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Denmark holidays

Who is Denmark suitable for?
Destination A tiny country in northern Europe, Denmark has in recent years gained a global reputation as one of the most liberal and progressive countries in the world and one of its culinary centres. It has a rich and ancient heritage which dates back to the era of the vikings and boasts a thriving national folk culture which is strongly evinced in its stunning historic cities. Denmark is comprised of the Jutland Peninsula as well as the surrounding islands - Including Zealand where Copenhagen is to be found. Whilst many of the islands are populated, some are all but completely deserted by humans and make for remote and dreamy vacation destinations spent on sandy beaches spotting birds and seals.

Denmark's capital city Copenhagen, has a long and rich regal heritage and is the centre of the country's cultural resurgence which has seen it surge ahead in the fields of design and music. The country's smaller towns and cities - amongst them Ribe, Arhus, Aalborg and Odense - showcase stunning examples of gothic architecture and make for great cultural mini break destinations whilst the wild countrysides of regions like Kongernes Nordsjaelland make Denmark a favourite destination for outdoors pursuits including hiking, fishing, cycling and hunting.
For Singles

When: Head to Denmark in the midsummer months to get the most out of your holiday! Whilst charming during the winter, the very short daylight hours mean that you'll struggle to cram all your sightseeing in at this time of year!

Where: There are many fascinating places for single travellers to visit in Denmark including the historic cities of Ribe, Aalburg and Odense. Why not try Arhus which has a lively student scene and a stunning little old town?

Why: Arhus is renowned for its young population and its fantastic pubs and bars. It also boasts a beautifully maintained old town - Den Gamle By - as well as other historic buildings including the old Town Hall. It also has some excellent museums and galleries including the Viking Museum and the Arhus Art Museum.

For Groups

When: Denmark is best explored in the midsummer months - though you'll still need to pack some warm clothes, you'll find the climate very pleasant and the days bright and long.

Where: Copenhagen is the country's most cosmopolitain town and one of the most exciting and interesting cities in Europe at the moment. It boasts a grand regal heritage combined with a very forward-looking cultural scene.

Why: There is loads to see in Copenhagen including the royal palaces of Amalienborg and the government buildings of Christianborg. The city centre amusement parks at Tivoli are great fun and there is a vibrant nightlife. If you book far enough in advance, you could even dine at Noma - the world's best restaurant.

For Couples

When: Head to Denmark in the midsummer. August is the country's hottest month.

Where: Bornholm island is known as the 'Pearl of the Baltic' and is a gorgeous holiday destination with mile upon mile of deserted beaches, vast forests and quaint little towns. It makes for a really romantic holiday destination.

Why: Bornholm is a great destination for outdoor pursuits including hiking, surfing, sailing, fishing, camping and cycling. It boasts some gorgeous little settlements like Svaneke and gorgeous beaches at Dueodde. All in all it makes for a tranquil and serene holiday in the great outdoors.

For Families

When: Denmark makes for a great summer holiday destination. With a mild climate, roughly equivalent to that of northern England, the children are likely to feel right at home there!

Where: The Kongernes Nordsjaelland is the country's newest national park and is a real haven for lovers of outdoors pursuits. It boasts a beautiful rolling landscape and a rich fauna, ideal for a family hiking holiday.

Why: The Kongernes Nordsjaelland National Park incorporates deer parks, birdlife wetlands and great lakes as well as some stunning castle ruins. It is a great destination for hikers and cyclists. There are also golfing facilities here and the opportunity of kayaking in the Esrum Lake.

Weather Denmark has a temperate climate with cold winters and mild summers. Average winter temperatures hover around freezing point whilst summer temperatures rarely stray above 19ºC. Occupying a fairly northerly latitude, Denmark experiences big fluctuations in daily sunlight hours throughout the course of the year meaning that most visitors tend to come in the summer months when the sun doesn't set until 10pm. Autumn is the wettest month in Denmark and spring is the driest.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Denmark
What to expectDenmark is a beautiful and fascinating country with a striking sense of place and history. It is regularly cited as one of the most liberal countries in the world, as one of the greenest and as having one of the highest living standards. It boasts beautiful wildernesses of dense pine forests, jagged mountains and desolate islands and is a great holiday destination for keen walkers and cyclists. It is also home to a number of stunning historic cities with charming gothic churches and ancient townhouses. Denmark's most visited destination is Copenhagen which boasts a hip and happening cultural scene which sits comfortably alongside the grand edifices of its historic palaces and governmental headquarters. Denmark also boasts a rich culinary tradition with popular dishes including pickled herring, meatballs and lots and lots of fresh seafood. Flight InformationFlights available from:
Leeds Bradford, London Stansted, Manchester

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