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Rome City Breaks

Who is Rome suitable for?
Destination Admire fantastic architecture, wander through cobbled streets, taste some new unique ice cream and pick up some fantastic souvenirs – Rome is definitely up there with the world’s most interesting and exciting cities. Discover why millions of people visit this romantic capital each year and find out for yourself why it’s so popular. There is something to grab everyone’s interest all within short walking distance – be sure not to miss the main historic sites like the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. Head to the high class Piazza di Spagna area to do some shopping and work up an appetite for some traditional Italian cuisine. Rome is especially spectacular when the sun goes down: be sure to take a stroll through the meandering alleys and drink in the lively, warm atmosphere. See the main square come alive with buskers, bustling cafés and lit up buildings.

So if you haven’t already been to Rome, why not visit this amazing city this year? Or if you’ve travelled there before, rekindle your love for the capital. Book your holiday with Qwerty Travel today and enjoy the getaway of a lifetime!
For Singles

When: Visit from October-December to ensure you dodge the main crowds and avoid the hot weather. It’s better to go when it’s cooler so you can get around all of the attractions more comfortably!

Where: A small apartment or hotel in Rome city centre is ideal so that you can walk everywhere and enjoy the city all day.

Why: Simple – why not? You’ll want to plan an itinerary before you go so that you make the most of your time in this fabulous city.

For Groups

When: Head out after exam time to celebrate and do so in style!

Where: The best place to be is as near to the centre as possible – there are plenty of apartments to choose from at reasonable prices.

Why: Treat yourself to a wonderful break and explore the city with your closest friends. There’s always plenty happening in this lively capital!

For Couples

When: Anytime of the year is perfect, however if you want a bit more privacy we suggest you don’t visit in the summer months.

Where: Book a luxury boutique hotel in the centre – many even have spas!

Why: Enjoy candlelit dinners, picnics on the lush green grass and browsing around high-end boutiques. Rome provides the perfect romantic setting for a holiday with someone special.

For Families

When: Fly out during the Easter holidays to save your children missing school and to avoid the sweltering summer heat.

Where: Stay in the old quarter of Trastevere where you will find very affordable accommodation ideally situated near public transport links.

Why: Rome has so much to offer for all ages, so if you think you’ll be dragging your kids round museums and art galleries then think again! There’s plenty to explore and lots of attractions for exciting days out.

Weather The temperature reaches highs of 24°C during the summer months, which doesn’t sound scorching but can be pretty hot if you’re making the most of all that’s on offer and exploring all day. However, you will perhaps find the best tourism from June-August and if it’s the best time for you to go, don’t let the climate put you off! December-February isn’t much warmer then England and we suggest you pack an umbrella and some woollies if you decide to visit during these months.
Average monthly Temperature C *
What to expectPack your guide book and camera and prepare yourself for the holiday of a lifetime! Rome city breaks have so much to offer, from incredible architecture and history to unbeatable food. The nearest beach is in Ostia 35 minutes from the capital, however with all of the fabulous attractions you might find you don’t have time to squeeze in a trip to the coast! There are endless selections of restaurants, buzzing nightlife and shops to suit everyone. Just a quick tip – if you’re grabbing a bite to eat or having a quick drink, stick to a café further from the main attractions as you usually end up paying double and sometimes triple the price.AttractionsPlan your days wisely as you will find endless things to do on a Rome city break. The Colosseum, the pantheon and the Trevi fountain are a must see and there are plenty of places to eat and grab a drink around these attractions. Don’t try to cram too much in though – make sure you’ve got lots of time to relax and have an ice cream! We also suggest you browse the markets and galleries, and get a real feel for the city’s warm atmosphere. Spend a day at the Vatican if you get the chance and visit the Vatican museum. Admire the Basilica of St. Peter and don’t miss out on snapping a photo of the Swiss Papal Guards! However, Rome pretty much speaks for itself so we recommend you spend your time exploring the cobbled streets, dipping into shops and cafés, and discovering the splendid 17th century squares and romantic Italian parks. Why not see where your feet take you? Just keep your valuables close as in any big city, and watch out for pickpockets.
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