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Zante Holidays

Who is Zante suitable for?
Destination Oh Zante. Zante, Zante, Zante. This oh-so-popular Greek island is hot, hot, hot. Known as Zakynthos by those lovely Greek folk, this beautiful island is bursting at the seams with golden, rippled beaches, shops aplenty and, the cherry on the cake, a party-packed nightlife. The biggest draw of this fun-filled holiday is ultimately its stunning coastline and, of course, the multitude of bars, pubs and clubs. But, for those looking for a little bit extra, there is something out there for you. From sublime scenery to quiet romantic coves and great family attractions, Zante has got a holiday for everyone covered. The only thing we would say, if you’re looking to discover some of those jaw-dropping ancient structures that have become such an integral part of the culture of Greece, Zante’s probably not worth the trip. Travelling to Zante for ancient history is sort of the same as travelling to Brighton to lie on the beach. It’s not that there isn’t any ancient history to discover, you’re just better off heading elsewhere.
For Singles

When: Zante sees the hordes of party lovers gracing its shores from June to September. If you’re looking to join them in true Zante style, these are the months to go. If, however, you’d rather avoid the masses but still want to make the most of that famous Greek weather, consider travelling in May or early June.

Where: Hit up Laganas, Zante’s party capital, if you want to get down and dirty under the Greek sun. If you’d rather have a stress-reducing, laidback feel, head to Tsilivi. Looking for more from this picturesque and quaint beachfront resort? It’s only five kilometres from Zante’s capital, perfect for a bit of light shopping or traditional Greek lunch. Mmmm, yes perlease.

Why: Zante is all about partying, and if you’re single and ready to mingle in the most literal sense, then you’d be hard pushed to find a better place in Greece to do said mingling.

For Groups

When: You don’t want to be the only group causing havoc on this beautiful Greek island, so head out with the throngs of the other young and beautiful folk out there and book your Zante holiday for June, July or August.

Where: Not that we like to repeat ourselves, but if you’re looking for a holiday to Zante that’s as exciting in the night as it is during the day, make your way to Laganas. For something still lively, but a little less pumping, Argassi should be your Zante stop.

Why: Zante was made for group holidays. Come on, an island as beautiful as that should be shared, and who else better to share it with than your best buds? Offering secluded areas, such as Agios Nikolos or Limni Keriou, ideal for a girl’s getaway with a couple or 20 cocktails thrown in, and a pulsating mix of bars, clubs and restaurants in resorts such as Laganas or Argassi, it’s got something for everyone.

For Couples

When: Anytime between May – September. If you’re avoiding the big party towns and headed somewhere a little more tranquil, you won’t be surrounded by lots of adolescents and empty ouzo bottles. But, you can be sure that the sun will have his hat on and be well and truly out to play.

Where: We recommend visiting Anafotiria Village so that you have easy access to the beautiful beach of Navagio. It’s the most photographed shoreline in Zante and we’re sure you can guess why...!

Why: Ohh, this island is just screaming you to you, isn’t it? And we think we know why … with more exotic beaches that you can name (and some being hard to even pronounce), you can enjoy quiet cocktails looking out across the sea, romantic strolls around those intimate coves or absorbing a taste of traditional Greek life in the many beachfront fishing villages. WOW, that sounds good.

For Families

When: The sun in Greece is oh so hot, and we don’t want the fair skin of our children burning, so try to avoid heading out in the height of summer because it can become very hot. Instead, the Easter holidays should provide you with great bargains and weather that far outstrips that of Britain’s … not that that’s hard, but it’s still nice to know.

Where: The northern coasts of Zante provide a great range of family-friendly resorts, so consider those. If these don’t tickle your fancy, the Marathonissi islet boasts a completely serene location that sees more Caretta-Caretta turtles stroll along its shore than people. Okay, not quite, but you get the picture…

Why: Now, we may have sold this primarily as a destination for group getaways, but that’s not saying families can’t have a holiday to remember, because you sure can. Traditional Greek charm (and we all know there’s a lot of that in the world), quaint tavernas and beaches that, frankly, don’t look as though they belong on this planet can be found dotted all round Zante. That sounds like a pretty good family holiday to us…

Weather The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar, tomorrow … actually, don’t bet your bottom dollar, because if you’re in Britain, chances are you’ll lose, and we don’t want you broke. Instead, book a holiday to Zante and then we can be sure of hot, glorious weather! See temperatures rise to the mid-30s in July and August, or to about 30 in the months surrounding that.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Zante
What to expectTourists flock year upon year, time after time to this Ionian Island, and there’s got to be a good reason for that. Well, the beaches are sublime, the nightlife is electric, water-sports are in abundance, the shopping’s great and the food is delicious … there are your good reasons! If you’re looking for something a little more ancient world-y, try Symi or Santorini.
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