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Veneto holidays

Who is Veneto suitable for?
Destination Veneto is located in the North Eastern corner of Italy and is spread between the icy mountain peaks of the Dolomite range and the gorgeous sandy beaches of the Adriatic coast. The capital of the region is Venice - one of the most famous and distinctive cities anywhere in the world and a huge pull on tourists from around the world. Venice is renowned for its canals and iconic gondolas as well as the beautiful St Mark's Piazza and the many historic churches and bridges scattered around the city. It is well worth a visit and richly rewards returning travellers.

Amongst the other main towns of the region are Padua - a very important regional pilgrimage site and home to the beautiful Basilica del Santo - and the ancient city of Verona which is famed as the location of the tale of Romeo and Juliet and which is home to a number of surviving Roman monuments. The countryside of Veneto is very beautiful and is peppered with charming little medieval villages and grand Palladian villas. It boasts some excellent ski resorts and historic thermal spa towns. The regional cuisine includes a variety of excellent pollenta dishes, delicious risottos and fresh seafood.
For Singles

When: Why not head out for carnival season in early March? As a single traveller, you have a considerable amount of freedom in choosing your holiday times and a trip to Italy might scare away the winter blues!

Where: Venice, where else? The Carnival is one of the most iconic cultural festivals anywhere in the world and is distinguished by the rich and elaborate costumes and ornate masks that are worn in the streets. Venice also holds arts and architecture biennales in the summer months which also make a great excuse to visit this magnificent city.

Why: Venice is quite unique in the world and is a place that everyone should see at least once in their lives. As well as the various cultural events held here, you'll get the chance to see the St Mark's Basillica, the Doge's Palace and the excellent Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art.

For Groups

When: Head out in the summer months. For the peak of the Mediterranean heat and the top sunbathing conditions, you should go in June or July but if you wish to miss the bulk of the crowds you could head out in May or between August and September when it's also very nice.

Where: Veneto offers a variety of options for lazy beach holidays on the Adriatic Coast with the towns of Eraclea and Jesolo offering both gorgeous golden sand beaches and proximity to the stunning city of Venice. Alternatively, book in for a holiday on the shores of the stunning Lake Garda.

Why: Because The Veneto Coastline boasts 100 kilometres of gorgeous sandy beaches sloping down to the crystal clear, blue waters of the Adriatic sea. There are numerous attractive and historic cities along the coast and there are also opportunities for cycling trips into the gorgeous countryside of the region.

For Couples

When: Head out to Veneto in the early summer months to catch the early flush of the hot summer whilst avoiding the - often stifling - crowds of June and July.

Where: Verona is a fantastic destination for a romantic holiday. It is a very ancient city with a history stretching back to the days of the Roman Empire. There are many top attractions in the city including the ancient Roman Amphitheatre, the fortified castle of Castellvechio and the stunning Verona Cathedral.

Why: Because holiday destinations can't get much more romantic than the setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet! Verona is a stunning and very historic city whilst, at the same time, being considerably less crowded than Venice.

For Families

When: Head out to Veneto in the children's christmas holidays to catch the action on some of Veneto's fantastic ski pistes. Most resorts have snow makers ensuring that you'll be guaranteed some snow even in early December.

Where: The Dolomites boast a number of ski resorts. Perhaps most famous amongst these is the Cortina d'Mapezzo which is a former host of the winter olympics and is regarded by those in-the-know as offering some of the best skiing conditions in Europe.

Why: Because Cortina d'Ampezzo boasts seventy five runs totalling over a hundred kilometres. There are runs suitable for skiers of all abilities and there are good powder runs for those who prefer to snowboard.

Weather There are two main climactic regions in Veneto. The alpine regions of the Dolomites have very mild summers and cold winters with frequent and heavy snowfall. The hills and plain regions have a more continental climate with gorgeous, hot summers and relatively cold winters. The Dolomite mountains provide shelter to the lowlands ensuring there is relatively little wind. The Adriatic coast and Lake Garda enjoy moderate climates with Lake Garda, especially, enjoying very mild winters meaning that it can be a good destination for some winter sun.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Veneto
What to expectVisitors to Veneto should expect a beautiful and varied countryside and a friendly and accommodating populace. They'll get the chance to explore Venice, probably one of the most famous cities in the world and without a doubt one of its most magical. There are numerous other historic settlements in the region including the beautiful towns of Padua and Verona as well as a myriad of charming little villages and grand stately homes. Visitors to Veneto can enjoy fantastic skiing conditions in the pristine, alpine slopes of the Dolomites in the winter and can soak up some gorgeous seaside rays on the Adriatic coast in the summer. They will enjoy some of the fantastic fresh produce of the region as well as some truly excellent red and white wines from the local vineyards.
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