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Rhodes Holidays

Who is Rhodes suitable for?
Destination Rhodes in Greece is a destination of dreams. We know it and you know it, so don’t even try to tell us that it doesn’t appeal to you! You little kidders, you. This beautiful Greek Island has everything you would expect from a Mediterranean getaway, plus much, much more. Well, it can’t be the location of many myths and legends without being somewhat otherworldly, can it?

A holiday in Rhodes truly has something to offer everybody. Families will love the calm, shallow waters of small resorts such as Pefkos, whilst groups will get more than their fair share of fun-packed activities in the buzzing area of Faliraki. With a fascinating Old Town and plenty of ancient history to uncover, any culture vultures out there will be kept more than entertained. For all you romantic love birds … well, you already know it’s picture-perfect with stunning beaches, great wine and that irresistible Greek charm, so stop reading already and book!

A Rhodes holiday will quite simply sweep you off your feet and plonk you right down in paradise. Plonking’s never sounded so good, has it? Make sure you’re guaranteed a slice of summer this year and book a holiday to Rhodes with Qwerty Travel.
For Singles

When: Depends what you’re looking for! If you’d like to meet that special someone, donning a killer tan and a ‘I’m on holiday in Greece sparkle’, then visit during July or August. To dive deep into Greece’s culture, come out when it’s slightly cooler, perhaps in May or October, so that you don’t sweat all over the Acropolis.

Where: Mingle with the singles in Faliraki or tour the east coast for some of those oh-so-special Greek fishing villages. Wherever you decide to go, you can be sure you’ll be heading back next year for more!

Why: Because Rhodes offers the best of Greece, all rolled into one. Whether you’re looking for love, looking for a tan or looking to tour some those majestic ancient ruins that Greece has become so fond of, there’s plenty to do and see.

For Groups

When: Mingle with the other groups and head out between June and September. The sun will be beating down on you, and the actual sounds of the beats will be ringing around your ears.

Where: We know we’ve already said it, but if you want the best out of a group holiday in Rhodes, it’s got to be Faliraki. Three miles of beach, plenty of restaurants and even more bars and clubs than sand (actually, that’s a lie, but you get the picture!) await you.

Why: Sure, the likes of Zante and Kos scream out parties more than Rhodes, but Faliraki is great for 18-30 holidays and provides you with that extra bit of glamour … purely for just being on such a spectacular island.

For Couples

When: Heading outside of peak season, so around May or late September, will reward you with great weather, a bit more privacy and fantastic low cost deals. However, if you’re looking for sizzling heat to put a little extra sizzle into your getaway, visit Rhodes in July or August.

Where: Head to the east coast to resorts such Kalathos or Kolymbia for idyllic tranquillity and for those precious moments spent tucked away with your better half … with no prying eyes around! For a resort with a bit of a livelier nightlife, head to Rhodes Town, ideal for a romantic break that has it all.

Why: Greece is romance defined and an island like Rhodes will not disappoint. We know you can’t wait to grab your other half and rush off to the enticing, warm beach, so make your next getaway Rhodes and introduce a little Greek spice into your love life.

For Families

When: If your kids love to explore, then we recommend you avoid visiting in the height of summer and head out there either in the Easter hols or before the peak season gets into full swing, so around May. The weather will still be lush but you’ll be sure to grab some great out of season prices as well as ensuring that the little ones don’t overheat.

Where: Avoid Faliraki unless you’re open to introducing the kids to the clubbing scene early on in life. Instead, head to one of the many small fishing villages dotted around the island that’ll provide you with a true taste of Greek life. We recommend Lindos or Rhodes Town.

Why: Because, let’s face it, the British summers aren’t going to get much better and we’ve got to get some good, old-fashioned vitamin D in the next generation’s skins! Rhodes will let you combine sunshine and beach fun with tons of history and culture – can’t say fairer than that!

Weather The weather in Rhodes is well, perfect. The height of summer can see temperatures creep up to the mid-30s, and the months surrounding it you’re looking at around 30C. A spot of rain in winter helps those sensual olive and citrus trees surround you in summer, adding to that irresistible charm that makes Greece so, well … Greek.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Rhodes
What to expectExpect melt in the middle scenery, a lively nightlife (if you’re looking in the right places), stunning beaches, sapphire blue waters and a whole host of quaint tavernas. Basically, we’re asking you to picture the sort of area that you’d associate with the Greek Gods and yep, you’ve guessed it, you’ll end up with Rhodes! If you’re looking for an island that comes totally alive at night, then you’ll be better off considering Zante or Kos.
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