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Maspalomas Holidays

Who is Maspalomas suitable for?
Destination This resort on the south coast of Gran Canaria screams family holidays. Seriously, if you’re a family and you want that stereotypical holiday resort that you see in magazines or on the telly, then round up the kids and head on a holiday to Maspalomas this summer. Even the entertainment in the evening is aimed at children, with quirky discos, quiz nights and of course… karaoke! Don’t worry mum and dad, there are plenty of bars dotted around the resort, so you will get your fun too.

The Holiday World Fun Park is in the centre of the resort. This theme park has everything from rollercoasters to quad bikes, which will keep the kids entertained for days. Maybe you should look into hiring a holiday nanny, and send them to mind the children, which would allow you guys time to chill out and catch some rays on the beach. For those a little bit older, there is an abundance of water sport activities at which you could try your hand: surfing, scuba diving or water skiing. If the water isn’t your cup of tea, you could try riding a camel along sand dunes which will make a great picture. What are you waiting for, go and book great holidays to Maspalomas with Qwerty Travel today.
For Singles

When: If you’re looking to try before you buy on the kid front, then by all means go in August or July. However, if you like the idea of having the beach and the sexy scuba diving tutor to yourself then maybe September is month for you. The weather will still be 27C!

Where: Stay next to the beach to get in the most sun rays as possible. We’d also recommend spending a couple of days Playa De Ingles – Palomas Park is great for wildlife spotting, such as dolphins and meerkats.

Why: Unless you want to earn some money babysitting, we would advise heading for a resort which isn’t so heavily focused around the children. Go to the nearby resort of Playa Del Ingles, where there’s much more happening. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with chilling out on the beach for a week, ay?

For Groups

When: There are a few bars in the resort that groups might like, particularly if you’re not big party animals. So, make sure you head in June otherwise you’ll be sharing the bar with a lot of parents, and you won’t be able to pull any of them.

Where: Stay in the nearby resort of Playa De Ingles, the nightlife there is geared towards groups and for those wanting to let of some party steam this summer. You can always pop over to Maspalomas to visit the epic Waterpark and maybe even the zoo.

Why: Once again holiday-goers, this family friendly resort isn’t really going to be the wild lads holiday you were expecting. If you think you know better though, be our guest, just make sure you know the words to a lot of One Direction songs.

For Couples

When: In peak season the kids are everywhere. So, make sure you go in June or September, when the rugrats are nowhere to be seen.

Where: If you don’t fancy being in the centre, there are a few spa resorts located in the outskirts. These can be a tad more expensive, but are certainly more romantic. These spa resorts are located near to the golf course, the largest in Gran Canaria.

Why: Couples can share experiences and make some special memories here. The water sport facilities are amazing, so why don’t you and your partner go down to the bottom of the seabed together, or race around on a two-person jet ski?

For Families

When: So it may be a little more expensive but going in the summer months guarantees that all the attractions will be open. There will also be loads of other like-minded families there, so your kids can make some super cute holiday friends.

Where: Anywhere near the main centre. Although some hotels are set back from the beach, most places organise a free shuttle service to ferry you guys to the sea. Land ahoy!

Why: Because you and the kids are going to have the most awesome family holiday in the world. This resort has great beaches, a zoo, theme park, camel riding, arcades, and boat tours. Don’t let them have any cola on holiday, they will be hyper enough.

Weather The southern location of Gran Canaria means that the weather is pretty decent all year round. Reaching highs of 28C in August and 22C in December, it doesn’t really matter when you chose to explore this island. Just make sure the sun cream is packed, this island can get windy and, before you know it, you will have a burnt, red face.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Maspalomas
What to expectIf you love kids and other people’s kids, or you want to be around kids, then this resort is ideal. Families with children of all ages will find Maspalomas awesome. But if the sound of screaming babies, universal entertainment and lame daddy dancing make you feel pretty ill, give this resort a miss. However, couples who want some alone time and want to enjoy some great daytrips together, hand in hand, should visit in the off season. The island is stunning and the weather is scorching.
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