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Caleta De Fuste holidays

Who is Caleta De Fuste suitable for?
Destination Holidays here are a great choice – we applaud you here at Qwerty Travel! Situated on the idyllic east coast of Fuerteventura, Caleta De Fuste is a spectacular beach resort bustling with shops, bars and restaurants whilst also offering vast beaches. Find plenty of places to unwind along the coast and work on your holiday tan, or if you’re looking for a more active holiday, why not explore the region on scooters and quad bikes? You could also head to the blue waters and try out some of the many outdoor sports such as sailing, windsurfing and diving - you might even discover turtles and dolphins swimming in the sea with you!

There are plenty of things to do in Caleta De Fuste for all ages whether you’re seeking an exciting family adventure or a romantic getaway. With fantastic facilities, beautiful beaches and wonderful weather thrown in, why look elsewhere when booking your holiday this year? Book with Qwerty Travel today and grab yourself a great deal on your escape to Caleta De Fuste.
For Singles

When: May and September are the best months to visit if you want to dodge the largest crowds of people whilst still enjoying the warm weather and water sports.

Where: Staying in a beachfront resort in Caleta de Fuste is ideal if you want to visit the beach and sea regularly. There are also bars and restaurants dotted along the coast.

Why: There are plenty of things to do to suit all tastes. Plan your days so that you make the most of your time at this brilliant resort and try out things you’ve never done before. Why not start by planning a champion round of golf at Fuerteventura Golf Club?

For Groups

When: Anytime from July-September are best so you can make the most of the glorious weather and work on that golden tan!

Where: Make sure you find somewhere near the coast so that you’re situated ideally with the beach one side and nightlife the other.

Why: Celebrate with a break after exams and relax on the beach in Caleta de Fuste with your friends. You’ll find loads to keep you entertained including a number of friendly bars.

For Couples

When: Stay cosy and warm in the lead up to winter and visit between September and December to avoid the bulk of tourists.

Where: At Qwerty we recommend a hotel on the coast with spa facilities, so that you can admire stunning sea views and relax to the max.

Why: Caleta de Fuste is ideal if you want to enjoy gorgeous sunsets and romantic views with the one you love. The resort is the perfect destination for a dreamy getaway.

For Families

When: Whisk your family away during the Easter holidays when the sun is warm but not sizzling – perfect for trying out all of those exciting activities!

Where: Stay in the centre of Caleta de Fuste, near the coast, so that you’re located just minutes from all of the main attractions.

Why: Kids can enjoy a host of activities as well as exploring the island with ease. There are plenty of facilities in the region to keep your children entertained while parents can relax.

Weather The sun reaches its hottest in Caleta De Fuste from June to October, however the temperature remains in the 20s all year round, so if you’re looking to avoid the cold British weather, book a Caleta De Fuste hotel for a warm, winter break. There is very little rainfall throughout the seasons and an added bonus is the low humidity. Furthermore, the evenings tend to be cooler so you won’t find yourself struggling with hot nights!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Caleta De Fuste
What to expectGet your bikini and flip flops packed and be prepared for wonderful weather, cool waters and secluded beaches! For those seeking a scenic holiday, you will find endless sea landscapes, and if you picture yourself taking leisurely walks through magnificent mountains, we suggest you visit a resort north of Caleta De Fuste. There is a large shopping centre on the outskirts of Caleta De Fuste selling everything from gadgets to shoes, where you can pick up souvenirs and even treat yourself to a holiday gift. As for the nightlife, there are plenty of cosy bars and friendly restaurants, and you can experience a taste of the traditional Spanish party life. If you’re looking for cheap booze and noisy clubs open until 6am, then perhaps seek somewhere else. Whether you’re looking for a luxury 5 star hotel in Spain or a cheap base from where you can explore the area, there are a range of options in Caleta De Fuste and almost all at a fairly reasonable price!
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