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Hurghada Holidays

Who is Hurghada suitable for?
Destination Jet off to the land of the pharaohs and sink your toes into paradise – a holiday to Hurghada in Egypt is awaiting you. This beautiful resort is relatively new in the world of holiday destinations and, quite frankly, we’re baffled as to why this is. Hurghada is one of Egypt’s big guns – if we were playing holiday top trumps, Hurghada would be an excellent card to have. Its star pupil has got to be its beaches and diving spots – they are out of this world, but its nightlife, shopping and culture would rank pretty highly, too. ‘Nothing can be that good!’ we hear you cry, so why don’t you book a Hurghada holiday now and see if you think any different? Trust us, this area is a Mediterranean gem and a holiday here will not leave you disappointed. Sold? Why not expore our selection of hotels in Hurghada!
For Singles

When: Egypt is one of the world’s best year-round holiday destinations. The sun shines brightly across all months so, if you wake up one morning and feel a little blue, then book your holiday to Hurghada there and then, and the resort’s smiling sun will welcome you with open arms. Ahhh.

Where: The hotels in Hurghada generally run along the coast, so really, you haven’t got much of a decision on your hands. Simply decide if you’d like to go all-inclusive and live like the kings of old, or enjoy a self-catering service so you can try the many, many restaurants that are dotted throughout the resort.

Why: If Egypt is calling out to you, we’d recommend Hurghada above all other Egyptian resorts. It’s an all-rounder that’s sure to keep you happy and, above all, there are less of those pesky sellers trying to steer you into their shops and, let’s be honest, they’re a lot easier to tackle when there’s more than one of you!

For Groups

When: Of course, the months of June or September see a high influx of tourists as the sun is not quite so strong as July and August but still offers temperatures of 30C +. This is when the clubs will be a little busier, but you won’t evaporate into a cloud of sweat as you dance the night away, which we feel is always a bonus.

Where: The resort centre is complete with all-inclusive hotels that are right near the heart of Hurghada’s nightlife, and there’s nothing that’s quite as good to kick start your night out than unlimited alcohol, right? Combine this with easy access to the sublime beaches and, hey presto, you’ve got yourself a group holiday and a half.

Why: If you’re looking to enjoy a group holiday as relaxed in the day as it is lively at night, Hurghada is a fantastic choice. It doesn’t have the ‘party all day and night’ feel like some of the resorts found in Greece or Spain, but its choice of bars, shisha cafes and nightclubs are sure to keep your party feet happy.

For Couples

When: How about Valentine’s Day? Temperatures still hit the early 20s which will just add to the sizzle of this special day. If not, Christmas and New Year would be gorgeous or, if you want sun that’s hot, hot, hot, jet off in summer.

Where: Right on the beach – where else? Enjoy cocktails at the sun goes down, wake up to the gentle sounds of the ocean and wriggle your toes into the soft, soft sand. All moments in between that – well, just focus on each other under the Egyptian sun. How cute!

Why: Now we’re talking! Hurghada is ideal for a romantic getaway. Beautiful sunsets, some of the best diving in the world, delicious cuisine and a choice of bars are just the extras of what you can expect from a Hurghada holiday – its main feature is, of course, the endless beaches.

For Families

When: If you only take one piece of advice from us, make sure you avoid Hurghada in the height of summer. Temperatures can get up to 40C, and that makes playing a whole lot less fun. Any other time of the year would be ideal.

Where: If you need a break from cooking, then choose an all-inclusive hotel. Many of these boast their very own mini water park and you know you’ll earn a few extra mummy and daddy brownie points for that!

Why: Whether you spend your days building sandcastles, taking your kids through the authentic bazaars and spice stalls, exploring the dunes of the Eastern Desert or tucking into a choice of delectable Egyptian cuisine or your favourite international dishes, there’s plenty to do. Most importantly, don’t forget to grab the kids and search for the cast of Finding Nemo under the water’s surface!

Weather If the presence of sun was a reward for countries’ behaviour, then Egypt would be angelic. Sunshine is never ending, clouds are few and far between and after only a couple of days here, your skin will be shining with a bronzed glow. You do hear people return from a Hurghada holiday in July or August and state that the weather was a little too warm, and with highs of around 40C, we can see why. Just be prepared if you plan to escape at this time of year.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Hurghada
What to expectWe believe that Hurghada would deserve a mention in the holiday destinations’ hall of fame, if such a thing existed. Beaches? Check! Nightlife? Check! Restaurants? Check! Diving? Check! Culture? Check! Great weather? Check! Shopping? Check! Its key selling points are, of course, its beaches and colourful marine life, but the added bonuses of great food, hot nightlife and a slice of two of cultural candy and well, you’ve got yourself a recipe for a pretty amazing getaway, wouldn’t you agree?
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