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Lanzarote Holidays

Who is Lanzarote suitable for?
Destination Probably one of the most famous islands in the Canaries and to be honest, it’s not hard to understand why. With over 12km of sandy beaches, as well as some interesting volcanic grounds to explore, a holiday in Lanzarote can offer you holiday hungry people a mix of landscapes. Why not spend one day lounging around on the beach, enjoying the excellent weather and spend the next day on an exciting hike or bike ride along the mountainous regions? That sounds much easier than having to climb Mount Everest, where there isn’t a beach or cocktail bar waiting at the bottom. Visit the Timanfaya Park where you can actually cook food on the boiling volcanic ground. If anyone can find a place in the UK where you can do that, we will eat our travel dictionary.

Whether you have your party pants on and want explore the vibrant Puerto Del Carmen, or you’re looking for a chilled time in Costa Teguise, you will find that the sun is pretty much always shining. We would like to point out that Lanzarote is known as the surfing capital of Europe, so if you’re bursting to learn or want to show off your moves, then get over there now. What are you all waiting for? Find great deals to Lanzarote with Qwerty Travel.
For Singles

When: If you’re looking for relaxation, avoid peak season. One of the many advantages of being single is that you don’t have to deal with children, least of all on holiday.

Where: Costa Teguise, there is a relaxing atmosphere, but with plenty of activities to keep you independent individuals entertained. The best beach to surf on is the Playa de las Cucharas beach; however, if you fancy just reading your book then head to the Playa Del Duque.

Why: A holiday to Lanzarote is not going to break the bank. You will get a chance to chill out as well as enjoy some Spanish culture.

For Groups

When: The real nightlife kicks off around June and ends in September. You do not want to miss the hype and be the only people in the bar, so go in the summer.

Where: Get your neon paint on and head to Puerto Del Carmen. The main party strip in the resort goes on for over three kilometres, which means there are a lot of bars and clubs to get through.

Why: You will be able to enjoy some crazy nights, yet also enjoy some great daytime activities too. Don’t waste your holiday by spending all day in bed, get out and have some fun.

For Couples

When: Don’t let large groups of rowdy teens, screaming children and over-protective mothers ruin your romantic getaway. Go in April or May and avoid them all together.

Where: Arrecife would be ideal for a couple. You can explore the town, sample tapas and wander through the streets together hand in hand (excuse us while we just throw up). After a day of sightseeing, head down to the Blue Flag Playa del Reducto beach for some rest and relaxation.

Why: When you go on holiday, you forget all the bad points about your partner. It’s important to go away together and Lanzarote will keep the spark in the relationship.

For Families

When: Tut, tut if you decide to take the kids of school during term. Rest assured, the warmest months are during the summer holidays and that’s also when most of the activities and trips are open.

Where: Playa Blanca would be ideal for any family, of any age...unless your kids are 30, and then … well, make them go on their own. There is a marina with great shops and restaurants; you can also explore the sea on a glass bottom boat.

Why: We hate to admit it, but kids are clever. They will want to see more than just a beach and a hotel room. Show them something a bit different – you don’t see many volcanic grounds in the UK.

Weather These kinds of temperatures in Lanzarote may be a distant dream for some Brits. Get this: in July and August, temperatures can reach highs of 30C – can you believe it? Pack the sun scream, shorts and sleeveless shirts, you guys are going to be baking in this heat. Suffering from the January blues? Fear not, the temperature for Lanzarote in January is still a whopping 21C. Not bad, eh?
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Lanzarote
What to expectSo, some resorts are going to seem a little bit overly touristy which some of the culture vultures may not like. Puerto Del Carmen on a Saturday night is going to look more like Blackpool than a Spanish island. But, it doesn’t matter because other resorts such as Arrecife are doused in Spanish flair, so you can enjoy tapas and flamenco dancing until your heart’s content. Whatever holiday you’re after this summer, you have to go and explore the volcanic regions. That way, you’re combining culture with grade A summer fun.
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