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Puerto Del Carmen Holidays

Who is Puerto Del Carmen suitable for?
Destination Puerto del Carmen is the big brute of Lanzarote. As the king of the resort giants, you might think it would simply lie back in a nonchalant smugness and let all the surrounding resorts carry out the hard work. Not Puerto del Carmen. Recently made over to suit the flocks and flocks of British tourists that enter its vicinity every day (and seriously, the Brits love it. If you’ve ever looked around your town and thought ‘where have all the people gone?’, they’ll be on a Puerto del Carmen holiday. Fact.), the popular town works as hard pumping out the endless tunes at night as it pumps out the powerful sunshine rays during the day.

With 6km of glorious golden shorelines that are littered with bars, restaurants and cafes, and even a picturesque harbour to keep a true taste of that beautiful Spanish flair, Puerto del Carmen is a group hotspot for holidays that provide plenty of blurred memories to laugh at years later. So, if you’re looking for that new place to let your hair down, this is it. Grab your mates and book a holiday to Puerto del Carmen today with Qwerty Travel.
For Singles

When: The big party months are, of course, June, July and August so if you’re looking for people to drink a few decanters of sangria with, this is the time to go.

Where: Stay near the Playa Grande beach to make the most of the Lanzarote. If you’re staying in a big town that’s complete with big characters and a big atmosphere, you’ve got to stay on the ‘Big Beach’, right? Exactly.

Why: Because a combination of sun, sand, drink and happy chappy faces aplenty are sure to appeal to any single folk out there looking to have a good time.

For Groups

When: Join the throngs of the British crowds in the summer months and party with the best of them. Fight for your spot on the beach and queue up with the others for your morning bacon butty. It’s all part and parcel of a holiday to Puerto del Carmen, and it’s what makes it so utterly fantastic.

Where: Playa Grande, baby! You’ve been dreaming of it for years, so now’s the time to go. Step out of your hotel on to the soft, golden sands and park yourself down near one of the beachfront bars. It’s your round, isn’t it?

Why: Because as soon as you and Puerto del Carmen meet, you’re all going to be the best of friends. The resort was built for you, so you may as well go check it out and see what the fuss is about.

For Couples

When: Get that ‘I’ve just been on holiday and you haven’t’ glow to wind up all your friends with by jetting off between May and September and make the most of the 30C + temperatures.

Where: Discover the beach of Playa de los Pocillos for a relaxing stroll along to Matagorda or peaceful days spent lying on the rippled sands. It beats the less-rippled and more-chunky beach of Brighton, eh?

Why: If you’re one of those crazy, wild couples that love making wordless screams at each other in banging nightclubs, Puerto del Carmen is a great choice. If you’d rather whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears, why not consider Arrecife or Matagorda? Each boasts a more laidback pace of life and lots of secret corners for a quick cuddle or two.

For Families

When: Grab the kids and jet off during the Easter holidays. Temperatures are still a toasty 20C or so, but you’ll be able to sleep soundly without sangria-induced adolescents running around at 3am.

Where: Personally, we’d hit up Arrecife, but staying near the beach of Matagorda with its Blue Flag status and quieter shorelines wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Water sports are also in abundance here, perfect for some light family competition.

Why: Puerto del Carmen has always been deemed a good location for a family holiday, but with the lively party atmosphere, we can understand why some families have some trepidation about holidaying here. With great shops, restaurants and beaches, we can see why it’s popular, but we’d recommend staying in nearby Arrecife to benefit from culture, history and quieter nights.

Weather Oh, Lanzarote – how you do spoil us! The sun shines brightly throughout the year, offering over 300 days of bright, soul-warming sunshine per annum for you to sink into. Humidity is not a major factor here which makes the evenings refreshingly cool. Actually, it’s pretty much as good as weather can get and you know you’ve spent the rest of the year complaining about the weather in Britain, so do something about it and jet off to Puerto del Carmen already.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Puerto Del Carmen
What to expectExpect tightly packed rows of bodies on the beach by day and in the clubs at night. The atmosphere will be big and the screams of joy will be loud. If you’re a culture vulture circling for your next historical site or museum, Puerto del Carmen isn’t for you, but Arrecife, the capital of the island, might just be exactly what you are looking for. The beaches are beautiful and the seas are warm, so families, if you are good at blocking out noise at night and dodging rows of bodies in the day, Puerto del Carmen could be a good choice. If not? Well, you’ve got the rest of the island to play with.
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