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Ireland holidays

Who is Ireland suitable for?
Destination Ireland is a place of a very distinct and proud history, a stunning and varied landscape of rolling hills and beautiful and remote coastlines and world famous brewing tradition. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Ireland whether you're looking for a holiday in the great outdoors, a cultural mini break or just a really good party! The historic cities of Dublin, Cork and Galway are fascinating and beautiful whilst there are some magnificent and remote rural settings in County Donegal and some gorgeous beaches and little islands in West Cork.

Ireland boasts its fair share of ancient monuments, ranging from enigmatic Dolmen to such grand fortresses as Trim Castle and Ashford Castle in County Mayo and Bunratty Castle in County Clare. Of course, one of the things that pretty much everyone knows about Ireland is that it has fantastic pubs and excellent breweries. There are some world famous whiskey distilleries that can be visited and the Guinness Brewery Tour in Dublin is not to be missed!
For Singles

When: As a single traveller, you have the freedom of visiting Ireland whenever the mood takes you! The climate in Ireland is generally fairly similar to the UK, meaning that when you go entirely depends on how much time you expect to be out of doors!

Where: Dublin is a fascinating and vibrant city. Home to a third of the country's population, it looms large in any understanding of the history of the republic. There are lots of sights to be seen here and fantastic guided tours of the city.

Why: Because Dublin has it all. There are stunning cathedrals, museums and modern art galleries. There are hundreds of fantastic pubs and there is also the world famous Guinness Brewery around which daily tours are taken.

For Groups

When: Ireland makes a lovely destination for a summer holiday. Whilst hardly enjoying a Mediterranean climate, it still boasts beautiful temperatures and has some excellent festivals and fairs in the midsummer months.

Where: Cork is a great destination for a holiday. It is a historic city dating all the way back to 600 AD and offers a great cultural scene as well as some great pubs and sociable pub crawls where you can meet other groups of friends!

Why: Because Cork is renowned for the many excellent festivals that it hosts in the summer months. These range from arts to poetry festivals, from film to jazz. There are also lots of great drinking and dining establishments in the city.

For Couples

When: Head out to Ireland in the middle of summer for a few days in the gorgeous remote landscapes of the island. The winter months are probably a bit cold and wet for this kind of trip!

Where: Take the opportunity to visit County Donegal. Located in the far North West of the island, this is a lovely location of pristine landscapes with rolling hills and beautiful coastlines - a great destination for a walking holiday.

Why: Because County Donegal has not received the same tourist attention as many parts of the south of the island and offers beautiful and unspoilt landscapes, ideal for a secluded getaway amidst gorgeous and remote countryside.

For Families

When: Take the kids out to Ireland during their summer holidays. In the midsummer months the climate can be very pleasant and the temperatures ideal for a few weeks in the great outdoors.

Where: West Cork is a beautiful corner of the countryside with gorgeous landscapes of lush forests, rivers and beaches. There are some off-shore islands to explore and some excellent sporting facilities.

Why: West Cork has a great tourist infrastructure. It boasts some great transport connections and lots of great hotels. There are also a number of water sports available here as well some stunning hill walking routes.

Weather Ireland boasts a mild oceanic climate, not dissimilar from that of Great Britain. Just like in Britain, the weather is the subject of constant conversation and speculation and you're often treated to gorgeous sunshine, bitter winds and lashing rains - all within the course of a single day! There is some degree of climate variation over the island - the north is slightly cooler than the south and the west slightly wetter than the east. The summer temperature vary but generally average around 15ºC whilst the winter temperature is usually closer to 5ºC.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Ireland
What to expectExpect an island with a distinctive and unique sense of place and a very definite sense of self. There are some truly magnificent landscapes here, with rolling hillsides, verdant forests and meandering rivers and streams. Dotted around the country are some lovely little bucolic villages and some ancient monuments. Ireland's cities - foremost among them Dublin - are fascinating places with a very strong sense of indigenous culture and tradition. They offer excellent museums and galleries as well as some fantastic sightseeing opportunities. Of course, Ireland wouldn't be Ireland without its fantastic distilleries, breweries and pubs and these, you will find in abundance in any inhabited part of the island! Flight InformationFlights available from:

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