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Sharm El Sheikh Holidays

Who is Sharm El Sheikh suitable for?
Destination Sharm El Sheikh is famous for diving and stunning scenery, while also being a superstar for sandy beaches. We British holidaymakers always appreciate an overachiever, so a Sharm El Sheikh holiday gets a gold star. This fabulous resort stretches along 35 kilometres of coast, so you’ll have your choice of prime sunbathing spots, offering plenty of space to relax and tan. Sounds perfect! Those looking to explore further can go diving or snorkelling in shallow waters, coves and of course, the colourful coral reefs that put the Red Sea coast on the map in the eighties and keeps it there today! Our top recommendation for divers is Jackson Reef or, if you love a bit of wildlife, Ras Mohammed National Park is great for spotting dolphins, sea turtles and eagle rays - sure to make your friends at home jealous!

If nothing sounds better than an Egyptian excursion with the warm sun on your skin as you take as many dips into crystal clear waters as you like, what’s the hold up? As hard as it is, leave the daydream and turn it into a reality by booking your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. The beaches are some of the best in the world and the underwater life is spectacular. You’re already imagining you’ve done it, so go ahead, book a holiday to Sharm El Sheikh with Qwerty Travel today.

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For Singles

When: Go in May or September to avoid too many bodies blocking the beach, while still getting the best of the wildlife and water sport activities.

Where: Your best locations are either near the city centre of Na’ama Bay to make the most of the nightlife, or by the shore for stunning views and beach walks at your leisure.

Why: With so much to do and see, you can plan your days to get through all the sights without being held up. If you want a glass-bottomed boat ride followed by a camel trek, go for it! Maybe you’ll meet someone if you fancy a bit of company along the way...

For Groups

When: When you’re down with exams or have holiday from work to book off, visit from July to December for sun, sea and...whatever else takes your fancy! It’ll still be warm and you can clog up your friends’ newsfeeds with beach photos as they cope with British winter!

Where: Stay in Na’ama Bay for quality nights out and great food for afters. Being right in the middle of the action sounds perfect doesn’t it? Er, yes please!

Why: Easy question isn’t it? The nightlife! Sample beach bars, boat parties, nightclubs and discos along the coast and unwind. You’ll treat all your senses and what better way to end a day on the sand?

For Couples

When: You want to have alone time and get a bit serene right? We recommend you head out between September to December for guaranteed winter sun that’ll heat up your romance and let you avoid the crowds.

Where: For luxury, adventure and passion, stay in the Nabq Bay area of this resort, where you’ll be close to the beach, fine dining and also your suite...

Why: Nothing’s more romantic than a walk on the beach ending with a sunset over the ocean, and if this wasn’t enough, holidays to Sharm El Sheikh are great for spa breaks. Indulge each other with Dead Sea minerals, perfect for the mind, body and soul.

For Families

When: Go in the Easter school break when it’s still warm but not too hot for the children’s delicate skin. This’ll also mean they don’t have to miss school and there will be less queues for the bigger attractions.

Where: For a relaxing Sharm El Sheikh holiday, stay right by the beach for minimal day trip planning and no tantrums from the kids resisting long walks and delays. Sounds like paradise...

Why: Because children are guaranteed to love the beaches but there’s so much more to do. Try the popular water park Aqua Park City for a fun-filled day trip, go shopping at the malls and take them on a desert safari to bring out their inner explorers.

Weather If this’ll be your first time in Sharm El Sheikh, you’ll be happy with a greeting of temperatures in the 30s, with highs of 38C in the summer. So happy, in fact, that you won’t want to wave goodbye! In the winter months, no one could blame you for a smile or two thinking about friends back in Britain putting on raincoats and struggling with umbrellas in the wind - they could have booked too, right? That’s not even the best bit; in winter the days are hot and the nights are cool, so there’ll be no sweaty nights under the covers. If you want more good news, throughout the year, humidity levels are low so you’ll be able to walk, take part in sport or simply sunbathe without feeling too sticky!
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Sharm El Sheikh
What to expectGet yourself excited for friendly faces, passionate divers and food, glorious food. Day and night, this resort keeps you as relaxed or busy as you like, and there’s always a new beach to explore. For those who want a unique scenic setting you just have to leave the British Isles for, it’s ideal as you can travel anytime of the year and still get incredible sun. If, however, you want to conveniently explore ancient as opposed to modern day wonders, then take a look at Cairo or Giza to witness the full majesty of the Pyramids and Sphinx. From here you can also take a boat trip along the Nile, which if we’re honest, is a bit more exotic than the Thames!
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