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Poland holidays

Who is Poland suitable for?
Destination Poland is a fascinating and hugely diverse country. It boasts a rich and ancient history and a fierce sense of its own identity. Visitors can expect to be bowled over by the stunning natural beauty of its countryside and the cultural wealth of its many fantastic cities. Lovers of the great outdoors can go on fantastic walking, cycling, skiing or birdwatching holidays in Poland and can marvel at the gorgeous lakes of the north, the ancient forests and open plains of the centre and the magnificent mountains of the south. The landscapes are interspersed with stunning ancient monasteries, grand castles and lovely little villages.

Poland is perhaps best known for its stunning historical towns. Krakow is a real treasure trove of gothic and baroque architecture, opulent churches and regal palaces. Gdansk is the Baltic Coasts most beautiful city and a highly popular summer holiday destination whilst Warsaw is a vibrant and exciting city with a rich cultural scene. One of the more alluring aspects of the country is its rich cuisine of stews and dumplings which are accompanied by home made vodka infusions and local beers.
For Singles

When: Head out to Poland in the Spring or the summer months. Whilst the spring is fresh and very pleasant, the summer is the time to go if you want to catch the country's excellent cultural festivals.

Where: Warsaw is the country's contemporary culture capital. It is a fascinating and exuberant place and richly rewards visitors with a wealth of museum, music venues and nightclubs. Though initially intimidating, its actually a very welcoming place and you're bound to make new friends quickly!

Why: Warsaw is the most forward looking city in Poland. It has an exciting arts scene as well as some excellent museums including the Chopin Museum, Warsaw Rising Museum and the Jewish History Museum. You can see the Polish Philharmonic Orchestra perform and watch a show at the Polish National Opera House.

For Groups

When: Poland is particularly lovely in the spring when the temperature rises suddenly and the country rediscovers its sense of fun after the long winter!

Where: Krakow is the favourite destination for groups of friends travelling to Poland and it offers some excellent nightlife. It is also a stunningly beautiful city meaning that there's plenty to see and do in the daytime - if you're not feeling too hungover that is!

Why: The excellent bars and clubs around Rynek Glowny as well as the nice little pubs in the district of Kazimierz make this a very popular place for visitor in search of a good time. You should also be sure to visit such stunning historical attractions such as Wawel castle and St Mary's Cathedral.

For Couples

When: Head to Poland in the summer months for a few days of beautiful sunshine and excellent cuisine in this beautiful country.

Where: Gdansk is a fascinating place to visit. It has a very distinctive and interesting history and was part of Germany until the end of WWII. It is a very poplar destination with native Poles on their summer holidays and is a quite unforgettable place!

Why: The stunning gothic architecture and beautiful harbour of Gdansk make this a really romantic destination. There are some great museums and even the option of swimming in the sea at the nearby Stogi Beach. Gdansk is just as beautiful as Krakow but remains a much better kept secret!

For Families

When: Why not go to Poland for the christmas holidays, when the gorgeous Alpine landscapes, dense snowfall and ardently religious population make it a particularly festive destination!

Where: The city of Zakopane is one of the country's finest skiing resorts and is renowned for the beauty of its chalets and the excellent skiing conditions. It offers pistes suitable for skiers of all ability levels.

Why: Zakopane offers excellent pistes suitable for beginners and seasoned pros. It is much less known than the ski resorts of west Europe and is also considerably better value for money. Zakopane also offers an excellent apres ski scene.

Weather Poland has a generally temperate climate though with such a range of landscapes and terrains, it does vary quite a lot across the country. The northern portion of the country has a continental climate whilst the south is continental with huge variations in weather between the seasons. Lower Silesia in the south west of the country has the hottest summers with temperatures reaching well into the thirties celsius. The Adriatic coast, meanwhile experiences cold winters with temperatures plunging below zero.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Poland
What to expectVisitors to Poland should expect a place of great natural beauty, rich culture and fantastic cuisine. There are remote and ancient forests, magnificent castles and a huge profusion of stunning churches, cathedrals and monasteries. For those looking for a good time on the town, Warsaw and Krakow offer a fantastic and exuberant nightlife whilst culture vultures will find medieval cities like Gdansk utterly captivating. There are many opportunities for outdoor pursuits in Poland including cycling, skiing, hiking and horse riding and you'll be continually rewarded by the magnificent countryside. Flight InformationFlights available from:
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