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Italy holidays

Who is Italy suitable for?
Destination If you’re on the look out for bags of character mixed with tradition and culture, you definitely need to give Italy a try! With so many different regions to explore – not to mention a whopping 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Italy has a little something to appeal to everyone. If you fancy a vibrant city break then simply head to Florence, Venice or Rome but if you want something a bit more laid back, then start thinking Tuscany, Sicily and the gorgeous lakes of Garda and Como. We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day – and you certainly won’t get a flavour for Italy’s capital in just one day either. There’s simply so much to see and do that even Dora the Explorer would struggle with this one! Whilst Italy’s only existed as a nation since the late 19th century, many of its most notorious attractions derive from the age of the Roman Empire. You only have to wander around the Colosseum, the Forum or the Pantheon to see some real jaw dropping stuff – and then there’s the Vatican, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain to tackle too! Little wonder it’s renowned as one of the most photogenic cities in the world – you can get snap happy to your heart’s content.

Speaking of hearts, if you’re in the mood for a bit of lurve, a visit to Venice has to be at the top of your hit list too! Although it’s hard to imagine an entire city being built on water, it truly is and it’s quite a strange concept to get used to. If you’re not a pigeon fancier then you might want to give St Mark’s Square a miss but be sure to visit the Doge’s Palace and whatever you do, don’t miss out on a gondola ride through the city’s canals – you’ll be amazed at what you see. Whichever region you decide to try first on your Italy holidays, you’ll be amazed by all it has to offer. From its warm hospitality to its fantastic local cuisine, you’ll soon be hooked and coming back for more.
For Singles

When: There’s never a bad time to visit Italy but if you’re looking to soak up a bit of culture, then why not visit in April during the Settimana della Cultura (that’s the ‘week of culture’ to us!). It’s a great time to check out some of the many city museums since they’re generally free to enter and also have extended opening hours. Go on – grab yourself a freebie!

Where: There are so many regions to explore in Italy that you’ll seriously be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to go (but at least you can’t fall out with anyone over it!). If you fancy a bit of retail therapy, why not head for the ever chic Milan and give your credit card a serious workout in the many designer stores and boutiques – or perhaps rub shoulders with A List celebs on the island of Capri?

Why: Italy is one of the friendliest countries you could ever come across so if you fancy travelling solo for a change, you’ve definitely picked one of the best places to do it. You’ll find that the Italians are extremely proud of their heritage and they’ll do almost anything to make sure you’re a happy camper.

For Groups

When: It’s never easy deciding on a date, but why not head for Italy in February? If you’re heading over to the Milan area, you’ll be able to get in on the glitz and glamour of Fashion Week, a truly funky and star-studded affair where you’ll be sipping champagne and saying lots of “darlings” in no time! It’s also the right month to be heading over to Venice for its massive Carnival event (and when we say “massive” you’ll find masked balls and street parties going on for the ten day

Where: Although the cities are obvious choices for some great nightlife (and mad street parties!), you might want to try something a little different by heading off to the slopes! From the Dolomites to the Alps, Italy makes for a great skiing break and offers slopes from beginner to Eddie the Eagle standard. Again, it’s a great holiday option for groups and Italian apres ski is simply amazing.

Why: It’s not like you need an excuse for a group holiday away, just round your mates up and get packing. Italy’s a great place to explore as a team!

For Couples

When: You can pretty much declare your undying love in Italy at any time of year so it really depends on which region you’re looking to visit. But forget about the weather – it’s all about spending some quality time together, so who cares whether it rains or snows … you’re going to be snuggled up together regardless.

Where: If you fancy a romantic city break, Venice is definitely worth a look, although it isn’t one of the cheapest places to stay. If you fancy kicking back and taking it easy for a few days then Tuscany’s a beautiful place to go – or perhaps even Florence with its breath taking architecture and romantic walks through the city.

Why: Boasting some of the world’s most romantic cities, Italy’s a great place to visit if you’re feeling a little bit loved up.

For Families

When: As you’ll be looking to travel during the school holidays, you can really take your pick between Easter time and summer as they’re both great times to travel. If you’re thinking of paying a visit to Siena, make sure you’re there on either 2 July or 16 August, when thousands of spectators turn up to watch horse racing in the town’s square (honest!). You’ve never see anything like it in your life!

Where: If you’re travelling as a family, any of the main cities are great places to stay although they’re probably not as pocket friendly as the outskirts! (And we all know how much money kids are capable of spending when they’re on holiday!). If you fancy something a little quieter, then head for the south east side of Lake Garda – to places such as Lazise or Bardolino. As for keeping the kids happily entertained, you only have to head to places such as Gardaland, the Movie Studios Park or Aqu

Why: The Italians are renowned for their friendliness and they certainly welcome kids of all ages with open arms.

Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Italy
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