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Taba holidays

Who is Taba suitable for?
Destination Taba Heights is located in the Sinai Peninsula and boasts spectacular views of the cinnamon coloured peaks of the surrounding Sinai Mountains and the shimmering blue waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. It is comprised of a group of four and five star hotels constructed in a beautiful style reminiscent of traditional Sinai and Arabian architecture. Between them they offer a fantastic variety of facilities and services including the excellent Water World water sports centre and the world class Taba Heights Golf Course. Taba is an excellent destination for scuba diving and snorkelling with the rich ecosystems of the Red Sea coast proving a perennial draw for visitors.

Taba commands views across the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia and Jordan and is a great destination for visitors keen to explore such local attractions as the enigmatic Sinai Desert - including the Moses Mountain and the gorgeous Coloured Canyon - and the buzzing resort town of Eilat. Cairo, Luxor, Jerusalem and Petra can all be visited on a day trip meaning that guests at Taba Heights can see some of the most important places in the ancient middle east and in the three great monotheistic religions whilst also enjoying all the luxuries of a five star beach holiday!
For Singles

When: Taba is lovely at any time of year except the middle of summer when the mercury shoots up and regularly hits 40ºC.

Where: Taba's proximity to some of the most important ancient sites in the ancient world mean that it is a great destination for history buffs and culture vultures. Luxor and Cairo are within a days trip and display some of the finest achievements of the Pharaonic period whilst the stunning rock-hewn Nabatean city of Petra is also within reach.

Why: See the Pyramids at Giza, the great Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings in Luxor and be back at your hotel in time for a pre-dinner dip in the Red Sea. It doesn't get much better than that!

For Groups

When: Taba can be gorgeous in the middle of winter. Temperatures are often in the mid to high twenties and make a welcome relief from the Great British winter! Why not see in the new year here?

Where: The Israeli resort town of Eilat is just a forty minute drive away and boasts a vibrant nightlife with lots of bars, restaurants, live music venues and night clubs. It also offers some great shopping opportunities.

Why: Taba will be a truly unforgettable holiday for you and your friends! Enjoy a luxurious and relaxing time on the beach and in the spas or venture out to the Red Sea and the wild deserts of Jordan's Wadi Rum.

For Couples

When: Taba is probably at its most lovely in the early spring and in the autumn but is pleasant all year round. Be sure to try to avoid European school holidays in order to miss the crowds!

Where: The Sinai Desert is the stuff of great romance and you'll have ample opportunity to explore it during your stay at Taba Heights. The resorts offer jeep safaris and you'll also have the option of exploring the desert on camel back like the bedouins of old!

Why: There are some truly magnificent places to see in the Sinai Desert. The ruins of the Zaman Castle is a stunning sight, set against the Red Sea shore. The Coloured Canyon is also a must see and you shouldn't miss the opportunity to see the sun rise from the top of the Moses Mountain

For Families

When: The midsummer temperatures will certainly be too much for young children to withstand. Try heading out in the Easter holidays or the autumn half term. It is also a very nice christmas holiday destination.

Where: Taba offers a fantastic variety of opportunities for families. Kids will love the various water sports on offer whilst parents can hit the fairways of the Taba Heights Golf Course or enjoy treatments in the resorts' fantastic spas.

Why: Taba Heights' Water World offers fun activities for the whole family including windsurfing, sailing, wake boarding, waterskiing, banana boating and canoeing. There are also the stunning Red Sea coral reefs to explore and the vast and beautiful Sinai Desert.

Weather Taba's climate is dry and arid. There is very little rainfall throughout the year and little to no humidity in the air. The summer starts in June and stretches right through to September with daytime temperatures generally staying in the high thirties for the duration. July and August can be especially hot and temperatures have been known to creep into the forties celsius at this time of year. Even in the winter months, the weather is remarkably fine with temperatures generally in the low to mid twenties degrees celsius and a mild breeze blowing off the sea.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Taba
What to expectTaba is a fantastic destination for a holiday surrounded by the otherworldly beauty of the Sinai Desert. There's never a dull moment here with a fantastic selection of activities and water sports to get involved in, professional animation teams and a packed schedule of evening entertainment. Scuba divers will relish the opportunity of experiencing the stunning Red Sea coral reefs whilst golfers will enjoy playing o one of the hundred best courses in the world! Guests at Taba Heights can also explore the magnificent wildernesses of the Sinai Deset - The Coloured Canyon and Moses Mountain are particular highlights - and can make the journey to the stunning Pharaonic city of Luxor on the banks of the River Nile.
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