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Bugibba holidays

Who is Bugibba suitable for?
Destination Located on the northern tip of Malta, Bugibba is a relatively new town and one of the island's most popular holiday destinations. There is a 150 metre stretch of manmade beach known as 'Bugibba Perched' which is slightly elevated from the water and which has been awarded blue flag status. Access to the sea from the beach is via a series of wooden bridges. There are also a number of lidos around St Paul's Bay.

Bugibba is a great destination for all lovers of the sun and the sea! There are PADI certified dive centres in town offering excursions out to the reefs and wrecks that lie out at sea. There is also the option of going on a Turkish gullet cruise to the nearby islands or around the gorgeous coastline. For a more traditional slice of Maltese life, head to the small fishing harbour where you can watch the brightly coloured fishing boats come and go. Il Bajja, the central cobbled square in Bugibba is a nice place to enjoy a meal or a drink and the Triq il Turisti has some good nightlife and some nice little bars.
For Singles

When: You might want to visit Bugibba in the late spring when the weather is already easily warm enough for swimming in the sea and relaxing on the beach but when its not too sweltering to prevent you from doing too much else!

Where: Enjoy nights out in Il Bajja and the Triq il Turisti where you'll meet lots of other revellers. There's also the possibility of visiting Valletta, the island's capital where you'll see fine baroque palaces and a number of fine museums and galleries.

Why: Bugibba is a lovely spot for a few days in the sun. With temperatures in the high twenties Celsius during the spring months, it is a great spot to head to in order to get some tanning in before the summer!

For Groups

When: Why not head out in June or July for some truly stunning weather, with temperatures regularly above 30ºC?

Where: Enjoy a lazy few days on the Bugibba Perched beach. There are excellent swimming conditions here and there are some great water sports facilities. You'll also get the opportunity of experiencing the nightlife of the town in full swing!

Why: Because Bugibba offers wonderful climates and some fantastic nightlife possibilities. Accommodation is relatively cheap and there are plenty of good fast food restaurants and decent bars.

For Couples

When: Try to avoid the peak summer months if you're looking for a romantic time away. The late spring and early autumn offer stunning climates and fewer crowds. You'll also find the accommodation much cheaper.

Where: Try taking a Turkish gullet cruise around the coast and to the neighbouring islands. This is a really romantic way of spending a few days and offers some fantastic Mediterranean vistas.

Why: Because the Mediterranean is one of the most romantic destinations anywhere in the world. Its stunning, clear blue waters and spectacular climate make it an excellent destination for a couple's holiday.

For Families

When: The midsummer heat can be a bit much for younger children. If you can, try visiting in the kids' easter holidays when the weather is already warm enough for swimming in the sea and the place is much less crowded.

Where: There are a number of PADI certified diving centres in town offering instruction and excursions for divers of all levels of experience.

Why: The whole family will enjoy learning to dive in Malta. There are a number of reef systems as well as shipwrecks lying just off the coast and the brightly coloured fish are a really stunning sight.

Weather The peak season in Bugibba runs between July and September when there are clear blue skies and stunning sunshine. Temperatures in July and August stay at around the 30ºC mark and can stray as high as 40ºC on some days. The late spring and early autumn boast a beautiful climate for those who can't quite face the sweltering midsummer heats. The days are generally clear and the temperatures generally between 20ºC and 25ºC. In the winter, temperatures rarely get much lower than 15ºC and there is very little rain.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Bugibba
What to expectHolidays in Bugibba offer spectacular weather, a vibrant nightlife and gorgeous sea-swimming conditions. You might choose to go scuba diving among the beautiful reefs just off shore or go on a gullet cruise around the coast - a truly romantic way to spend a summer holiday! In the summer evenings, there are some cheap and cheerful fast food restaurants and bustling bars located in the central Triq il Turisti as well as good live evening entertainment and karaoke bars. You could also use Bugibba as a base for exploring the nearby beautiful capital city of Valleta.
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