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Agadir holidays

Who is Agadir suitable for?
Destination The shores of North Africa may sound like the stuff of dreams, but there’s nothing more real than the rich blues and greens of the Atlantic coast that meet the hot sands of Agadir at the foot of the legendary Atlas Mountains. With Casablanca to the south and Marrakech to the west, it’s the perfect stopping point for those looking to explore the Moroccan landscape but offers enough of its own treasures to keep you enamoured for a few days or more and is the largest seaside resort in the country.

Let yourself be drawn in by the magnificent architecture of its enchanting streets winding up the Casbah, venturing into trendy shopping districts and marketplaces where you can find that perfect authentic souvenir. Welcome the setting sun by enjoying a delicious meal at one of the many fine establishments offering the best in Moroccan cuisine, accompanied by music before setting off into the night to dance under the stars.
For Singles

When: Agadir enjoys hot days and mild evenings in spring and autumn months, so be sure to visit in May/June or September/October if you want to avoid the hotter days.

Where: Explore the ancient Berber artefacts in the Museum Municipal du Patrimonies Amazing and other attractions, or simply spend the night relaxing with locals in one of the many charming establishments that stay open late after a day at the beach.

Why: It’s Morocco, and surely that has to be on one of your top ten places in the world to see! With its vibrant community, glorious beaches, amazing weather and so many wondrous things to see, you’ll never tire of your surroundings, even if you just want to lay back and watch the waves.

For Groups

When: Spring and autumn tend to be calmer and cooler, so it depends on just how hot you want to get. The summer months bring with them a vital energy so if that’s your thing, check out July and August.

Where: Surfs up on Devil’s Rock, Imsouane (The Bay), and a variety of other places for surfing. If you’re more into history stop by the original fortress or head down to the many markets to get a taste of true Moroccan culture and artistry. Try one of the traditional cafes like La Fountain for some amazing Moroccan drink.

Why: Agadir is one of those amazing places that is perfect for making memories with friends. And as a fairly tolerant city, you can enjoy a great social scene with some excellent places to choose from.

For Couples

When: Take in the quieter, more romantic seasons of late spring and early autumn or hit summer for a festivity filled season!

Where: The Souk El Had is a mesmerizing and beautiful stroll through thousands of stalls featuring authentic Moroccan art, food, clothing and more. If you can’t persuade your loved one to covet you with a gift here, then head to the marina and its international boutiques. Whether strolling through the picturesque streets or relaxing in the soft sand by the sea, it’s going be a win-win for both of you.

Why: With the poetic lull of the African coast calling, enticing you to one of the world’s oldest regions renowned for its vibrant culture, do you really need to ask

For Families

When: For optimal summer fun, tourists pack the beaches in July and August, so for the faint of heart planning a trip in May and September is preferable.

Where: Take the kids on an adventure in "Vallée des Oiseaux", a zoo devoted to birds and a few other animals as well as a children’s playground, or ride the waves at your nearest beach for some energetic fun!

Why: There’s beaches. There’s a local zoo. And with so many surf schools and other hotspots centred around water sports you’re going to have trouble keeping the young ones indoors!

Weather Agadir has that dry, sub-tropical thing going on so rainfall is rare and weather is hot hot hot! Dry climates can be a little bit misleading - with a good breeze it’s easy to forget that you need to hydrate and put on plenty of sun cream – don’t make that mistake here! If you’re visiting during the colder months, you might be surprised by the very mild nights.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Agadir
What to expectExpect lots of exuberant markets filled with gorgeously crafted gifts; expect stunning food; anticipate some amazing nights under the African sky; revel in the friendliness of locals and the excitement of tourists. There are plenty of opportunities for dining, shopping in various price ranges and a variety of history and modern life. With such a rich and alluring culture, why not take that magnificent journey and cross Agadir off your list? Flight InformationFlights available from:
London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Manchester

EasyJet, Monarch, Niki, Royal Air Maroc, Thomson

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