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Chloraka holidays

Who is Chloraka suitable for?
Destination Chloraka is a small village in western Cyprus. It is located next to Paphos - the largest settlement in this part of the island and a fascinating and ancient town with a history stretching back to the ancient Greek and Roman periods. It is a very beautiful part of the island with a gorgeous coastline of sand and shingle beaches - Coral Bay, Lara Bay, Latchi Beach and Pharos Lighthouse Beach to name but a few - and quaint little fishing villages of whitewashed buildings. It enjoys a stunning annual climate with some of the highest annual temperatures anywhere in the European Mediterranean.

Visitors to Chloraka can enjoy delicious Cypriot Mezze cuisine in the many charming little tavernas of the area. There are ample opportunities for exploring the beautiful landscapes of dense forests, plunging gorges and tranquil valleys and of seeing the stunning archaeological sites of Paphos which include the Odeon - a magnificent Greek amphitheatre and the cave-cut Tombs of the Kings.
For Singles

When: Chloraka experiences a glorious climate all year round and can be a lovely spot to catch a bit of winter sunshine. That said, to see it at its finest, you should head out in the mid summer months of July and August.

Where: Culture buffs and history enthusiasts will find plenty to interest them in Paphos town whose history involves periods of Greek, Roman and Ottoman control.

Why: There are plenty of sights to see in Paphos. Be sure to see the Roman Ruins at the Paphos Archaeological Park, the cave-cut Tombs of the Kings, the imposing Ottoman fortification in the harbour and the Odeon Amphitheatre where plays and musical performances are occasionally to be seen.

For Groups

When: Western Cyprus is especially lovely in the middle of summer when there are 12-13 hours of sunlight and perfect beach weather.

Where: As well as the many beaches that ring this part of the coast, you'll want to enjoy the bars, nightclubs and music venues of Paphos.

Why: In recent years, Paphos has seen a lot of little cocktail bars and live music venues spring up. There are even a few night clubs here. Be sure to dine in the charming little tavernas - common to this part of the island - where you'll find delicious, traditional mezze dining.

For Couples

When: The weather in Chloraka is very pleasant from early April right through to the end of September. You might prefer to visit towards the start or end of this season to avoid the crowds.

Where: There are some lovely little day trips to make in the vicinity of Chloraka. The Akamas Peninsula - for example - is located on the far western point of the island and boasts a stunning landscape of gorges and sheer cliff walls, and shelters a rich and diverse birdlife.

Why: Chloraka is located in a very attractive part of Cyprus making it a fantastic destination for a romantic holiday. Be sure also to visit the pretty and traditional village of Tala where you'll find a great selection of excellent restaurants and bars.

For Families

When: With its long summer season Chloraka is a good destination during the kids' summer holidays but would also be very pleasant in the easter holidays and autumn half term.

Where: Chloraka is a good destination for a family walking holiday and the nearby valleys of Diarizos and Ezouza boast stunning mountain and gorge views and offer clear and straightforward hiking trails. You could also walk the Paphos Coastal Path.

Why: Chloraka is a vary peaceful and attractive spot and makes for a pleasant family beach holiday. Kids will also enjoy the slides, wave machines and lazy rivers of Aphrodite Water Park in Paphos.

Weather Cyprus boasts a sub tropical climate and has amongst the highest temperatures anywhere in Europe. It boasts annual average daytime temperatures in the mind twenties and its summer season starts at the beginning of April. During the summer, there is an average of 12-13 hours of sunlight a day. Even during the winter months, the weather remains remarkably pleasant, with daytime temperatures regularly in the twenties celsius. However, the majority of the island's rainfall is experienced in the autumn and winter months.
Average monthly Temperature C Average temperature in Chloraka
What to expectChloraka offers a very pleasant seaside destination in Western Cyprus. It boasts a myriad of gorgeous sand and pebble beaches in its immediate vicinity and offers lots of gorgeous hiking routes with an interior landscape of rugged valleys and dramatic gorges. With a long history stretching back through periods of Greek, Roman and Ottoman dominance, there are plenty of historical attractions to see here and the live theatrical shows in Paphos's Greek amphitheatre are a particular highlight of any visit. Visitors should expect to enjoy some delicious, traditional cypriot cuisine as well as an excellent choice of charming little pubs and bars. Flight InformationFlights available from:
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