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Laganas Holidays

Who is Laganas suitable for?
Destination Bottoms up ladies and gents, a holiday to Laganas is calling to you. Make this thriving resort in Zante your next choice for a clubbing holiday. Trust us, it’ll be a good ‘un. We’re even quietly confident that at some point you’ll be making a return visit!

A Laganas holiday is ideal for those who are looking for stretching out on a sun lounger by day and well and truly partying it up Greek style at night (minus the togas … probably). With the Golden Mile offering, yep, you’ve guessed it, a mile of bars, restaurants and those all-important clubs, you’ll be crowing like a rooster as soon as you see them! JACKPOT.

As well as its lively party scene, Laganas is known for its picture-perfect beaches. They’re ideal for lying on with a good book or your music, and watching the waves come back and forth. For any water-sport enthusiasts out there, this isn’t the beach for you. This stretch of sand is also home to loggerhead turtles, and these little fellas are well worth protecting.

With two of the holiday must-haves hitting pure excellence, you’ve already got yourself a pretty good recipe for a holiday you just can’t get enough of. But with a few local shops thrown in, every cuisine you can imagine and great access to other favourite resorts in Zante, you’ve got those vital added extras thrown in which are just going to make your getaway mind-blowing. Don’t believe us? See if you can prove us wrong and book a holiday to Laganas with Qwerty Travel now.
For Singles

When: Book a summer holiday to make your mates jealous and head out between June and September. You’ll get that infectious atmosphere around you, ensuring you’re on an everlasting high and you’ll meet a whole load of people who just want to have the time of their lives. Now, we can’t find a single thing wrong with that…

Where: Say near the beach so you can get in every second of tannage possible, while being only footsteps from that alluring Golden Mile strip.

Why: If you’re looking to find love, Laganas will offer you up a whole selection of mighty fine contenders. Discover them in the throng of the crowd at night and let your love blossom on the beach by day … aww, schucks.

For Groups

When: You can’t go on a group holiday to Laganas without inviting the sunshine, can you? So visit in May – September when you can be sure that the sun will join you. You don’t want to be in his bad books, trust us!

Where: As close to the strip as possible! Here, you’re in a great location for a swift stumble home post-partying and, in the morning, you haven’t got to go far to get some hangover-curing food in your bellies.

Why: Because Zante is one of the biggest party islands in Greece and Laganas is the biggest party resort in Zante and so, if you’re looking for a party holiday doused in style, Laganas is the place to be.

For Couples

When: We’d recommend you travel early June. The party season is not quite heating up, but the weather sure is. Benefit from lovely, soul-warming rays and the tranquillity of a pre-season getaway. Sounds lush, right?

Where: Picture your idea of romance and you’re probably imagining yourself and your loved one splayed out on a beach somewhere. So, why stay anywhere else than on Laganas’ beachfront? Nothing beats having the beach toe-curlingly close and waking up to the sound of the waves (no snoring please, men).

Why: Laganas is home to some of the most photographed beaches in the world, and with that in mind, why are you even still reading this and not packing your suitcase already?

For Families

When: Don’t fall out with the head teachers by taking your kids out of school, as the Easter holidays are as good as time to go as any. Trust us, these magnificent culture attractions aren’t going anywhere.

Where: Try to avoid staying near the bars and clubs, unless getting woken up by ouzo-filled youngsters is your idea of a good time. If you settle yourself down on Laganas’ outskirts, you’ll benefit from quieter strips of sand and more peaceful evenings.

Why: Laganas is home to a host of simply magical sites and your whole family will be missing out if you don’t get the opportunity to see them. You may think we’re exaggerating, but we’re not! From the simply astounding Blue Caves (which, alas, are not full of smurfs, although there’s no reason to tell the little ones that) to the shipwreck on Navagio Bay, prepare your mind to be blown.

Weather We think that if you’ve already done a bit of research and read to the end of this page (gold star for you, by the way), then you know what Greece’s weather is about. In fact, if you’ve ever seen a photo of the Greek Islands, you’ll have a pretty good idea. Let us summarise it in one word for you – sunshine! The Greek weather is pure heaven and, if you’ve visited when we’ve recommended, we’re sure you’ll see more sunshine in your one little holiday than you’ll see in grey old Britain the rest of the year!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Laganas
What to expectZante is Greece’s party capital (according to most, at any rate) and Laganas is home to many party-seeking adolescents over the summer, so one thing you can be sure of is a true unforgettable atmosphere. Combine this with the other qualities that Greece offers in abundance, from ancient ruins to sublime beaches, mouth-watering food and great weather, and that rolled into one, our friend, is what you should expect from a Laganas holiday.
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