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Playa De Los Cancajos holidays

Who is Playa De Los Cancajos suitable for?
Destination Los Cancajos is a pretty little resort on the east coast of La Palma in the Canary Islands archipelago. It is an excellent setting and one of the most popular holiday destinations on the island. With summer temperatures rarely getting much beyond 26ºC and winter temperatures rarely dropping below 17ºC, this is a lovely destination for a holiday at any time of the year. In the summer months it is an excellent destination for a relaxing beach holiday and in the winter, it is ideal for an active hiking trip. Los Cancajos offers stunning tropical landscapes just over four hours from the UK.

Los Cancajos is a small town with a large blue flag beach - which is made up of three small coves of black volcanic sand. The beaches are connected by an attractive boardwalk and they offer scuba diving and water sports facilities. There are some excellent little tapas bars and seafood restaurants and it's just a ten minute bus ride to the capital city - Santa Cruz de la Palma - where a more extensive array of drinking and dining establishments is to be found. Los Cancajos is a great base for exploring the dramatic landscapes of the interior - where the volcanic peaks soar to heights of over 2000 metres.
For Singles

When: Los Cancajos is lovely at any time of the year. Why not head out in the spring or autumn months when there are less visitors and the weather is pleasant but not too hot.

Where: Santa Cruz de la Palma is a fascinating place to visit and is only a ten minute bus ride away from Los Cancajos. Founded in the 16th century by Spanish explorers, it boasts a number of historic buildings - including the El Salvador Church. The Naval Museum - constructed in a replica of one of Columbus's ships - is also well worth a visit.

Why: Los Cancajos and Santa Cruz are beautiful little towns. After a day seeing the sights, why not head to Santa Cruz's vibrant markets, where gifts - including Canary cigars, honey and wine - are sold. There are also some stylish restaurants along Calle O'Daly.

For Groups

When: Los Cancajos is gorgeous in July and August. Temperatures are up in the mid to high twenties celsius and the sea water is generally around 22ºC. There is also very little chance of rain.

Where: Visitors need look no further than Los Cancajos's beautiful black sand beaches which command stunning views of the Caldera de Taburiente Mountain Range and which offer a great range of water sports facilities.

Why: Los Cancajos is a lovely place for a summer holiday with friends. It has a laid back feel with some excellent little paella and tapas restaurants and some charming little tavernas. There is also some nightlife with a few bars hosting live music performances and dancing.

For Couples

When: When you visit Los Cancajos depends very much on what you intend to do there. For a laid back beach holiday, head there in the summer months and for a more energetic trip, the winter and spring are lovely times to visit.

Where: The Volcano Route - a chain of 2000 metre high volcanic peaks and craters is a stunning route and an excellent hiking spot. Caldera de Taburiente boasts beautiful waterfalls and streams and a stunning flora and fauna whilst the southern interior is famed for its vineyards.

Why: The stunning landscapes of La Palma make it a fantastic destination for a romantic holiday. Visitors can enjoy majestic vistas and a distinctly laid back vibe. There are also some excellent seafood restaurants and local bars to enjoy here.

For Families

When: Los Cancajos is a great destination all year round. To avoid the rains, why not take the children there during their Easter or Summer holidays? Alternatively, catch some winter sun during the Christmas holidays.

Where: The north of La Palma offers excellent excursions. It's possible to go on glass-bottomed boat tours and whale watching trips. There's also the possibility of seeing dolphins. Back in Los Cancajos PADI certified scuba diving instructors are available.

Why: Just a four hour flight from the UK, Los Cancajos boasts a stunning tropical landscape that visitors of all ages can't help being fascinated by. The diverse sub-marine ecosystems include eels, octopuses and all sorts of brightly coloured tropical fish.

Weather La Palma enjoys a sunny climate with hot summers and mild winters. The hottest month of the year is August, when midday temperatures average in the mid twenties celsius. The average sea water temperature in the summer is 22ºC. In the middle of winter, average lows rarely get below 15ºC though there is a much higher chance of rain - with ten days a month in December and January compared to one day in the middle of summer.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Playa De Los Cancajos
What to expectVisitors to Los Cancajos should expect a tropical island paradise, with some fantastic hotels and charming little bars. There is some excellent local cuisine to be enjoyed here, including tapas, paella and seafood - tuna, octopus and swordfish are firm favourites. A far cry from the heaving nightlife of Mediterranean resort, Los Cancajos offers just a few traditional pubs and music venues and is a wonderful destination for a relaxing and laid back holiday. The weather is very pleasant but never oppressive and is ideal for holidays divided between lazing on the beach and hiking through the island's stunning volcanic hinterland.
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