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Menorca holidays

Who is Menorca suitable for?
Destination Menorca is the most peaceful and underdeveloped of the Balearic Islands. Rather than the hectic nightlife and trendy resorts of Mallorca and Ibiza, it offers beautiful landscapes, quaint little fishing villages with fantastic seafood restaurants and miles and miles of stunning beaches. In fact, Menorca has more beaches than Mallorca and Ibiza put together and is a great spot to head to if you're looking for some peace and privacy. It is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway but is also well suited to family trips.

The majority of Menorca's tourist destinations are located in the south including the beautiful old harbour town of Mao - the island's capital. There are, though some lovely little fishing villages in the North, including the village of Fornells. The island is rich in history. The mysterious, prehistoric Taules that pepper the island are well worth checking out and so is the historic, former capital of the island Ciutadella. Menorca is a great destination for all lovers of the great outdoors, there are boat tour companies in operation from its larger ports and its also possible to go horse riding and cycling on the island. Alternatively, dust off your walking boots and explore the island's beautiful, hilly interior.
For Singles

When: Menorca is best visited between June and September. If you want to meet new people and join in with the party, head there in the early months of August which is when the peak travel time is. If you'd rather explore the island and its historic and natural wonders on you own, anytime in the spring and summer months would be suitable.

Where: For the historically minded, be sure to check out the Taules - mysterious, prehistoric monuments dotted around the island - as well as the beautiful lighthouses that pepper the coastline. Visit the attractive harbour towns of Mao and Ciutadella and enjoy some of Menorca's fantastic seafood restaurants.

Why: Because Menorca's a beautiful little island, quite unlike the other Balearic Islands and definitely a great destination for those wanting to avoid the overcrowded resorts and boisterous nightlife of Ibiza and Mallorca.

For Groups

When: Head to Menorca in early August. This is when you're most likely to find other groups of likeminded travellers. This is also the hottest point of the year and a fantastic time to experience the miles and miles of stunning coastline that make Menorca such an attractive destination.

Where: Check out the attractive port town of Mao. There is a fairly low key party scene here but there are some charming little music venues and sophisticated bars around the old harbour. Ciutadella is also well worth checking out .

Why: Menorca has a fairly low key party scene and is therefore not best suited to groups of young travellers. However, if you're looking for beautiful beaches, a bit of peace and some delicious seafood dining, this is definitely the place for you!

For Couples

When: If you want the peak of the Menorca sunshine, you should definitely book your trip for the start of August. On the other hand, if what you really want is to have the beaches entirely to yourself and to never worry about waiting for a table in a restaurant, why not head out in early June or September?

Where: With 216 km of secluded coastline, its hard to know where to begin. You might want to stay in the larger towns of Mao or Ciutadella, but for a truly romantic break away from the madding crowds, why not try the more peaceful north side of the island and an untouched little fishing village like Fornells?

Why: Because Menorca is the most peaceful and romantic of the Balearics, offering you tranquility and privacy on your time away whilst also boasting an equally gorgeous climate and comparably stunning beaches to Ibiza and Mallorca.

For Families

When: Try visiting Menorca in the early summer months. This is when you're most likely to have the beaches to yourself and to avoid the peak of the Mediterranean sun, which little ones might find it a bit hard to handle.

Where: Try staying in the island's second town and the former capital - Ciutadella. This is an attractive spot and a great place to head to for a holiday of outdoors pursuits with boat tours, bicycle hire and horse riding opportunities.

Why: Because the stunning landscapes and relative peace of Menorca make it a great destination for a holiday with kids. There are lots of opportunities for outdoor pursuits and some uncrowded beaches on which to make sandcastles!

Weather The peak season in Menorca is between June and September when the temperature is generally around 25 degrees. In the early months of August, it can push nearer to thirty and this is the most popular period for visiting the island. Its very pleasant from May and stays nice til the end of October at which point hotels and tourist venues start to close down for the winter. Menorca is a couple of degrees colder than the other Balearic Islands and in the winter is buffeted by strong winds from the north.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Menorca
What to expectExpect stunning golden sandy beaches and warm blue Mediterranean waters. If you're lucky and pick your spot wisely, you might be able to have the whole beach to yourself! Expect beautiful hilly landscapes, ideal for keen walkers and horse riders. Expect charming little hillside village and quaint old fishing ports offering up some fine, freshly caught seafood dishes and expect some genuinely beguiling historical sights. Menorca is not one of the more visited of the Mediterranean islands, but you might just decide that this is all the more reason to give it a go!
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