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Greece Holidays

Who is Greece suitable for?
Destination As the land of the Gods, the home of olives and feta cheese and the mother of mythologies and legends, we know you’re already sold on a holiday to Greece, yet we can’t help but show the place off a little bit more …

A historic playground for all you culture vultures out there, Greece seems to grow ruins and excavation sites from its very core. Whether your jaw dislocates from your mouth at the sight of the Acropolis or you don your toga and head to Sparta, Greek legend will never seem so in the here and now.

Combine this with endless stretches of soft sand shorelines lapping at the bluest of sapphire waters and arguably the most tantalising tastes of Europe and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a holiday that’ll take you into the depths of heaven and beyond. Still looking for more? Well, you’re looking in the right place. Greece oozes as much charm and charisma as it oozes ouzo and, judging by the levels of intoxication of the youngsters partying hard in Zante or Malia, that’s quite a lot.
For Singles

When: Oh, whenever you like really. The hottest months are July and August, and if we’re honest, there’s nothing better than seeing the sunlight sparkle over the ancient ruins. But, if you want to avoid the flocks of party-obsessed youngsters, try going earlier or later in the year.

Where: If you’re looking to party hard, then the Greek Islands, especially Zakynthos and Crete are the way to go. If you’re looking to explore the heart and soul of true Greece, then your first port of call should be the likes of Athens, Sparta or Larissa.

Why: If Zeus can conquer the Greek Gods by himself, then you’ll have no problem in taking on Greece single-handedly, and your getaway will be all the better for it. Plus, if you order yourself an extra few courses at those simply divine Greek tavernas … well, who’s there to judge you? Exactly!

For Groups

When: Party season is from June to September and, as you would expect from a favourite destination for youngsters, the sun is at its brightest and hottest. Join in the frolics with the rest of the party-goers, and get your Greek on!

Where: Usually, if you’re looking for a buzzing nightlife, we’d send you to the country’s capital rather than an off-shore island, but Athens is no London and Zante is no Isle of Wight. Whether it’s Rhodes, Kos or Ios, the likes of sun-kissed bodies, a round of shots and teeny tiny swimwear are all calling your name. Go get ‘em.

Why: Greece holidays truly have it all for groups of the young and reckless. Boasting some of the biggest party destinations in the world, Greece will offer you somewhere to really show off your wild side. Combine this with the sizzling sun and spectacular shorelines and you’ve got yourself a pretty great group holiday, wouldn’t you say?

For Couples

When: The months between May – September will offer you the best weather, but it does come as a package deal with Ouzo-fuelled adolescents and excitable children. Book your getaway during term time to benefit from the most romantic atmosphere.

Where: Give Aphrodite a helping hand and visit some of the smaller, tranquil beachfront villages across Greece for that extra romantic edge. We recommend Fiskardo in Kefalonia. You can’t get more picture-postcard than this – trust us, we’ve looked! A treat for all the senses, small villages like this will set you, and your relationship, on fire!

Why: Well, what isn’t romantic about Greece? You’ll have the romantic goddess of love, Aphrodite, making you feel welcome on her own turf, offering up chances of moonlit strolls along the beach, centuries of love-smothered history to explore and simply heavenly cuisine. Bliss!

For Families

When: The heat of the Greek sun in the height of summer can be overpowering, so we’d recommend you treat them to a holiday in Greece either during the Easter holidays or perhaps Autumn half term.

Where: Try to avoid the most bustling Greek resorts and head to some of the hidden gems that will provide you and your family with a true taste of Greece. Sami in Kefalonia is a great choice for families, boasting both a stunning beachside location and a selection of attractions including a subterranean lake, nearby ancient ruins and the Drongorati Caves.

Why: Because a holiday in Greece has it all – culture, history, shallow waters, hospitable locals and delicious yet healthy food. As an added extra, the beautiful sunshine, staggering hiking trails and in some cases, crisp sea air will tire the little ones out, letting you enjoy a few quiet moments together, courtesy of Aphrodite.

Weather Have you ever heard anybody say ‘the food in Greece is great, but the weather’s awful’? No, neither have we, nor anyone else in the world we reckon. The weather is sublime, offering bright blue skies and sizzling hot temperatures that just complete the appeal of Greece. Sure, you get the odd spot of rainfall, especially in winter, but that’s easy to overlook when you know you’re in paradise!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Greece
What to expectYou know what Greece is about … a deep, rich history, completely astounding sights, delectable food and sensational shorelines. Scenery consists of rolling hills, olive tree lined promenades and great beaches and, although the shopping isn’t out of this world, you can be sure to pick up a few trinkets at the many local shops. Don’t fret however, the glorious food, nightlife, beaches and culture definitely makes up for anything that Greece might be lacking. Flight InformationFlights available from:
Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, East Midlands, London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton, London Stansted, Manchester, Newcastle

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