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Los Cristianos Holidays

Who is Los Cristianos suitable for?
Destination People of all ages and situations flock to the shores of Tenerife for a holiday and Los Cristianos is one of the most visited resorts. Ideal for a family holiday, Los Cristianos is all about taking it easy, exploring the stunning scenery of Tenerife and treating the kids to days out at Sian Park, Aqua Land and Monkey Park.

With everything from shopping malls, markets, beaches, a quaint old town and plenty of charisma, you know that a Los Cristianos holiday will appeal to the kids, mum and dad alike. So, what are you waiting for? The Spanish charm is calling you and we have a holiday in Los Cristianos with your name on it. Can you really refuse that? Didn’t think so – see you there!
For Singles

When: As Los Cristianos is Tenerife’s most family-friendly resort, we’d recommend visiting in September if you don’t want to be helping the little ‘uns make their sandcastles for the duration of your stay. This way, you avoid the crowds of kids but still get to party with the best of them as the party season closes in September. Can it get much better than that?

Where: Stay on the beachfront at the west of Los Cristianos so that you’re a mere 3km from lively Playa de las Americas. This will provide you the best of both worlds – the relaxed vibe of Los Cristianos as well as the livelier and bubblier atmosphere of Tenerife’s party town.

Why: For a getaway that’s more about simply appreciating what an island has to offer rather than backpacking into its innermost depths, Tenerife is a fantastic choice for singles, and in our top ten Tenerife resorts for you lone wolves to visit, Los Cristianos is pretty high.

For Groups

When: If you want to make the most of the party atmosphere, there’s no better time than June to August. Of course, to get said party atmosphere you’ll have to travel to Playas de las Americas, but Tenerife’s budget-friendly prices will mean that you won’t be too much out of pocket.

Where: Playa de las Americas! How many times? If you’re screaming back at us saying ‘but we want a chilled out holiday!’ then firstly, sorry; and secondly – stay in a spa hotel on the beach and prepare to be PAMPERED!

Why: Personally, we wouldn’t recommend Los Cristianos for you groups. Sure, there are a few bars dotted around, but these are more suited to the Spanish locals rather than groups of party-hungry British adolescents. Playa de las Americas is better, although its short distance from Los Cristianos doesn’t completely rule out the latter, either.

For Couples

When: Fancy some winter sun? Great – go in October through to March! Fancy scorching heat? Sure – April to September are the months for you. Confused? Don’t be – in Tenerife the sun shines all year round so you can go whenever you fancy escaping from it all.

Where: We’d recommend a spa hotel on the seafront so you and that special someone can go all gooey eyed whether you’re on the massage table or gazing blissfully into each other’s eyes. If you want somewhere with less children, consider Costa Adeje, every couple’s dream location.

Why: Because a holiday is a holiday at the end of the day, and Los Cristianos trumps Britain in every single category – beaches, food, shopping, cocktails and scenery.

For Families

When: Book a Los Cristianos holiday for one the kid’s school holidays – it doesn’t matter which one as Tenerife boasts sunshine all year round! If only we could say the same about Britain.

Where: Wherever you stay in this beautiful resort, you’ll be happy. Whether it’s near the old town to add a bit of culture to your stay or on the seafront to make the most of the gorgeous beaches, you won’t be far from all of its best bits.

Why: Oh, now this is what we’re talking about! Families, where have you been? Los Cristianos means ‘ideal for families’ in 24 different languages. Actually, that’s a complete lie but it doesn’t make the fact this resort is great for families any less true.

Weather The sun has got his hat on, and he’s inviting you to his year long party. Fancy coming? Of course you do! Pack your sun cream, pack your shades, grab your shorts and your summer dresses and prepare to be enveloped by the glorious, glorious sunshine. Eeeek! Excited much?
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Los Cristianos
What to expectExpect lots of elated children, lots of smiling parents and a mixture of black volcanic sand and the softest of Sahara Desert sand. It’s all about idyllic combinations here – Spanish colour and charisma meet a relaxed vibe that we Brits could do with, water parks meet nature parks and sophisticated shopping malls meet quirky Sunday markets. Bundle all this into one and, ladies and gentlemen, we give you a holiday in Los Cristianos.
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