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Gozo Holidays

Who is Gozo suitable for?
Destination A small island in the Mediterranean is home to an even smaller island just off the northern coast. Gozo. They say good things come in small packages, and in this case, they’ve never been so right. This 7km by 12km island is, surprisingly, home to a diverse range of landscapes. From rolling hills to rocky coves and quiet bays, this historical island offers a true escape from everyday life. ‘How can something so small hold so much?’ – we know what you’re thinking, and we dare you to think otherwise. A holiday to Gozo will surprise you at every turn and leave you with memories to cherish forever. You’ve got to give it go – a one of life’s musts and, frankly, you can’t ignore something like that, can you? Book your Gozo holiday now with Qwerty Travel – just remember to bring us back a pressie to say thanks.
For Singles

When: The sun can help make everything better, and luckily, Gozo isn’t shy when it comes to sharing the rays. Visit in May and get a warm glow to see you through the rest of the dreary British summer.

Where: As the island’s so small, you can choose anywhere and still be able to make time to see everything. For convenience though, we’d recommend Xlendion. Found in the south-east of the island, you’ll be in a great location to lay by the beach or peruse the town centre of Victoria.

Why: If you’ve got a big decision to make, if you need some time to reflect or just to get your bearings, Gozo is the place to do it.

For Groups

When: If you’re not going on a group holiday for all-night parties, then you must be going to lie on a beach and grab a tan. Head on in the height of summer when the sun will be shining at about 30C.

Where: If Gozo is still firmly top of your list, then head to Xaghra in the centre of the island so you’re not far from all of its best bits.

Why: The island of Malta is better for groups than Gozo, with the town of St. Julians becoming bigger and bigger in the nightlife scene. Top DJs flock to the town to put on night after night of unforgettable parties. If you and your mates just want to chill, then sure – Gozo is for you!

For Couples

When: Spring, summer, autumn, winter ... whenever you like. Of course, it’s easier to be all loved up if the sun is shining rather than when you’re a bit a soggy (although rainfall isn’t too common, even in the colder months), but hey ho – you go when it suits you!

Where: Absorb the beauty of the harbour at Mgarr and see that beauty shine from each other’s faces. Alright, we might be going a bit far there but you get the picture. Alternatively, stay in the north so you can discover those concealed coves hand in hand.

Why: Discover this hidden part of the world together. There’s nothing more romantic that stolen glances across an undiscovered bay or in an intimate restaurant ... okay, we know we’re being mushy, but you’re going to love it!

For Families

When: Gozo has got pretty spectacular weather year-round, but if you want guaranteed sunshine, the summer months are your best bet. Trust us – when the sun hits the ocean waves, your breath will be taken away – especially if you’re admiring them from the cliff top at Xlendi Bay.

Where: The town centre is a great choice for families to stay, too. Only a short distance from the breath-taking Temples of Ggantija and with a range of quaint restaurants, cafes and shops to explore, you won’t have to travel far for day trips or feeding the little ones’ tums.

Why: A Gozo holiday will be one you’ll never forget – so much so, you can expect your kids’ kids and their kids to be taken back here, generation after generation. History meets beauty and culture meets intrigue – Gozo has it all.

Weather Malta is one of those enviable countries where temperatures rarely fall below 15C, and Gozo is no different. Summer months see over 12 hours of sunshine (think of the tanning opportunities!) but beware – humidity can get quite high in August and September, especially at night, so if you’re not a fan of sweat (and if you are ... well, maybe pack an extra deodorant or two. Just saying), we’d recommend you travel earlier in the year.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Gozo
What to expectGozo is one of those places that make you want to hug yourself silly, screw up your face and jump up and down squealing. Hey, we’re right there with you, but how about you do that as you pack for your holiday that you already KNOW you’re going to go on? From the Temples of Ggantija and the Azure Window to the quiet coves, beautiful beaches and historic town centre with its quaint shops and restaurants, Gozo is one of those picture-perfect destinations that oozes as much charm as it does natural beauty. Seeing as that describes you perfectly too (we’re such charmers, aren’t we?), we don’t think we could find you a better fit! Book now.
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