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Costa Teguise Holidays

Who is Costa Teguise suitable for?
Destination Who wants fun, sun, sea and sand? Hands up please! We all look forward to a relaxing getaway that’ll lower our stress levels, and holiday to Costa Teguise offers the perfect setting to do just this. Imagine playing a round of golf with your friends back in the UK – it’s always fun, right? Now, add a lot of sun and soul-warming heat, and you’ve got yourself a golf course in Costa Teguise. With all the tourists returning year after year to this fantastic resort, you know there’s got to be loads that’s worth visiting.

Relax on the fine sandy beaches, have fun in the water park or explore the local area; you can make your holiday as action packed as you like. The bars and restaurants in the resort have both an English and local style to them, so you will feel right at home whilst sipping on a cocktail. With everything from an action-packed holiday to total relaxation, a Costa Teguise holiday has something to offer everyone.
For Singles

When: During high season the resort will be busy with returning tourists, so you’ll either have to fight for a sun-bed or just get up really early to secure your spot! If neither of these appeal to you, make the most of Lanzarote’s year-round sun and get yourself a winter tan.

Where: Anywhere that suits your budget. The resort offers budget friendly, as well as luxury hotels, so you’ll have the pick of the bunch.

Why: The late night bars and clubs are enough to entice single travellers, and you’ll get to choose from the many excursions and beautiful beaches that are available – it’ll never feel so good to be your own boss as it does on a holiday in Costa Teguise!

For Groups

When: June to September are the best months to travel in a group. The sun will be out, the beaches will be full and the nightlife will be buzzing.

Where: Costa Teguise if full of hotels to suit all budgets, from basic self-catering apartments to all-inclusive luxury hotels. It just boils down to how glamorous you and your friends are!

Why: A bit of healthy competition between friends on the golf course or at the range of water-sports available are sure to give you many funny stories to re-tell back home. The beaches are perfect for relaxing and the clubs are ideal for dancing. So, to sum up, you’ve got it all really!

For Couples

When: If it’s a quiet relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle you’re after, we recommend you travel in either May or September when it is less busy or, failing that, travel in the winter months when the climate is still nice and warm.

Where: Stay in luxury apartments with stunning views of the sea, away from the centre of the resort. There are numerous hotels and apartments to suit all budgets and tastes, so we know you’ll find one you’ll just love.

Why: The beautiful beaches, the relaxing atmosphere and the excellent nightlife; shall we carry on? Take your loved one and relax by day and enjoy intimate meals in the evening.

For Families

When: The temperature is cooler and the beaches are quieter in May, June and September, meaning the children won’t be moaning they are too hot or that they can’t dig man-sized holes in the sand.

Where: There are plenty of hotels in Costa Teguise for families to stay in. We recommend you stay close to the beach, making it a little easier for the children to have fun.

Why: Stay in luxury apartments with stunning views of the sea, away from the centre of the resort. There are numerous hotels and apartments to suit all budgets and tastes, so we know you’ll find one you’ll just love.

Weather Costa Teguise has some we can only dream of in the UK – sound all year round – and boy, do we dream of it! During the summer months the sun is scorching hot, so it’s the perfect time to visit for any sun worshipers out there. The winter months you could settle for only take a couple bottles of sun-cream rather than ten as, even though it’s still toasty warm, it’s not blistering hot. Still, toasty warm is enough to give you the ‘I’ve been on holiday’ glow.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Costa Teguise
What to expectBeautiful beaches with very happy tourists laid out catching the sun, couples having a relaxing holiday and children squealing with joy. The beaches are busy, the bars are full and the restaurants are welcoming. Don’t think you’ll even have a moment to feel bored, there is something for everyone to do in Costa Teguise, from shopping and eating to golfing and slip ‘n’ sliding at the water parks.
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