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Greek Island Holidays

Who is Greek Islands suitable for?
Destination The Greek Islands are visited by millions of tourists ever year, and if you’ve ever seen even the quickest glimpse of a photo of one of these Eden-like areas, you won’t find it hard to understand why ... unless you’re colour blind, in which case we might be able to forgive you for this oversight of one of the world’s most beautiful areas. Rocky cliffs line white sand shorelines and the smells of simply divine food waft through the labyrinthine alleyways that define so many of Greece’s historic old towns. From quaint Greek towns that ooze plenty of history and culture to raging clubbing towns that ooze, well, party-hungry Brits, a holiday to the Greek Islands will ensure that you’re in for a treat – a treat that you’ll fall head over heels in love with and never want to let go.

So, putting the potential addictive appeal of the Greek Islands aside, you’ve got the ingredients for a holiday destination that’ll knock you out of the water and into the lap of pure heaven. Talk about a nice landing spot..! To see what all the fuss is about, and to see whether somewhere this close to Britain can actually be THAT good-looking (we’re only talking about a 3 hour flight to some islands!), book your Greek Islands holiday with Qwerty Travel today.
For Singles

When: The sun burns brightly throughout the year, and if you can handle the heat then head out in the height of summer – this is when you’ll see the most Brits flaunting their bikinis, stretched out beneath the sun. If you’d like to do some more exploring and not sweat out your body weight every day, considered April or May.

Where: If you want to rock it out with the best of the British youngsters, then make Corfu or Crete your first port of call. For something a little more self-indulgent, check out Rhodes or Santorini.

Why: Because you’ve got the pick of the most beautiful, idyllic and soul-soothing bunch that you could ask for ... and, if you can’t choose between them? Easy! Island-hop your way into paradise and visit as many as you can!

For Groups

When: Get lost in the crowds, make new friends and perhaps start up the summer romance of the year (that’s right, we expect big things from you) and jet off between June and September – you won’t be able to find a better atmosphere!

Where: Most of the Greek Islands can teach Britain a thing or two about clubbing resorts, but for the best atmosphere consider Kavos in Corfu, Laganas in Zante or Malia in Crete.

Why: Because it’s probably unlikely that you don’t know a single group that have never been on a Greek Island holiday and not come back with amazing stories to tell. Become that group with the best anecdotes and live it up Greek style – you know you want to!

For Couples

When: If you want that romantic spark to well and truly sizzle, visit from May to September. If you reckon your relationship will actually set on fire if you introduce any more spark into it, and you’d rather avoid the ouzo-chasing party animals and sandcastle-building miniature folk that the summer brings, grab some winter sun in October or March.

Where: Rhodes is a great choice for a romantic getaway and boasts some of the best weather of Greece. Likewise, Kefalonia is perfect for a romantic break and is home to beaches and views that you just couldn’t make up. Pure. Heaven.

Why: Because Greek mythology has its own goddess assigned to romance, so really, if you want that all important spark to flare up to its highest extent in your relationship, you can’t refuse a holiday to the Greek Islands.

For Families

When: Each of the islands boasts beautiful, quaint and secluded Greek villages that’ll truly provide you with a family getaway to remember, so you’re never going to go too far wrong. For the best pick of the bunch, head to Santorini or Skiathos.

Where: The sun can get blistering hot and you don’t want your holiday ruined by sobbing children, do you? Escape the burn but embrace the warmth that April and May brings – perhaps head out in the Easter hols and swap chocolate eggs for feta cheese and olives.

Why: Because it’s not too far away yet you’ll still feel a million miles away from home, and anywhere with delectable, healthy cuisine, stunning beaches and fascinating culture to boot has got to be pretty special, right? Exactly!

Weather It’s hard to imagine that somewhere only a three hour flight away from blustery Britain exudes the most idyllic weather in the Med. Temperatures can soar up to an almost horrifying 40C, but usually hover around the contented sigh-worthy 35C in the height of summer. Temperatures predictably cool right down in winter and the skies are more prone to those pesky grey clouds that we now associate with everyday life, but it’s still pretty darn good compared to Britain. The air rarely falls below 15C even on the coldest day ... argh! If you feel even a smidgen of the jealousy that we’re feeling right now, please accept our sincerest apologies!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Greek Islands
What to expectCombining picture-perfect beaches and rugged bays with fascinating old towns and other-world charm, there’s nothing not to like about the Greek Islands. Delicious cuisine, plenty of party hotspots and, not forgetting the irresistible history and culture that has put Greece on the map today, there’s something for everyone. From the ruins of the Temple of Hera in Samos and the Temple of Apollo in Rhodes to the Knossos Palace in Crete, historic sites are in abundance and are just waiting to be discovered. So, put your explorer’s hat on (how good do you look?), grab your sun cream and have yourself a holiday in the Greek Islands that you won’t be able to stop talking about. Ever.
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