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Playa Blanca Holidays

Who is Playa Blanca suitable for?
Destination With everything you need for a relaxing beach break, a Playa Blanca holiday is the stuff of dreams. With several stunning beaches to relax on, the kids will have a great time playing in the sand and the safe, shallow waters, whilst you relax on a towel and soak up the sun. It is one of the largest resorts in Lanzarote and is often referred to as the island’s ‘unspoiled treasure’, so you can be sure that there will be plenty of sublime corners with breath-taking scenery to check out. The nightlife will bring back potentially blurred memories of nights spent with your friend’s back in the UK, so you can be sure you’ll have a great time. Local bars bring the tourists together, offering live music and plenty of lip-smacking cocktails.

There are plenty of places to visit in the area if simply lying under the sun isn’t really your thing. Sit at the marina and promenade and watch the world go by, marvel at the yachts sailing in and out (that could be you one day, promise!) and explore the unique shops where you can buy local crafts and the all-important souvenirs from your holiday.

A holiday to Playa Blanca will take those British blues and replace them with Spainish sparkle and hey, we could all use some of that in our lives, so book today!
For Singles

When: Playa Blanca enjoys warm sunshine all year round, therefore you are free to travel whenever takes your fancy.

Where: The resort is fairly quiet but offers a good choice of hotels and apartments catering for all budgets.

Why: Because you can enjoy a relaxing holiday in the sun away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

For Groups

When: The sun is at its hottest between June and August, so get yourselves onto the beach and see who can get the best tan! A bit of competition between friends is healthy, right?

Where: Anywhere in the resort centre or close to the beach are the best places to stay; you will have everything you need at your disposal.

Why: The nightlife and the beaches are enough to attract any group of friends wanting an enjoyable holiday with lasting memories.

For Couples

When: July and August are when the sun is at its hottest and the beaches are full of bikini-clad tourists. The quieter months will see you being able to spend quality time with your partner in the secluded spots dotted around. All you need to ask yourself is; ‘which would you prefer?’

Where: There are some luxury hotels in Playa Blanca that are worth staying in. An excellent choice is Hotel Blue Sea Corbeta – it’ll be perfect for that romantic holiday you’ve been hoping for.

Why: Being home to some of the most beautiful beaches, not only will you fall in love with the beaches, it may even double the romance in your life!

For Families

When: There’s little worse than a moaning child complaining they are too hot, but don’t fret! You won’t be subjected to this if you travel in May or September when the weather is slightly cooler.

Where: Hotel Club Playa Blanca and Aparthotel Cay Beach Sun are both fantastic family-friendly complexes, metres from the stunning beaches.

Why: Because of the numerous beautiful sandy beaches that have shallow waters, ideal for the children.

Weather The weather in Playa Blanca is very similar to that of Britain, just ... you know ... with actual sunshine! The sun shines daily, with the warm rays beating down. It rarely rains and if it does it is minimal, not even worth getting your umbrella out for, so you can just leave that at home. Warm, long, hot summers followed by mild, short winters. Sounds good, doesn’t it? There is no reason why you shouldn’t book your holiday to Playa Blanca at anytime of the year.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Playa Blanca
What to expectBe prepared for long, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and popular restaurants with delectable cuisine. You can try your hand at various water sports, discover the secluded coves for a cheeky kiss with that special someone or tickle your taste buds with the local, scrumptious dishes. As an added little bonus, the short transfer time means you can get your holiday underway at the click of your fingers! Sort of like Mary Poppins, but better.
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