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Dublin City Breaks

Who is Dublin suitable for?
Destination As a city known for its vibrant nightlife and friendly locals Dublin is a firm favourite for both British and International tourists. With monuments and museums scattered about the city it’s a good entry point into Irish cultural history. Although being a large city, home to a quarter of Ireland’s population, the city centre is relatively compact making it easy to walk around.

As this city of fun and frivolity is close to home you don’t have to worry about a long flight or any jet lag at all - meaning you don’t have to take a nap before that first sip of Guinness! Book your Dublin city break now with Qwerty travel and get packing.
For Singles

When: If you want the best weather head in the summer months of June to August. However, if you want to go when it’s a bit quieter then spring or autumn are also good times to visit.

Where: Temple Bar really stands out with its cafes, restaurants and cobbled streets. It’s also the venue for much of Dublin’s art scene with galleries and exhibitions on offer all year round.

Why: If you’re considering a trip across the Irish Sea Dublin is a must. And if you’re just a fan of history, literature or having a drink it’s a definite yes.

For Groups

When: With the summer sun bringing in the most visitors it may be beneficial to visit in the spring months when the weather may not be guaranteed to be warm but there are plenty of festivals (including St. Patrick’s day) and prices are generally lower.

Where: Staying centrally in or around Temple Bar will guarantee you’re close to the action. This may prove especially useful if you have to stumble back from one of Dublin’s famed drinking establishments. Not that you’d ever do something like that, would you?

Why: There aren’t many nights out like one in Dublin and with plenty of cultural attractions and sites to visit during the day it makes for a fun packed city break.

For Couples

When: Quite simply if you want some sun then going between June and August is your best option. It may be worth risking a spot or two of rain in autumn, however, to make the most of the cheaper prices and abundance of festivals.

Where: The National Botanical gardens are a beautiful place to visit with a unique sensory garden and a rare example of Victorian carpet bedding the highlights of the 19.5 acres of well-kept gardens.

Why: As well as the cultural spots associated with a capital city there are some uniquely Irish attractions such as brewery tours and Irish dancing.

For Families

When: Like in Britain it’s more a question of when it rains least, however, if you do want the best chance of good weather the summer months of June to August are your best bet.

Where: Grafton Street and Henry Street are central locations that boast lots of shopping and easy access to plenty of Dublin’s main attractions.

Why: With plenty of hands on activities and cultural sites it’s not just a place to go out drinking. Although a pint of Guinness for the grown-ups is always an option …

Weather The four seasons of Dublin, fairly unsurprisingly, mirror the four seasons in Britain. Summers can be very pleasant and although it rarely snows in the winter expect cold and rain. Autumn and spring are somewhere in between.
Average monthly Temperature C *
What to expectBe ready to hear live music playing out of bustling pubs full of jolly people whether local or on holiday, infected by the charisma of the place … and of course enthused by a pint or two! Dublin is a city full of energy that endears itself to you with its mix of modern and historical. Alongside modern shops, restaurants and architecture are historically significant buildings and monuments.
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