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Mexico holidays

Who is Mexico suitable for?
Destination Mexico is the second most populous country in Latin America and one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. It is a stunning country with beautiful landscapes and a long and fascinating history dating back to the pre-Columbian Mayan and Aztec civilisations. Mexico is flanked on its east coast by the Caribbean Sea and on its west coast by the Pacific Ocean. It boasts a varied topography with dense jungles, arid deserts, rugged mountain ranges, lush forests and miles and miles of white sand coastline and mangrove swamps as well as a varied and diverse eco system.

Visitors are attracted to Mexico by its stunning Mesoamerican ruins - which include the magnificent ancient cities of Tulum and Chichen Itza - as well as its excellent museums and art galleries and its stunning Spanish colonial cities. The country boasts vibrant festivals throughout the year and offers beautiful beach resorts - those of the Riviera Maya on the east coast and the Baja California on the west coast are especially popular. Mexican cuisine is famous throughout the world and is comprised of a spicy fusion of Mesoamerican and European elements. There is a beautiful tropical climate throughout the year though the peak tourist season in most parts of the country falls between January and April. Mexico is a thirteen hour flight from the United Kingdom.
For Singles

When: Mexico's exuberant culture mean that it is perhaps best to try to plan your holiday to coincide with one of its festivals. The Christmas and Easter celebrations are especially popular as well as the Mexican Day of the Dead - which falls in November.

Where: Mexico City is a fascinating city with a long and rich history. It boasts a huge number of top attractions - including the Plaza de la Constitucion, the Angel de la Indepencia, the Basilica de Guadalupe and the vast Cathedral.

Why: Mexico City has always been a cultural hub. A fascinating insight into the history of the country is offered by the National Museum of Anthropology whilst some of the works of its great artists are on show in the Museum of Modern Art.

For Groups

When: Mexico's peak season falls between Christmas and Easter. The weather is very pleasant at this time of year and the party is in full swing. Prices in most resorts do tend to rise significantly during the peak season though.

Where: Cancun is Mexico's most famous holiday destination and a great place to spend a hedonistic holiday with a group of friends. It boasts golf courses, excellent spas, bustling market places and miles and miles of gorgeous white sand beach.

Why: Cancun is renowned for its excellent nightlife - with international DJs regularly playing the city's bigger clubs during the peak season. It also boasts excellent shopping and has a great selection of accommodation options - ranging from luxury five star resorts to budget guest houses.

For Couples

When: The best time to visit Mexico is between November and April - when the weather is relatively mild and dry. Over the Christmas and New Year period, it can tend to get a little crowded and pricey so you might prefer to travel out in November or January.

Where: Acapulco is a sophisticated seaside town on Mexico's Pacific coast. It is famous for its beautiful beaches and its excellent nightlife. It also boasts a great selection of restaurants and bistros as well as some great upscale accommodation options.

Why: Acapulco boasts beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the Pacific Ocean. There are some stunning beaches on Isla de la Roqueta and there and other natural attractions include the Pie de la Cuesta lagoon. WIth a gorgeous tropical climate, Acapulco is a fantastic romantic holiday destination.

For Families

When: Mexico is a great place to take the family whilst the children are on their Christmas holidays though it is also very pleasant in the spring half term and the easter holidays.

Where: The Riviera Maya has it all. There are the stunning Mayan cities of Tulum, Coba and Chichen Itza, there is the rich ecosystem of the Xcaret Exo-archaeological park, there are the freshwater sinkholes - or cenotes - and there are the gorgeous beaches where a great selection of water sports facilities is available.

Why: Visitors of all ages will be entranced by the stunning pre-Columbian cities and the gorgeous wildlife - with native species including giant turtles, dolphins, jaguars and tiger monkeys. There is a good range of beach resorts and there are some of the best scuba diving conditions to be found anywhere in the world.

Weather Mexico's climate varies hugely across the country. As a general rule, the winter months are the best times to visit - when the climate is relatively mild and there is a low chance of rain. Prices do tend to go up in the larger resorts during the peak season so if you feel up to the midsummer heat, you might prefer to travel out in June or July.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Mexico
What to expectMexico is a stunning and diverse country with a beautiful climate, stunning landscapes and gorgeous beaches. Culturally, it is known for the majestic Mayan step pyramids and the paintings of Frida Kahlo as well as for its delicious spicy cuisine. Mexico has a very well developed tourism industry and beach resorts like Cancun and Playa del Carmen are amongst the very best in the world. Mexico is a very dangerous country in places and visitors should take every precaution before venturing off the beaten trail. Be aware also that the temperature can soar during the summer and - especially in the pollution-clogged capital - can become almost unbearable. Flight InformationFlights available from:
Birmingham, Dublin, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Manchester

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