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Kefalonia holidays

Who is Kefalonia suitable for?
Destination Immortalised by the book - and subsequent film - Captain Corelli's Mandolin, the Greek island of Kefalonia has everything going for it that you might hope from a Mediterranean island paradise. It has rugged coastal cliffs and pristine white beaches plunging into sapphire blue seas. It has rugged interiors of pine forest-clad mountains and it has acres and acres of vineyards. With stunning summers of long and warm days, it is an ideal holiday destination for sun-lovers of all ages.

Kefalonia boasts a number of great resort towns like Lassi and Skala. Whilst offering ample nightlife opportunities, Kefalonia is considerably more laid back than many other Mediterranean islands. It has a number of attractive historic relics from the period of Venetian rule, such as the castle of Assos and the old village of Fiskardo. There are also a number of stunning natural attractions to see here including the Drogarati Caves and the stunning subaltern lake in Melissani Cave. Visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports such as sea kayaking and scuba diving and can take the opportunity to rent a boat to visit some of the coastline's more secluded coves and beaches.
For Singles

When: Head to Kefalonia in the midsummer months. Between June and August the climate is really beautiful with long hot days and minimal rainfall. If you're coming for a walking holiday, you might want to try the late spring or early autumn when its a bit cooler but still very pleasant.

Where: Try visiting Skala, one of the island's main resort towns. Here, there are plenty of bars and cafes - as well as a few stunning beaches - offering the opportunity of meeting other travellers. It's also quite close to the stunning Drogarati Caves.

Why: Because Kefalonia is an island of such stunning natural beauty that it can be just as easily appreciated solo as with a group. There are plenty of opportunities to meet other travellers and plenty of tranquil settings in which to relax in the gorgeous Mediterranean sunshine and enjoy the peace and quiet!

For Groups

When: The peak season in Kefalonia is in June and July. The island is at its hottest then and its waters at their most inviting! If you're looking to enjoy a bit of a party whilst you're there, this is also the time when the nightlife really gets into its stride!

Where: Head to Lassi - the island's main resort town. It has two beautiful beaches where you'll find sun loungers and parasols as well as a whole variety of water sports options. There is also some great nightlife to be had here and the island's capital - Argostoli - is a short drive away.

Why: Because Kefalonia boasts some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. It's a gorgeous place to head with your friends for a leisurely summer holiday with some stunning cuisine and great nightlife.

For Couples

When: Nothing really beats the midsummer months in Kefalonia. If you're looking to escape the crowds, you could try heading out in May or early September when the weather is very pleasant, but it's not too hard to find a tranquil spot even in the middle of summer.

Where: Why not try staying in the charming little hamlet of Bazukata, nestled on a pine-forest-clad hillside with stunning sea views. From here, it's a short distance to Fiskardo, one of the oldest surviving villages on the island and a real magnet for A-listers.

Why: Because - as Captain Corelli's Mandolin makes abundantly clear - Kefalonia is an island of great beauty, wonderful heritage and - most importantly - true romance!

For Families

When: The summer months are very pleasant and shouldn't be too hot, even for the younger visitors. If you'd like to beat the crowds, you could head out in the Easter Holidays or in the autumn half term - though you'd might experience a rainy day or two then.

Where: Kids will love the beaches of Kefalonia. Stay in one of the more peaceful seaside towns like Lixouri where there is a laid back vibe and a great beach with rock pools for paddling in as well as an attractive old lighthouse.

Why: Because there's plenty to keep the little ones busy on Kefalonia. Take them to see the stalactites and stalagmites of the Drogarati Caves or go on a boat cruise around the coast.

Weather Kefalonia enjoys a very typical Mediterranean climate. There are long, hot and dry summers and milder winters in which an abundant rainfall replenishes the island's verdant flora. Spring temperatures hover between 15ºC and 18ºC whilst the temperature in June and July is generally in the high twenties, often hitting the low thirties. The early Autumn is very mild, with temperatures of around 20ºC though there is a greater chance of rainfall then. All in all, the climate is fairly reliable and predictable and it is seldom windy.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Kefalonia
What to expectExpect lush green landscapes of cyprus forests and soaring mountains which race down towards white chalky cliffs and silky sanded coastlines. Expect a stunning Mediterranean climate of long, hot days with the ever-present sound of cicada song somewhere in the distance. Expect delicious cuisine prepared from the final local produce of the island and accompanied by delicious local wines and Grappas. More than anything, expect a holiday of peace and tranquility which will leave you feeling fully refreshed and revitalised.
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