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Prague City Breaks

Who is Prague suitable for?
Destination Having become something of a vogue destination due to its stunning sights steeped in history and a nightlife to rival most, the capital of the Czech Republic is a great destination for a short getaway. A truly year round destination, the city looks as beautiful in the snow as it does in the glorious summer sun. Prague is a tale of two cities with the medieval centre of cobbles and cathedrals at its heart, while the more modern surroundings offer up a treasure chest of music, culture, art, friendly people and world renowned pubs.

The charm of this quirky Central European city resonates with millions of tourists who visit each year. They can’t all be wrong can they? Book your Prague city breaks with Qwerty Travel today and find out what all the fuss is about!
For Singles

When: Although the warmest weather is in the summer months April and May can be pleasant and the city isn’t as crowded with tourists.

Where: The island of Kampa at the Lesser Quarter end of Charles Bridge, as well as being a thing of beauty, offers up something a little bit different with the occasional person in period costume turning up to light old fashioned lamps.

Why: With the city of a hundred spires only a 1 and a half hour flight from London, you could be making the most of its theatres, galleries, museums and – need it be mentioned again – amazing nightlife - in next to no time.

For Groups

When: The summer months of June to August are your best bet if you’re looking to get some continental sun and, most importantly, make people back in the UK jealous!

Where: The city centre, with its variety of places to eat, drink, explore, take pictures of and wonder at, will ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Why: With world famous beer and beer loving locals (Czechs are the most avid beer drinkers in the world) it’s a fantastic place to sample some local culture with a frothy top.

For Couples

When: Nothing can be more romantic than the roofs and cobbles of the old town covered in a blanket of fresh white snow. Go in November and December to enjoy the Christmas markets and warm up together with some mulled wine.

Where: Head to Petřín where you can walk amongst the cherry blossom and take in the amazing views of the city. A known romantic spot, legend has it that a kiss by statue of the romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha confirms love forever.

Why: A fairy tale city that oozes romance as well as a highly cosmopolitan atmosphere. Do you really need to ask?

For Families

When: The period leading up to Christmas in November and December not only brings out the fairy tale beauty of Prague but also offers a host of activities to please everyone, with the Christmas markets and horse and carriage rides through the snow offering a real taste of Christmas magic.

Where: Prague castle will not only capture children’s imagination but also has an old-fashioned toy museum. A fun place for all the family to immerse themselves in the history of the place.

Why: asy to get around, plenty of places to stop for a bite to eat and drink, and largely traffic-free a family holiday in Prague ticks lots of boxes. Despite rising prises it still remains cheaper than back home.

Weather Prague has a temperate climate, similar to the UK’s only with slightly more extremes. The winter is more likely to offer up snow whilst the summer months usually put our British summers to shame.
Average monthly Temperature C *
What to expectBe prepared for a glut of culture, history, shopping and amazing gastronomy all set against a backdrop of some stunning medieval scenery. With modern cosmopolitanism perfectly interspersed with history and tradition expect to be drinking some famous Czech larger in a traditional pub in the old town, then heading to an elegant modern cocktail bar to carry on the fun.
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