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Calas De Mallorca holidays

Who is Calas De Mallorca suitable for?
Destination If you’ve been to Majorca before, the chances are you’ll want to come back – but what if you haven’t? Then why not fall in love with the beautiful resort of Calas de Mallorca in Manacor – um yes, it is as charming as it sounds! One of the most picturesque points on the Majorcan east coast, Calas de Mallorca is only 77km from Palma and is a quiet, peaceful area settled along the shore with plenty of things to do.

Savour the sun, sand, and sea at the beach and relax away your cares; or hop on a bus and visit the nearby Porto Cristo or town of Manacor for some excellent historical venues plus a good shopping, dining, and nightlife scene. Return at the end of your busy day and watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand, or take a plunge into the Mediterranean to cool off. Whether you’re here to relax or explore, Qwerty Travel will see that your Majorcan holiday is magnificent – so book today!
For Singles

When: If that downtime really matters, book your Calas de Mallorca holiday in May and June or September to avoid the crowds and the heat. And if you want a bit more action – take a dip into the summer frenzy!

Where: Your beach. But you can also get those adventurous energies flowing by biking on the nearby rugged trails, or hopping en route to Porto Cristo for some cultural goodness.

Why: Because we all need downtime, and what better place to kick back than a place where the world’s most famous sea gently laps against your feet, or where you can head off and lose yourself in the eclectic culture of the island?

For Groups

When: Dig your heels into July and August. That’s when you’ll meet the fellow partygoers who are looking for new partners to take over the dance floor with, when the restaurants are liveliest, and when the nights are hottest.

Where: Check out Porto Cristo and Manacor Town for some cool clubs, delectable dining, and sweet shopping.

Why: Because Porto Cristo and its energetic scene is but a short ride away!

For Couples

When: Summer sounds like a plan if you and your beloved dig the hot party vibes, but if you’re a little more serious – and peaceful – try for May and September.

Where: The whole island. But if we’ve got to narrow it down, then try out some of the shopping venues and restaurants in historic Porto Cristo, or stay in Calas de Mallorca and go for a vigorous bike ride or kick back on the beach and enjoy the stunning views.

Why: Just imagine, you’ve got the most romantic sunsets, balmy breezes and amorous nights to look forward to with your loved one. Why not treat yourselves?

For Families

When: Maybe summer is a little too much, unless you’re into the crowds and the heat. Go for May, June, and September.

Where: Try out some exciting water sports – they’re sure to make a splash! Or take the family on a segtour or biking trail nearby. You can also venture into Porto Cristo if you’d like to see more of Majorcan culture.

Why: Why not? You get the luxury of a beautiful beach on your doorstep so that means sandcastles, sea swims, and having the chance to wear out the kids under supervision while you get down to chilling out.

Weather When it comes to Majorca, you can always expect beautiful weather. Naturally, summer has this wonderful tendency to get very, very hot, so be sure to smack on that sun cream and take advantage of the excuse to find a hot pair of shades. Spring and autumn are cooler and more manageable for younger children. But let’s face it, whatever time of year you visit, it’s going to be more blissful than the British seasons!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Calas De Mallorca
What to expectYou’ll see a lot of Brits who have the same good taste as you and are delighting in the wonder that is Majorca. You’ll see friendly locals offering amazing cuisine, lots of opportunities to take a boat ride in the sea, and although shopping and nightlife is on the quiet side in comparison to other resorts, you’re not too far away to show off some hot dance moves in the nearby towns. You don’t need to spend too much here though – you’ve got all the good things Mother Nature gave you right on your doorstep!
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