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Praia Da Rocha Holidays

Who is Praia Da Rocha suitable for?
Destination Praia da Rocha in the West Algarve is the answer to the question, ‘where’s the beach?’ Its famous two kilometre stretch of golden sand has a beautiful backdrop of red cliffs, topped off with clean and clear waters, perfect for surfing and water skiing. As us Brits know, getting active builds up a healthy appetite and Praia da Rocha holidays cater to big tastes with fresh seafood and gorgeous piri-piri chicken. After a refuel, there’s the old fortress once used to defend against pirates and the nearby Slide and Splash water park to sink your teeth into. Just make sure to bypass the main avenue of bars in the summer if you’re not into partying ‘til dawn.

So, if wide stretches of shoreline, water sports and boat trips sound like your perfect cup of tea, why haven’t you booked you holiday in Praia da Rocha yet? With chances to cycle, sail and of course, do absolutely nothing in the sun, we know you’re tempted! There’s something right about a bit of indulgence. Book a holiday to Praia da Rocha with Qwerty Travel today.
For Singles

When: If you want activities throughout the day and night, go between June and August. You’ll be an active traveller and get a tan to show off your adventures!

Where: The town centre so you’re close to everything and won’t miss out if you change your mind last minute. Fancied fish but suddenly want ice cream instead? Have a quick wander to satisfy your needs.

Why: Someone great once said, “he who dares, wins, Rodney” and you’ll definitely be on track in Praia da Rocha. Hit the waves with a surfboard, eat local food you’ve never tried before and maybe catch the eye of the server...

For Groups

When: In the summer this resort really comes into its own. Listen to great DJs, live music and meet all the hotties in swimwear...

Where: Take your pick of Avendida Tomas Cabreira, the main avenue in town, or stay right by the beach to be near the casino if you’re feeling lucky.

Why: Praia da Rocha has so many options; take in a round of golf, jet-ski and play ball on the beach. What about the evenings, you cry? We thought you’d never ask! Hit the main avenue for bars and clubs after sunset.

For Couples

When: For a bit more peace and quiet with space to run free, try April to May and the late summer months into October. You’ll still get mid-20s heat on your backs and impress with your tans back in soggy Britain.

Where: Keep yourselves close to the marina to check-out the super expensive yachts that make for a magnificent sight...and then compliment each other’s reflections in the water.

Why: You’re at that stage where you want to do everything together and feel the closest you’ve ever been. Well, here you can! Go on chilled out walks, sunbathe, surf and spend warm evenings bar-hopping until bedtime.

For Families

When: Have a Praia da Rocha holiday anytime between May and September. There’s plenty of warm daylight hours to fit in everyone’s wish list activities.

Where: Without a doubt, stay right by the main beach. It’s wide, clean and surely one of the most relaxing places in the whole of Portugal. Build sandcastles, read or even have a doze.

Why: Because you and your children love to explore, especially when golden beaches and a bustling town centre are on the agenda. Excitement makes your tummies rumble? No problem, there are lots of affordable places to eat.

Weather Stunning weather is always on the cards in Praia da Rocha. The winters are mild and summers are longer and hotter than Britain’s...which might not be that hard! Yet, the Algarve beats us in style with mid-20s between June and September and a swoon-worthy 28C in July and August. Make the most of it by taking a dip in the ocean and washing away any stress that’s built up.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Praia Da Rocha
What to expectBe prepared for a friendly welcome, a relaxed atmosphere and great smelling food. The main beach is a dream come true and so wide you won’t have a problem finding a good spot. With water sports aplenty, a pirate past and unique cliffs, Praia da Rocha is the one for you if you’re active and love some liveliness. If you prefer more culture and serenity, give it a miss. Instead, go within the city walls of Faro to explore its impressive palace and cathedral, browse local shops and indulge in a tasty coffee.
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