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Greece Mainland holidays

Who is Greece Mainland suitable for?
Destination Greece is a fantastically popular holiday destination and receives amongst the highest number of tourists anywhere in the world. It boasts a beautiful landscape of great variety with gorgeous sandy coastlines, a mountainous pine forest clad interior, wine-growing valleys and mile upon mile of olive groves. Its rich and varied history has left glorious relics from the ancient Hellenic civilisations as well as the Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine periods meaning that any holiday in Greece is bound to be educational in the origins of European culture, philosophy and art.

Of course, one of the primary reasons for Greece's enduring popularity as a holiday destination is its gorgeous coastlines on the Mediterranean, Ionian and Aegean seas and its stunning climate of hot and dry summers and mild winters. The Attica Coast and the Chalkidiki Peninsula offer pristine beaches of silky golden sand leading down to gorgeous clear blue waters. For a cultural holiday, you need look no further than the remarkable city of Athens. For some excellent nightlife and a great arts scene, why not try Greece's second city, the little-explored Thessaloniki.
For Singles

When: Whilst it entirely depends on what you're planning on doing when you're in Greece, you'd be well advised to avoid the mid summer months in Athens. The heat can become slightly overwhelming and often gives locals cause to avoid being outside during the middle of the day.

Where: Explore Athens, one of the most historically rich and beautiful cities in the world. It is surveyed by the towering Acropolis - home to the Parthenon, Erectheion and Temple of Athena Nike and boasts such other attractions as the Ancient Agora and the Temple of Zeus.

Why: A trip to Athens is a journey back in time, a lesson in the historical and cultural foundations of the continent. It boasts a number of great museums such as the National Archeological Museum and the New Acropolis Museum and also has some great bars and restaurants.

For Groups

When: The peak season in Greece is from May to June. This can be a fantastic time to enjoy some gorgeous Mediterranean sunshine and for meeting other like minded revellers! Greece is a great destination for a post-exam blow out!

Where: Why not check out Greece's second city Thessaloniki? Though less well known than Athens, it is widely thought to be amongst the best party cities in the world and holds regular festivals and cultural events throughout the summer months.

Why: Thessaloniki traces its illustrious history back through Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman rule making it a fascinating place to visit. It is also very close to the Halkidiki Peninsula which is a great destination for a relaxing beach holiday.

For Couples

When: If you think you can brave the summer temperatures, why not head out in July or August? you'll find the place much quieter and will be more likely to have the beaches to yourself than you would in the peak season!

Where: Why not explore the Attic Coast? Here you'll find a great selection of luxurious four and five star hotels offering gorgeous beaches and excellent facilities. You can make day excursions to the nearby Athens to dabble in the country's fascinating history and are near the port of Piraeus should you wish to do some island hopping during your stay!

Why: A holiday on the Attic Coast is an excellent way of combining a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday on the beach - with excellent cuisine and spa treatments - with a cultural visit taking in the stunning ancient sites of Athens.

For Families

When: Children are likely to find the midsummer temperatures a bit over-powering. Fortunately, there is practically uninterrupted sunshine from April until mid Autumn, so you could make this an Easter holiday trip.

Where: The Chalkidiki Peninsula offers something for all age groups. There are numerous stunning beaches and seaside resorts offering animation programmes and water sports facilities. There are also many beautiful Byzantine monasteries and churches as well as some charming little mountain villages which are well worth exploring.

Why: The Chalkidiki Peninsula provides activities and attractions for guests of all ages. You can be as active or as inactive as your mood dictates on any given day!

Weather Greece boasts a varied Mediterranean climate with long summers of hot and dry weather and very mild winters. From April to November the country enjoys long days of virtually unbroken sunshine. The most appealing months in Greece are March and June and September and October. The midsummer months can be stiflingly hot - Little work gets done during the day as most locals retire indoors only to emerge for the long and beautiful summer evenings. The mountainous regions of the country experience a much milder climate and the north can get quite humid.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Greece Mainland
What to expectExpect an idyllic and timeless land steeped in history and overflowing with natural beauty. There are stunning, golden beaches, clear blue Mediterranean waters, dense pine forests and verdant olive groves. You'll see charming little mountainside villages of traditional white and blue architecture and archaeological sites of staggering antiquity. There are Byzantine monasteries and Grecian temples , Roman ruins and Ottoman palaces. You'll enjoy some fantastic Mediterranean cuisine during your stay here as well as delicious wines and hair raising grappas!
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