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Alcudia Holidays

Who is Alcudia suitable for?
Destination Alcudia, in Majorca, is a bustling resort that’s very popular with families and groups looking for a quiet holiday in the sun. British holidaymakers return year after year, so there is clearly something here worth visiting, right? Whether it’s the beautiful beaches, the restaurants or the Old Town, there is something for everyone on an Alcudia holiday. There is a delightful range of cuisines for you to sink your teeth into, a selection of bars serving local drinks and a market held twice a week for crafts and souvenirs. Talk about your all-rounder, eh?

Step out of the sun for the day and take a stroll around the Old Town. Here, you can re-visit your school days with a history lesson where you can learn about how the resort dates back to the Roman times! If only school was always that interesting! Golf lovers can have a little tournament between themselves at the ever-popular Alcanada Golf Club, with a converted mansion as the clubhouse. If the children are getting bored, take them to the Hidropark, one of the biggest attractions in Majorca.
For Singles

When: With a warm climate throughout the year, travel to Alcudia when the weather is doing just what you want it to – shining bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky.

Where: There are plenty of relaxing hotels in the resort from 5 stars all-inclusive to self catering budget accommodation, so take your pick.

Why: Because you can relax on the beach, take in the historical sites and stroll through the Old Town at your own speed, and how good does that sound?

For Groups

When: The temperatures are at their highest in July and August with the scorching sun beating down. Wanting it a bit cooler? Then head out in May and September when Mr. Sunshine is shining a little less brightly.

Where: Have a bit of healthy competition with your friends on the golf course or relax in a friendly restaurant. Club Bellevue Apartments is a fantastic complex found just metres from the beach.

Why: With its excellent choice of attractions and variety of activities, Alcudia is a great choice for those groups looking for a relaxing getaway. If you want to party until your feet start crying, skip past Alcudia and head straight for Magaluf.

For Couples

When: We recommend you travel anytime between May and October. The sun will be warm and the sea will be toasty, and this heat will complement you guys perfectly, right?

Where: There are a variety of complexes to stay in from adult-only hotels to self catering villas. Make it the holiday you’ll want to return to on your honeymoon...

Why: Full of natural beauty, just like you, you’ll be sure to fit in perfectly in Alcudia. Just think of the photo opportunities! The gorgeous couple in the forefront and the stunning Majorca scenery in the background – lush!

For Families

When: Wanting to keep the kids out of the heat? Travel in May, June or September when the sun is still warm, but not so much that you have to coat the little ones in three layers of sun cream.

Where: With plenty of family-friendly hotels, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. Stay in a luxury all-inclusive hotel or, if the little ones can’t get enough of mummy and daddy’s cooking, go self-catering so that you can cook up a feast to help refuel the family after a long day in the sun.

Why: With the perfect mix of a fun-filled holiday but without the noise of lively nightlife, Alcudia is the place for you and your family.

Weather The weather in Alcudia is the stuff of dreams – beautiful sunshine, cloudless skies and, if you’re lucky, a light breeze. The hottest months of the year are, predictably, July and August, when the sun will well and truly be high in the sky, and beaming down upon you. Months either side of this are still gloriously warm, so go on – get packing for your summer holiday to Alcudia already!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Alcudia
What to expectExpect warm sun, children having fun and plenty of beaches to relax on. Whether you splash around at the Hidropark, one of Majorca’s biggest attractions, or stretch out on the Alcudia shorelines, let’s face it, you’re going to have a pretty great holiday! The Old Town is geared towards those culture vultures who want to explore, and is perfect if you fancy picking up a couple of souvenirs or goodies to take home. Whatever you want from your Alcudia holiday, you can be sure you’re going to be spoiled rotten!
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