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Warsaw holidays

Who is Warsaw suitable for?
Destination Much less well known than fellow East European capitals like Prague and Budapest, Warsaw is a fantastic and fascinating city. What it lacks in picture-postcard prettiness, it more than makes up for in its sense of energy and excitement and its rich culture scenes. Having been nearly flattened in the second world war and then having existed behind the iron curtain throughout the second half of the 20th century, Warsaw has about it a distinct sense of purpose these days. Many of its destroyed landmarks have been lovingly and laboriously reconstructed and a spate of new development has made this one of the most forward minded cities of the formerly communist east.

There are a number of top attractions in Warsaw including the charming Old Town and the iconic Royal Castle - both of which were rebuilt after 1949. There are a whole variety of excellent museums and art galleries amongst which, the recently built Chopin Museum, Warsaw Rising Museum and Jewish History Museum are well worth checking out. There are annual festivals in jazz, film and Jewish culture and there are a profusion of fantastic nightclubs and live music venues.
For Singles

When: The winter in Warsaw is bracingly cold but after it abruptly ends in late March, the weather is lovely for the next eight months. Take your pick off dates in the spring and summer months!

Where: There is some fantastic sightseeing to do in Warsaw. Be sure to visit the Royal Castle and spend some time surveying the gorgeous 17th and 18th century architecture of the Old Town. Be sure also to check out some of the many excellent museums and galleries of the city.

Why: Because Warsaw is a beautiful and captivating place. You'll find plenty of interest here. Museums like the National Museum, the Centre for Modern Art and the Ethnographic Museum are really world class.

For Groups

When: Why not head out to Warsaw in the midsummer months for a burst of the beautiful, continental heat of the Polish summer? Alternatively, Spring and Autumn are both beautiful seasons too.

Where: Take the opportunity to get to know the city's vibrant nightlife scene. Start the night in the bars of Nowy Swiat before moving onto the clubs of Srodmiescie. The Warsaw nightlife is vibrant and exuberant and also offers plenty of live music venues for your enjoyment.

Why: Because Warsaw'a nightlife scene is the envy of Eastern Europe! Unlike Krakow, this is not a city overflowing with British stag parties, but is rather a vibrant and exciting cultural hub in its own right.

For Couples

When: Warsaw is at its prettiest in the Spring when the flowers come into bloom and the city staggers back to life after another punishing winter!

Where: Head to the Wilanov Palace, a gorgeous baroque structure set amidst beautiful gardens on the outskirts of the city. Be sure also to catch performances at the Opera House and the Royal Philharmonic whilst you're here and dine in some of the many fantastic restaurants.

Why: Because despite seeming a rather severe and fast paced city, Warsaw nurtures a deeply romantic and artistic soul. With a fantastic arts scene, it is a great place for a romantic getaway.

For Families

When: Children might find the summers a little bit intense in central Warsaw. The humid continental climate means that it can get a bit close in July and August and you might prefer to visit in the Easter Holidays instead. Easter in Poland has its own set of fascinating and cultural practices and rituals making it a great time to visit!

Where: There are a number of tour operators offering walking tours of the centre of town. This can be a fascinating way for families to become acquainted with some of the attractions of Warsaw. Be sure also to check out the Copernicus Science Center on the Banks of the River Vistula which has exhibits designed to inspire children's interests in science.

Why: Because Warsaw is a fascinating and beautiful city and one that visitors of all ages should be able to appreciate.

Weather Warsaw experiences a typically humid continental climate with very strong demarcations between the seasons. The winters are always very cold with average temperatures in the sub zeros celsius. In early April, the winter ends quite abruptly and the weather is fresh and pleasant as the continent begins to heat up again and by July temperatures are regularly hitting 30ºC and rarely fall out of the high twenties. The autumn is very pleasant too but winter sets in again almost as abruptly as it ended with temperatures plummeting in November. The wettest months are in the middle of summer when there are frequent storms.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Warsaw
What to expectExpect an exciting and fascinating city with an ever-growing sense of confidence in its future. Warsaw has a rich and interesting cultural scene - as evidenced in its many festivals and contemporary music venues - as well as a very interesting and distinct history, as you'll find out in its many world class museums. The importance of history in Warsaw becomes immediately apparent when you consider the money and labour that must have gone into reconstructing many of the important areas that were destroyed by the disastrous events of the early 1940s. There are some fantastic classical music venues to check out in Warsaw and there are a number of great gourmet restaurants to enjoy. Flight InformationFlights available from:
Belfast City

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