotting trip – well, Playa de las Americas is the place to be!

Weather Tenerife is all about the year-round sunshine and Playa de las Americas is made all the more attractive for it. Summer temperatures can see highs of mid 30s, while even the coldest of winter months don’t really drop much below 15C. As a general rule – pack your sun cream no matter when you travel. Lecture over!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Playa De Las Americas
What to expectExpect excitable youngsters, bars aplenty and bikini-clad bodies on the shorelines. With a couple of water parks to boot, the Safari Centre with a range of fantastic shops and plenty of great restaurants serving delectable cuisine, Playa de las Americas has all the necessities for a pretty great holiday.
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