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Lisbon holidays

Who is Lisbon suitable for?
Destination Lisbon is a beautiful city with one of the best climates anywhere in Europe. With very mild winters and long hot summers, it is a fantastic destination for a holiday at any time of the year. Like Rome and Istanbul, Lisbon is constructed on seven hills and it overlooks the Rio Tejo. The unique topography of the city, makes it a fascinating and highly distinctive destination with striking 18th and 19th century mansions, gothic cathedrals and monasteries and warrens of cobbled streets tightly hugging its steep slopes. The city can be navigated by a series of old fashioned trams and funiculars and richly rewards extensive exploration.

Visitors to Lisbon will find a fantastic number of museums to explore and attractions to see such as the Lisbon Cathedral and the Castle of Sao Jorge. It is also well worth visiting the seaside district of Belem which boasts such stunning sites as the Jeronimos Monastery and the Belem tower. The Sintra National Park makes an excellent day trip from Lisbon. A UNESCO world heritage site, Sintra's rugged, forested mountains are home to a number of spectacular castles dating back to the Moorish and medieval periods. In addition to a treasure trove of historical attractions, Lisbon also offers some excellent nightlife and delicious cuisine. For a slice of Lisbon's hip music and nightlife scene, head to the Barrio Alto.
For Singles

When: Lisbon is lovely at any time of the year and the peak season runs between May and October. To beat the crowds and avoid the intense heat of midsummer, why not try heading there in May or September?

Where: Lisbon has a vast array of attractions for single travellers. Check out some of its many museums and art galleries, including the Museo Nacional de Arte Antiga where the country's excellent national art collection is housed and visit the neighbourhood of Belem on the Atlantic Coast where you can see the Jeronimos Museum and the Belem Tower.

Why: Because Lisbon is a fascinating and historic city. There are plenty of stunning attractions to see here. Visitors can purchase a Lisboa Card which entitles them to access to public museums as well as use of public transport.

For Groups

When: Head out to Lisbon in the midsummer months of July and August. The climate is spectacular with balmy Mediterranean heat tempered by a refreshing breeze from the Atlantic. In the summer, Lisbon's nightlife really comes into its own with restaurants spilling out onto the streets and bars staying open into the small hours!

Where: Lisbon's primary nightlife spot is the hilltop neighbourhood of Barrio Alto. Here you'll find some great little eating establishments as well as clubs and concert venues playing jazz, electronic and reggae music. For designer shopping boutiques, head to the Avenida da Liberdade.

Why: Because despite its grand historic pedigree, Lisbon is a young and vibrant city with some excellent nightlife and a feel good philosophy coupled with a simply stunning climate!

For Couples

When: Lisbon is gorgeous throughout the year. It makes an excellent destination for a spot of winter sunshine or a gorgeous summer holiday. Head out in the spring months for pleasant weather and a more laid back ambience.

Where: There are lots of charming and romantic historic neighbourhoods to explore. Be sure to visit Alfama - the oldest part of the city where you'll find gorgeous late medieval and baroque architecture as well as some great restaurants and charming old bars.

Why: Lisbon's distinctive geography and great history make it a uniquely romantic destination with gorgeous hilltop views and a fantastic climate. A day cruise along the Atlantic coast can be a particularly special touch on a romantic getaway.

For Families

When: The little ones might find the midsummer sun a bit too intense. Lisbon could be a great destination for an easter holiday or for the autumn half term when the climate is more mild.

Where: Visit the stunning national park of Sintra. Just 28 kilometres from Lisbon, it's an area of mountains and woodlands where you can see a Moorish castle and the beautiful, polychromatic 19th century Pena Palace.

Why: Because the Portuguese explorers of old are the stuff of all children's fantasies. Lisbon is a beautiful city with attractions that will appeal as much to the kids as they will to their parents.

Weather Lisbon has one of the finest climates of all the capital cities in Europe. It enjoys long and hot summers which stretch between May and October and offer daytime temperatures of around 25ºC. The winters are remarkably mild with the constant effect of the Gulf Stream and spring daytime temperatures regularly get above 20ºC. Summers are very dry whilst winters experience a reasonable amount of rain. Snow is virtually unheard of. The proximity of the Atlantic Ocean, though, means that the weather can change very rapidly with clouds rolling in and torrential downfalls a distinct possibility!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Lisbon
What to expectPortugal is a stunning city with a rich history. It offers a fantastic variety of attractions including gothic religious sites like Lisbon Cathedral and the Jeronimos Monastery, stunning castles like the Pena Palace and the Castle of Sao Jorge and a vast number of gorgeous mansions and stately homes from the 18th and 19th century. Though its many steep slopes can be somewhat tiring on the legs, they richly reward intrepid explorers with magnificent vistas. As well as a prestigious history, Lisbon boasts a vibrant and exuberant young cultural scene with a fantastic number of nightclubs and live music venues. There are also some great old restaurants and trendy little bars to experience.
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