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Costa Adeje Holidays

Who is Costa Adeje suitable for?
Destination In a land far, far away, sapphire blue waters met volcanic ash sand which came together to create Tenerife. Years later, tourists upon tourists flocked to its shores and made it the outrageously fantastic holiday destination that it is today. And, buried deep within this island is Costa Adeje. Pretty good, huh? This glamorous, glitzy and downright beautiful area attracts everyone - the rich and famous, the traditional Joe Bloggs and you. If you’re sitting there screaming ‘hey, it hasn’t attracted me yet!’, then just wait ... it won’t be long before it has!

Sample the lip-smacking cocktails on the beachfront, make sand-angels in the Sahara Desert sand (hey, it’s been imported so you may as well make the most of it!) and head out for a delectable meal in one of the many upmarket restaurants. It’s a pretty good life here, so stop envying from afar and get right in the action with a Costa Adeje holiday, courtesy of Qwerty Travel. Trust us, you’ll be setting yourself up for one of the best getaways of your life!
For Singles

When: Tenerife is an island of many great things, and one of these is the fact it boasts sweet sunshine all year round. So, if you’re feeling a little blue or you just need to get some Spanish sizzle in your life, drop everything and embark on a holiday to Costa Adeje – it’ll perk you right up!

Where: Stay near the beachfront in a spa hotel – why not submerge yourself into paradise completely and go all out? A massage or two will leave you feeling truly relaxed and then you can spread yourself out on a sun lounger to soak up the rays with your favourite book. Heaven.

Why: Well, Costa Adeje is the Tenerife playground of the rich and famous, so maybe, just maybe, you’ll catch the eye of some Hollywood hunk or hunkess (that’s a word, right?) and start up a romance that even the most well-paid of writers couldn’t make up!

For Groups

When: The atmosphere is best during the peak season of June, July and August. Now, Costa Adeje isn’t about the big crowds and rowdy adolescents, it’s about having civilised conversation and cocktails, so the atmosphere can only go so far. Luckily, the stunning sunshine makes up for everything else, so you’re going to have a fab time whenever you decide to go.

Where: Most of the cocktail bars are found in charming little huts on the seafront, so anywhere near there is ideal. There’s no need to have a hefty stumble home after one or two too many, right?

Why: Costa Adeje is home to some superb cocktail bars; if you fancy sipping on some mojitos or cosmopolitans as you watch the sun set, this is the resort for you. If you’re looking for something a lot livelier with beer in plastic cups, you’re better off heading to Playa de las Americas.

For Couples

When: Whether it’s New Year Eve, Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, someone’s birthday or you just fancy escaping on a whim, there’s no bad time to visit Costa Adeje. Of course, the sun will be shining brightest during June, July and August, but you can be sure his hat will still be securely fixed during the remaining months. Take your pick!

Where: Treat yourself to a spa hotel that sits on the beach. Indulge in a few treatments, walk hand in hand to the cocktail bars and simply relax on your balcony and watch the sun set behind the horizon. Ooh, we’ve got goosebumps!

Why: If you’re a glamorous couple looking to get your fix of celeb status, then Costa Adeje was made for you. Dine out in the most exquisite of restaurants and you know, maybe hang out with Brad and Ang during the day ... it could happen!

For Families

When: With year-round sun, Costa Adeje remains a great holiday destination throughout the year. If you’d like to visit when other families are likely to be there, the summer holidays will be your best bet. That being said, if you’d rather spend quality time with your own family, then the Easter holidays sees fewer tourists, making more room for you.

Where: We’d recommend you stay in an all-inclusive hotel that sits on the beachfront. As the most upmarket area of Tenerife, Costa Adeje restaurants tend to be a tad pricy so if your little tykes have an appetite and a half, an all-inclusive hotel will probably be the most cost-effective! Plus, unlimited drink for mummy and daddy’s never a bad thing, right?

Why: Sure, Los Cristianos is the most family-friendly resort of southern Tenerife but Costa Adeje is home to some simply stunning beaches. Take Del Duque beach for example – it’s heavenly and is in a great location – could you believe that there are five golf courses not too far from here? Great for a bit of light family competition!

Weather The weather is bright and welcoming, just like the people of Tenerife. Sunshine will burst through your windows at dawn and settle itself down to sleep at dusk. The rest of the time, well, it’s out to play. Rain is minimal, especially during the summer months and temperatures stay at around 30C + during the summer and in the low 20s during the winter. So, escape dreary Britain and get away on a Costa Adeje holiday today.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Costa Adeje
What to expectPrepare for luxury at its best, entwined with delicious food, a selection of beautiful shops selling exquisite items and sublime, soft-sanded beaches. The pace of life is relaxed and carefree, exactly what you would expect from this popular Spanish island. There’s no denying it, you’ll come away from Costa Adeje free from frown lines and slumped shoulders. Instead, they’ll be replaced by big, goofy grins and a spring in your step. What a place!
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