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Qawra Holidays

Who is Qawra suitable for?
Destination Now, Malta is often referred to as the jewel in the Med, and with a name like that, it’s hardly going to be on the dreary side, is it? And Qawra? Well, Qawra is no different. A charming resort that exudes tranquillity from every stone, this town in Malta is all about putting your feet up, eating good food and enjoying a couple of drinks to boot … all the things that really float our British boats.

The beach isn’t what you expect from Malta, but all the same, it’s great for just chilling out and soaking up the sun. If you’re looking for dreamy beaches, the resort of Gozo may be a better choice. Likewise, if you’re looking at booking a holiday to Qawra to party, party, party, then really folks, you’re not looking in the right place. Just edge slightly to the west and find Bugibba – much better!

A Qawra holiday equates to days spent soaking up the sun, perusing the chic boutiques, indulging in sumptuous food and trying your hand at the rang of water sports on offer. Once you’ve had your fill of this (HA! As if you ever could, right?), you can start to venture out a little further afield to explore the likes of Bugibba (right next door!) and Valletta, found only 12km away.

So, all in all, Qawra offers the ingredients for a fantastic holiday – and those ingredients that it’s run short on? Well, you can do that favourite British past-time and knock on the next-door neighbours of Bugibba and Valletta to see if they can help you out a bit.
For Singles

When: Malta boasts year-round sun and Qawra never ceases to be laidback. So, go when you need that relaxed vibe the most! It’s yours for the taking…

Where: Stay near the south border of Qawra so that you’re in a great spot to head down to nearby Valletta if you fancy it.

Why: We would probably recommend Valletta over Qawra – the capital of the island offers a lot more to you singletons in terms of activities. But, of course, if you just want to relax and let a laidback atmosphere course through your veins, then Qawra’s for you.

For Groups

When: Jet off in June, July or August and then, if you decide to have a few nights in Bugibba, you’ll be greeted by the most infectious of atmospheres and the hottest sunshine.

Where: Stay at the beach so that you can easily treat any self-inflicted ailments that you might be suffering from with a hearty meal or some fun under the glorious rays. There’s always hair of the dog too, if that works for you.

Why: Qawra isn’t your typical group destination – for that, you should look at Bugibba or St. Julian’s. That being said, healthy competition in the form of water sports and great food never goes amiss, does it?

For Couples

When: Get those golden skin tones shining and travel in June or July. People say that people glow when in love, and that’s never been truer when you’ve got a bit of colour to boot!

Where: Malta is known for its spa hotels and because you’re our favourite couple in the world (even more than Posh and Becks), that exactly what you deserve. On the beachfront, of course! Mmmm...

Why: Oh, because any couple is going to be all over this! In our opinion, Qawra was made for couples, and you … well, you deserve something extra special. This is it!

For Families

When: Don’t put a dampener on your holiday in Qawra with blistered babies and melting children (it’s like something from a Roald Dahl book!), and head out when the sun is friendlier in May or September.

Where: You’ve all been so well behaved this year, so treat yourself to a beachfront, self-catering hotel and benefit from the gorgeous location and access to the scrummy meals that the coastline cafes and restaurants serve up. Have you got room for one more? We don’t take up that much room, honest!

Why: As a small island with plenty to see, Malta is always a great choice for a family holiday, and Qawra’s fantastic location near to many of Malta’s most loved resorts make it a firm favourite.

Weather The weather remains nice and toasty throughout the year in Qawra, so you can be sure you can brag about a lovely tan no matter when you visit. Temperatures in winter rarely fall below around 15C (which beats a British summer hands down, right?) and temperatures average around the 30C mark in summer. Bliss!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Qawra
What to expectLet Qawra be the holiday destination that rids you of your stresses and woes this year. It’ll do such good job that you’ll be so carefree you won’t even remember why you were wound up in the first place. Just be careful, because the laidback vibe, great food and stunning ocean will start to make you wonder why you haven’t packed up all your things and moved here permanently. Paradise can do rash things to a person, wouldn’t you agree?
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