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Egypt Holidays

Who is Egypt suitable for?

In films and books, whether fictional or factual, Egypt is a land that doused in mystery, intrigue and adventure. And you know what? Being there in real life is no different, and experiencing it at least once should be a must-do for everybody. Hey, we’ve done it a dozen times and we’re still not sick of it! Whether you head to crazy Cairo with its fast lanes, its intense hustle and bustle and the jaw-dropping Pyramids of Giza, or you take it easy and head straight for the sunsoaked Red Sea coast resorts of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada 

Filled with iconic historic sites and more colour below the water’s surface than you could hope to dream of, Egypt overachieves in so many areas, and you can’t help but love that, right? For memories that you will replay time and time again, book an Egyptian holiday with Qwerty Travel and join us in our love of this vibrant and spectacular country. Trust us – it won’t take you long until you’re smitten!

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For Singles

When: Egypt’s an idyllic year-sound sun destination and temperatures rarely dip below 20C. You will often hear people complaining that June and July are too hot, and they’ve got a point – try and avoid these if you can, especially as you won’t have anyone to rub sun scream into your hard-to-reach places. Sad face.

Where: We’d recommend Luxor for the cultural and historic features it’s home to, as well as the great atmosphere and beautiful scenery. For otherworldly dive sites and the best beaches, consider Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada.

Why: As we said, we believe that everyone should experience Egypt at least once in their life, and if it means you need to visit on your tod, well firstly, make new friends and secondly, so be it! Egypt’s great – you’re going to love it!

For Groups

When: September! The weather’s still gloriously warm but there won’t be a pool of sweat at the bottoms of the clubs, and we personally think that this is a holiday must-have.

Where: Sharm El Sheikh! At night, head straight out to Na’ama Bay in your skimpy clothes (it’ll still be around 30C!) and experience the great restaurants and many shisha bars before hitting the clubs such as Pacha and Funky Buddha.

Why: Because the normal party spots of the Greek or Balearic Islands can become the same-old, same-old, so for a bit of variety in your life, get your Egyptian walk perfected and head out on a group holiday to Egypt for something new.

For Couples

When: So that you’re not so heated outside that you can’t heat it up in the bedroom, head out in October. The weather will be deliciously warm, and you two are going to look so hot with your tans...

Where: Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada! Both offer fantastic beachside resorts with beautiful marine life, gorgeous weather and white sand. Yum.

Why: Because Egypt is home to half of one of history’s most famous couples – Anthony and Cleopatra. Now, we’re not saying that your relationship is going to end up like theirs, unless you’re one heck of a powerful and drama-attracting couple, but it’s sure romantic and we know you’ll have a great time.

For Families

When: Winter, definitely winter! Summer sees temperatures soar and unless you want grouchy kids on your hands, this time of year is best avoided. Winter will still see temperatures of the low 20s, so it’s perfect for a family getaway with a hefty slice of sunshine thrown in.

Where: The Pyramids, Sphinx and Egyptian Museum will, of course, be fascinating to the little ‘uns, but we’d recommend only spending a day or two here and the rest of your getaway in Sharm El Sheikh. Day trips to the capital can easily be arranged and you won’t be completely overwhelmed by its intensity.

Why: Because Egypt features a lot in school curriculums these days, so to spike the kids’ interest in your family getaway and to help them be top of their class (bonus!), take them to the fascinating place they’re learning about. Just maybe mention it’s pretty unlikely they’ll see any mummies or snake-bitten queens to avoid disappointment on arrival...

Weather Come on, most of Egypt is pure desert, so you must be able to take a pretty good stab at guessing the kind of the weather you’re going to be greeted with! Sunshine baby, and hot temperatures! The summer months can hit highs of 40C at least, so these are best avoided. Instead, the rest of the year will be just the right temperature to get that all-important tan that doesn’t flake off as soon as you want to brag to your mates about it. Ideal, wouldn’t you agree?
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Egypt
What to expectExpect to have a grin permanently attached to your face, expect to have endorphins and great, big doses of vitamin D flowing through your veins and expect the most beautiful of beaches, the most astounding of cultural sites and the most eager of locals ... sometimes a little too eager if the truth be told. Whether you visit the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, the beaches of Hurghada or the coral reefs of Sharm El Sheikh, you’re going to be greeted by beauty, and lots of it. If you head for Cairo, we have one piece of advice. If you get the chance, go inside the Great Pyramid. Sure, it’s cramped and a little too hot (put it this way, you’ll come out of the Pyramid and the Cairo air will feel delightfully fresh), but how cool would it feel to say ‘yep, I’ve been inside that bay boy’? Very cool, if you ask us! Flight InformationFlights available from:
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